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October 1, 2012 By

Western Journalism

Media fraudulent pollsters you’ve been busted. Your fake numbers have been exposed by two very unlikely and probably unwilling sources.  Last Friday the Leftist cheerleaders at the Third Way “think tank” made what had to be a very sad announcement for them. They told the world their researchers had found Democrat registration has fallen by 490,000 in just Ohio alone and without going into finer numbers had also declined by significant numbers in other important states. Florida Democrat registration is down 4.9%, Iowa Democrats have lost 9.5% and remember that “this close” swing state of New Hampshire, the one that flipped its entire government just two years ago – Democrat registration is down 19.7%! More than this Third Way also found Republican registration was down only a 10th of the Democrat decline and that Independents (who favor Mitt Romney by 14 points) had grown in numbers.

The full story from Ohio must be chilling for Democrats because 44% of these Democrat registration drops come from the Cleveland (Cuyahoga County) area cutting deeply into their lead over local Republicans.  Hamilton and Franklin counties, both huge Democrat strongholds have seen steep declines in the number of registered Democrats as well.  The combined decline of all three counties accounts for about 79% of the now “missing” Ohio Democrats.

These “adjustments” to the voting rolls in Ohio comes as a result of a vigorous program  to find and remove deceased registered voters and eliminate redundant voter rolls that have been counted twice over the years.

Clearing out hundreds of thousands of dead voters makes Democrat voter fraud more difficult.

The second blow to the false polls we constantly see is the just released Gallup report showing Republicans 16% (64/48) more enthusiastic about voting than Democrats are. Remember these numbers when you read the next fraudulent poll. Added to the sharp drop in Democrat registration they prove Barack Obama is on his way to a landslide defeat next month.


Reference:  http://www.westernjournalism.com/obamas-phony-polls-exposed/


Comments on: "Obama’s Phony Polls Exposed" (19)

  1. Good post Pepp! I believe this information 100%. I read an article by Rasmussen yesterday where his poll (probably the most independent poll left) showed much different numbers than all the others. Obama has no big lead in any state. He did support the other polls stating that no one intentionally skews their polls (we all know that’s a lie, but I just think he didn’t want to come out and call the others flat out liars because he is a man of character), but that polls are always all over the place this close to an election. He further stated that the “persuadable” voters (non-committed or those that are committed but could change their mind) are more likely to go against the party that sits in the WH when the economy is doing poorly. Another sign of the of the “in the tank media” creating the truth so suit the radicals agenda.

    I firmly believe Barry has no big lead in any state. OH’s Repuke Gov is doing a great job for his state and overall for our entire country. He’s run over with unions and liberal bastions from hell northern cities, but he is getting that state cleaned up. I would put him 2nd to only Jindal in turning their states around.

    I’ve also seen number lately where more and more folks are switching over to the independent party and I really can’t blame them. The Dem’s have never embraced my beliefs and now the GOP is just full of a bunch of life long Rhino’s that don’t give a shit about anything except their fat pay check, their long and numerous vacations and their “look alike” gift from God pension.

    This post is just more great news for the side of truth!


    • Hi Dave,

      I sure hope those polls are wrong in Ohio because the reason that state is doing well and unemployment has dropped is due to John Kasich, a Repub governor. Same for the states of Wisconsin, VA, and Florida. But, the media tells us that people are giving the Occupier credit for things going well in their states. That just makes me shudder.

      Of course these polls had to be skewed because of the media arm of the government who want this Fraud back in. I don’t understand why because these media people are going to be lined up waiting for their “job” for that day, whatever the government wants all the slaves to do. Then after you are finished you get a nice bullet to the back of the head and thrown into a mass grave. Or burned.

      Indies are a strange lot to me because what you hear from them is they have not made up their minds. Here we have two men as different as night and day. How much more strark of a contrast does one need to decide who they are going to vote for? I just don’t get that part. It’s obvious to anyone with half a brain that the Occupier is the biggest failure we’ve ever seen. Well, failure to us, success for him since he’s doing exactly what he wants, bring this country down.


      • Pepp,

        I too remain extremely confused about this so called bloc of “undecided” voters. The sumbitch has made his path as clear as the northern star when there isn’t a cloud in the sky. Is this bloc slow, dumb or not even really exist? Anyone’s guess is as good as mine. We know what Obastard will do. He’s not going to wake up one morning and do a 180. So; a person is either for his radical reformation of our country or they are fed up with it and are willing to give Romney a chance. What; does Barry have to kill someone in every family of the so called “undecided” bloc to make his path clear to them???


