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Some of Us Miss This Guy

Some of us miss this guy. We were not happy with his last four years and the spending, but there is no fault you can blame on Bush when it came to our military.  He really did care about them. Without any press Laura and George still visit our troops in hospitals.

My nephew served under him in Afghanistan and Iraq.  My nephew was one out of the Marines chosen to have lunch with Bush at Camp LeJeune.  My nephew said he was just a regular guy, like one of them.

Now we have something far worse than our wildest imaginations.  A man who pretends to be the president and thinks the job is about campaigning since he has not quit over the last four years.

I also get the impression that our troops are not all that pleased with their CIC.

He has two October surprises in store so that in a last ditch effort he believes he will get elected.

One is to strike Libya.  The other is the secret talks with the Ayatollahs in Iran to broker a deal.  We’ve already been on this route with North Korea. How did that turn out?  We were suckers giving the N. Koreans tons of money to keep them from building nukes. They took the money and laughed their butts off at how stupid and gullible we are.  We are a laughing stock all over the world for the stupidity of thinking we can just buy off countries and stop their nuke building.

With Iran it is even more absurd.  The Ayatollahs and Ahmadinejad are hell bent on wiping out Israel.  The Liar in Chief cares nothing about this. He can give all the lip service he wants but in their right mind believes the Iranians are going to back down with some sort of deal.  I don’t happen to believe that Bibi Netanyahu would fall for this diversion. 

I just hope none of our fellow Americans fall for this charade and go vote for him.  But, something is coming as a surprise and there is nothing this man won’t do to keep himself in office.  These dog and pony shows are just that and nothing more.  Wag the dog and get re-elected.


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  1. St. Gracie, We aren’t buying it for a minute. In fact our intel guys and gals say it’s not even true, and the Iranians are denying it as well. Where does that leave the kenyan? Caught in yet another lie! Can’t wait hear what the Donald has to announce tomorrow.


    • Lucie, my dear friend, I’m so glad Bibi and all Israelis are onto this bad actor.
      It’s hilarious to think of him caught in another lie. The man is one big walking psychotic liar.
      He is simply unable to tell the truth about anything.

      What’s this about Donald Trump and announcement? Pray tell!


      • Gracie, Bibi has been on to him since the beginning. It’s taken most Israelis longer to get there and some still haven’t and never will. Good thing they don’t vote over there!
        Our fool liberal press is just now starting to catch on, but they are still swayed by your lefty media types.
        Trump is supposed to make some king of game changing announcement today.


        • er, kind of game changing announcement


        • Lucie,

          Well the Donald’s “deal” didn’t go over to well. I do have to commend him for putting himself out there and he’s taking plenty of heat for it.

          I’m glad to know Bibi was onto the unspeakable person. I didn’t figure anyone as bright as Bibi would fall for a snake oil salesman.


  2. Lying about EVERYTHING is the sum total of arrows in their quiver. None of them ever learned that lying,while maybe it works in the short term,is NO way to go thru life. Sooner or later,the truth does indeed win out.


    • clyde,

      You nailed it. And they tell so many lies that they end up getting themselves in worse trouble because they can’t recall the lies they already told. At times it looks like the Keystone cops.


    • Wasn’t it Mark Twain who said “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.”

      Watching the debate I knew Ovomit would would lie to cover his lies and I was not disappointed.


  3. Pepp,

    I sure miss this guy. Actually; I miss every Republican pres during my lifetime and no Democrat pres. I think there is a pattern developing here, but I digress.

    Barry has made one thing obvious for sure: he hates Israel. “I’ll stand by Israel, if they are attacked” he says. How about standing beside Israel BEFORE they are attacked? Our POS pres loves his muzzie bro’s and has done all he can to further the radical jihadist movement and I believe he’s once again lying his ass off about talks with Iran. There’s no true upside for Barry to talk with Iran except spreading propaganda to get votes. I haven’t seen a crock of shit this big, since I use to clean out horse stalls.


    • Dave,

      That would make too much sense for the Alinskyite Obama. Remember he “leads from behind”. I still can’t make that phrase out. How do you lead from behind. It’s a senseless term and it’s plain goofy.
      Of course he loves his muzzies. He just had Keith Ellison (a Muslim congressman) to bring him a binder of “qualified Muslims” to serve in this administration. He is bringing in more and more terrorists right into the White Mosque.


      • Pepp,

        Obama got candidates from a binder??? OMG??? Isn’t that a no, no now after the stupid beating Romney took over his binder of qualified women???

        I’m not gonna go into detail (you’re a very sharp person), but I’m gonna have to guess Barry got the term leading from behind from that “gentleman’s” club he likes so well in the windy city! 🙂 I know…I’m awful…


  4. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Nobody is really believing O’Vomit at this point in time, including the Democraps. The Main Stream Media (with a few exceptions) are already talking about President O’Vomit in the PAST tense. The only chance that O’Vomit has is to hope that enough fraudulant votes can be cast in the battle-ground states to give him a victory. And it doesn’t look like that will occur. The O’Vomit re-election team has already given up on South Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. And Pennsylvania and Ohio also appear to be moving to the Romney camp.

    But for the next two weeks I am going to be talking to individual blacks and trying to get them to either vote for Romney or NOT to vote at all. This morning I talked for 30 minutes with a black couple. I believe I convinced them not to vote at all. Both said they could not vote for Romney. But I used O’Vomit’s stance on abortion and gay marriages to PROVE that they CANNOT vote for O’Vomit. We went on the internet and proved that O’Vomit is pushing abortion and gay marriage. And I used Liberal sites, including the DNC’s own site to prove this.

    Both of these good people are Christians. They realized that they cannot be Christian and vote for O’Vomit.

    So until the election, I am going to be “gathering” votes for Romney or deleting O’Vomit votes.


    • Ghost,

      Glad to hear that you were able to convince one couple not to vote for Ovomit. Wish you success with others!


    • Gray,

      I’m embarrassed to say, but I’ve actually got some lunatic liberal ass non-immediate family members that believes everything Barry says. And uh no; I don’t seem them regularly…only at family funerals and that’s too much!


  5. Gar Swaffar said:

    Is the joke over? Can we have the real President back yet?


  6. We have an Imposter in Chief.Then he mocks horses and bayonetts.


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