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Watch how the Marines welcome a real president versus a Fraud.


Comments on: "How Marines Welcome a President" (16)

  1. Nice video Pepp!

    It sure points out the difference. You know how the Dems are always repeating how much “the American people” just love Ovomit. And how much the military respects him! HA!


    • Thx Hawk. Bush loved the troops and they in turn loved him. I think most of our troops know a real prez from a fraud prez.


      • willibeaux said:

        Mrs. Pepper’awk! Another gem. Did you notice the two @zz kissers, Gates & Mullen standing by Zero?

        ‘oohRah! 😉


        • Willi
          Thanks. That is a gem that video and I could not resist putting it up although I’ve since heard that it’s been around for awhile. Yeah, Gates, Mullen, and Demsey who I despise have handed over their oaths to the Constitution and given it to one man. That is a NO NO.


  2. Great Post! Well ya’ know Pepp, respect gets respect. Obastid hates our Republic and our constitution, so no wonder our military hates him back. He’s done nothing but disrespected our military and made their jobs 1,000 times harder than they already are, so da hell wit him! If a person does not respect our military, then I have zero respect for them. Damn Communist In Chief…


    • Dave,

      Thx. Yep, our troops know who respected them and i bet they wish they had him back.


      • Pepp,

        I sure in the hell wish we could have him back! Hell; I’d take Donald Frigging Duck over this POS traitor occupying our WH and turning it into the Great White Mosque!


        • Dave,

          I’m sure Donald Duck would treat our troops better than what this deviant does.
          I agree with the rest of your comment. And let’s pray that people vote him out in November and we can put this azz hat behind us and the nightmares he causes.


  3. karen valls said:

    A real President and a real appreciation for his efforts – for better or worse President Bush was a good commander in chief; hardly a leader gets hardly a response a very fitting attitude considering how much President Obama has done to hurt our military.


    • Hi karen,

      Welcome to my blog. Yes, if nothing else Bush was a good CIC. Nothing phony about how he loved his troops.
      Obama doesn’t even deserve our troops respect especially with the ROE they have to fight under. It’s no wonder they don’t like the Fraud.


  4. Pepp, you’re outstanding! Thanks for this video! Bush respected and loved our military; obama showed them no respect, so he got none from them.


    • Hi Donna,

      You’re pretty outstanding yourself woman. I ditto what you said. Sometimes I miss ole Bush. He made his mistakes, but he was a good chief to our military.


  5. Roger that said:

    Yep I’ve seen this video a number of times and it makes me actually miss GWB even with his screw ups, but he Really did love the Men and Women in uniform and it shows! The feeling was mutual and that shows too!! As compared to this little pissant boy-child manchurian canidate petty dicktatator occuping the People’s House he hates the military and that’s is way too apparent and as I recall I think they(soldiers) were actually ordered to attend oblahmao’s appearence what a COMPLETE ANDTOTAL FRAUD/ Phony!!!!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! GOD BLESS OUR MILITARY!!! and BTW God Bless you and yours Pepp!!!!! PS, how did you get Zima, a cat to sit in a chair? Everytime I see that pic. I crack up!! That’s classic


    • Hi Roger,

      Oh, so this video has been around a lot I see. Yeah it makes me kind of miss Bush, especially since we have this Deviant in the White Mosque.

      This dictator has got to go or my nerves will be shot. I don’t know why he has to be on TV every doggone day and screeching something or other. We might as well have Hitler as our president.

      Zima sits in the chair herself. She has her own blankie and at night she cuddles down with that blanket as her little cave.

      Thanks Roger and God bless you too and our country.


  6. I MIGHT stand at attention for this POS….but I won’t salute him !!

    Semper Fi !!


    • Hi MickeyG,

      Welcome to my blog. I don’t think I’ve seen you here before but am very glad you commented. Thanks for doing so.
      I bet a lot of people think like you do. Our troops do not like this man and it shows so much. I would never salute him either if I were a Marine. But, I have a whole family of Marines and I know what they think of this weasel.

      Semper Fi


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