        • Dave,

          It’s a mystery to me how you could live under this dictator’s thumb giving you everything you don’t want like no electricity, shutting down coal plants, no use of our own fossil fuels, throwing business after business out of business and they can’t decide who they will vote for???????????//

          Yeah, I’m not sure for some of these people if a tape was shown of him killing someone (like OJ) and they would still vote for him. Morons.


        • Dave, you’re dead on. The chances of Obama doing a 180 are slim and none, slim is out of town. Did you notice how he dug in on his partisan hack mode? He’s the biggest ideologue I ever witnessed.


  2. willibeaux said:

    The jig is up. The lyin’ @zzes have been outed.

    ‘oohRah!! 😉


    • Hi Willi,

      Yep, I guess the jig is up all right. We should have just figured this aspect in as the MSM will do anything to get him back in office. I hope he loses and they have to cry their eyes out.


  3. Just Gene said:

    I,ve done thousands of polls and the only accurate ones were those done by a private company looking for facts on which to increase their consumer base. Other private companies polls and ALL political polls were worded to get the results they wanted. I see two posibilities from these fake results. One, the DICKtater’s flunkies believe that if they show the DICKtater is so far ahead the Repubs will give up and stay home. But two, from what I know about polls it will backfire, and the Dems will believe he’s so far ahead they don’t have to bother to vote. I’ve moved my odds from a toss up to 55/45 Romney.


  4. Hi Pepp,

    I pray the polls showing O ahead are not correct. Showing him ahead could be an advantage to us. If O thinks he might lose it’s possible the elections could be called off. Some kind of made up national emergency.
    God knows his family couldn’t keep up the life style they have become accustomed to. Last year at tax payers expense they spent $1.4 Billion. Not bad for a kid from Kenya. It’s real easy to see why he wouldn’t want to give that up.



    • Hi Dogged,

      Well I hope the polls do what they want, get the Alinskites lazy and they stay home on election day which by the way for them is November 7th.

      How obscene to be spending that kind of tax payer money when we are suffering out here in the mainland. 1.4 billion! Bloody hell, what do you have to do to spend that much in one year.

      I’ll check that link out too. Good to see ya when you come on Dogged.


  5. Hubby and I have been walking door to door for a friend who is running for IL State Senator – we usually end up talking about obama – so many people out there do not have a clue about him! We ask if they think our state and/or country is going in the right direction – some say, “yeah, things are pretty good!”…one guy said, “I have a job; I made decent money” – I wanted to say, “what about the high unemployment rate, what about all the people on food stamps”? – but it is best to say nothing with those people, they have their mind made up and they are voting for obama…and the incument state senator is so corrupt and votes with the Chicago democrats..’

    I pray the above polls are correct! Romney/Ryan!!! And Pat Sullivan for Illinois State Senate!!!


    • Donna,

      Yeah you guys need to get rid of that Quinn. He tried a trial balloon today to get the federal tax payers to pay for his bankrupt state. With Obama Illinois will get the funds I’m sure.
      So I hope you get this Pat Sullivan for Senator too. That’s depressing to find people like that who have no clue about what is going on. I’d almost say our little farm town here knows everything they need to know about the Fraud.

      LOL! I’ll be in a doctor’s office and just starting asking questions of the people sitting in the waiting area. The next thing we’ve got a full blown convo going about Obama and how bad he is. I make sure I tell them anything I can about that fraud. i don’t even care if they tell me they are voting for him. So far nobody told me that. But, then maybe I just scared them talking about the man. LOL! I’m so frightening.


  6. Pepp, this was revealing. Shocked I tell you, shocked. Its funny how they kept the charade going as long as they have, while he has Indys by 14%. Maybe Dems are having a recesion …a contraction in their Party. I hope. They have celebs out making the case, that’s pretty sick. Those are big numbers.


    • Bull,

      LOL! Yeah it’s real shocking. NOT! But it’s fun to see what the pollsters are up to and know the fraud begins even before the people cast their votes.

      Bull, I don’t happen to think many real democrats exist anymore. The party has been overtaken by the commies.


      • Pepp, LOL them old bue dogs don’t even bark anymore. I meant to tell you I saw Ted Strickand declare Obama was the clear winner in the debate. They are doing all they can to prop up Obama.


        • Argh! Ted Strickland, a complete failure as a governor. Did nothing as usual for the democrats/Alinskyites except keep taxes high and more of Ohio floated down the river with 65 passengers a day leaving the state.
          So sure, I’d believe Strickland any day. LOL!


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