Wicked Commentary

Bump In The Road

STOP the politicians, President Obama and others from politically capitalizing on US national security operations and secrets!


Comments on: "Bump In The Road" (6)

  1. Playing politics with our national security and American lives. While I realize it is occurring; I’m struggling with the fact the radicals have completely overrun the greatest nation in our world’s history in such a very short time. No country or countries could ever take us by might/force in a heads up knock down drag out and they knew that a long time ago. So they infested our nation like a bacteria to grow and spread from within. Bacteria is very hard to get rid of, once it takes hold.


  2. I need to have hope that we can get rid of this awful bacteria in our country. Praying for Romney/Ryan…


  3. Pepp, nice video. I’m glad they are getting the message out. Now Spehanie Cutter went even further down the Obama “bump in the road” saying the only reason it is a “political topic” is because of Romney. See how worried they are? Team Obama struck a giant iceberg and then they sent Bidy out to spin it.


  4. Well done. ANYTIME Dems are in charge, they sell us and our secrets to the highest bidder.


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