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Obama’s Hatred for Netanyahu

I have wondered and pondered a bit on what I see from Obama towards Bibi Netanyahu.  It is not only his dislike, but his contempt for this man who now shoulders a huge burden.  Bibi must make the decision soon as to whether he will attack Iran or not.  It is coming to a head.  Bibi knows there is not much time left and he will have no choice but to attack.

He pleads to meet with Obama, but Obama snubs him off for the likes of Dave Letterman and lavish parties with JayZ and other weirdos from Holly-weird. He lets Bibi know in no uncertain terms, by his actions, that he has nothing but contempt for him.

Bibi wants to know that America will back him when the time comes when he needs to attack Iran.  He gets no response and no positive feedback on this. Even the Joint Chief of Staff, Dempsey, stated he wants nothing to do with the attack on Iran.  The Joint Chief of Staff is nothing more than a wuss and a danger as he aligns himself with the Deviant in the WH.  It is too bad that our military brass have become nothing but political figures and just as corrupt as the Obama regime.

Thanks to Lucie aka Purplegimp, she has come up with a reason for Obama’s dislike and contempt for Bibi Netanyahu, a man some of us would like to have for our American president instead of this limp wrist boy who does not serve America, only himself and his agenda.

Per Purplegimp aka Lucie, an Israeli:

“Bibi is everything he isn’t and much better qualified to be the American president than the kenyan. Bibi grew up in the States and understands America better than the communist raised kenyan ever could. Bibi also puts the kenyan in shade academically, never mind by raw intelligence. Bibi was brought up parents who loved freedom and had a very strong set of values and ethics that they passed on to their sons. Bibi served in our army in elite units and lost a beloved brother to terror at Entebbe. Bibi has an understanding of the US constitution that the kenyan will never come to close attaining.”

Thanks Lucie aka Purplegimp for putting it all in a nutshell for us.  I do believe your theory holds much truth.

Note:   Bill Clinton is entertaining Morsi at his high profile event, the Clinton’s Global Initiative in NYC this week.  The Alinsky party is stunned as Morsi is an avowed radical Islamist, whose slogan is, ““Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”

This could hurt the Alinsky Party’s chances for winning the White House in November.  Please all look and see what is going on here with this despicable man, Morsi.  Catering to the Muslim Brotherhood has become the new Cesspool City sport for the Alinsky Party.


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  1. Ovomit has plenty of time to play golf, go on Liberal talk shows (heard this morning that he will be on ‘The View’) but not a minute of time for a world leader, Bibi. Ovomit is a disgrace for Americans on the world stage. Not a single country has any respect at all for him and they’re loosing a lot of respect for we the American citizens for not doing a thing to bring
    this criminal down! I’ve gotten comments from people in England and Germany asking “Why in the __ are we letting this happen to our country!?”

    Everyone says they’re waiting for the election to get rid f him. But the problem is far deeper than that. We could have had this criminal impeached the moment he broke his Oath of Office and ignored the Constitution. Plus the tons of civil laws he’s broken. But those in authority (Congress for example) do absolutely nothing to stop this tyrant!

    It seems there is no relief from the anger that’s building inside me about what’s going on within our government. Well, it used to be “our government” but not any more. Over a long period of time, it has been infiltrated and taken over by our “Republic’s” enemies in just about all levels of government. These enemies are the Marxist, the Socialists, the Communists. All hiding behind the name of Liberals or now, Progressive’s that claim to be American Patriots. We should route them all out and place them in front of a firing squad!

    And they, our enemies, are in control of Congress with the help of the gutless Republican Rinos!


    • Well stated ‘awk! I couldn’t have said it better. That Dempsey is a brown noser just like Mullins. A pox on both of them.

      ‘oohRah! 🙂


      • I’m with you Beaux. If Dempsey is an example of what our military leaders have become, we are in deep doo doo.


  2. Thing is, Bibi doesn’t really need him. HE needs Bibi, but if he’s too wrapped in his own vainglorious self, that’s his problem. The whole thing goes back to the commy progressives. They gave China to the commies, the old Eastern block to the Soviets and on and on. And the kenyan is going to do his best to give them America on a silver platter as per his orders. He’s doing a great job. I don’t for a minute believe that he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing all the while laughing up his sleeve at the hicks he’s taken in.


    • Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

      You could be correct Lucie (i.e., “I don’t for a minute believe that he doesn’t know exactly what he’s doing all the while laughing up his sleeve at the hicks he’s taken im.”). However, one of the amazing things about the USA is that once the “hicks” realize that they have been duped, they tend to get very “nasty” in their retribution to the person who duped them. And more and more about O’Vomit just keeps coming out. We know that he refuses to meet with Netanyahu and instead goes on “The View”. He calls the deaths in Libya a few “speed bumps”. His policy in Afghanistan is a disaster of biblical proportions, now including the largest one day air loss since the Vietnam War. He intends on releasing large numbers of the prisoners from Gitmo. The Middle East is in flames and the news media is starting to go public with the large numbers of muslim advisers in O’Vomit’s administration.

      Black preachers in the Mississippi Delta are telling their members to either not vote or vote Republican. And more and more Democrats of all races and economic statuses are going to do the same. The internet is full of articles about this. The only thing half way saving O’Vomit is that the MSM is covering for him. But that is a double-edged sword. When those who are presently “undecided” or in the O’Vomit camp discover the vast amount of information on the internet that paints an ugly picture of O’Vomit and backs the “picture” up with facts, not only does O’Vomit lose a vote; but the MSM loses a viewer. In other words the US citizens are generally “self-correcting”.


      • Gray Ghost, Yup, You are right. Once those ‘hick’s twig to what’s going on, It’s pretty much all over. I do have faith in Americans to do the right thing and vote the kenyan out. What I’m not so sure of is that he’ll leave quietly. We’ll know soon enough.


    • Davetherave said:

      Hey Gimp,

      You are damn right the radical commie knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s not smart enough to pull this off by himself, but he knows how to follow order’s from his bosses. They all want the USA to fall flat on its face from implosion and we have around 60 million idiots in the USA that will vote to let this creature from the black lagoon finish us off. I believe in my heart the USA is the greatest nation this world has ever seen. I’ve also come to the conclusion the USA has a great abundance of the dumbest damn people this world has ever seen. Shooting oneself in the foot seems to come to mind with these bunch of buffoons that will vote for this less than life form…


      • Dave, The conservative media is still covering for what is obvious to some of us a well thought out plan of attack on the first and last best hope for freedom-the U.S.A. The despots (dictators, communists, socialists and a long list of others can not allow it to flourish. They will and are doing everything in their power to destroy America and all she stands for. They just might have over reached themselves this time.


    • ‘gimp! The AP said that Ehud the fink wants to withdraw from the West Bank regardless of any agreement with the PA. Does this @zzhole have a death wish?

      BiBi has to hang tough on this.

      We are praying for you ‘all.

      ‘oohRah! 😉


      • Don’t worry about the Ehuds. They can’t do anything on their own and neither will ever be elected to a position where they can. Keep on a-praying for us. We need all the help we can get with ‘friends’ like the kenyan.


  3. Excellent article, Pepp. I agree with PG. Well, its been obvious for some time Clinton doesn’t care who(or what) he gets in bed with. Obama cares about himself that’s it. And the more he is pressed, the more he turns on the USA (if that is possible) He doesn’t care who knows of his disdain either. Narcissists are like that. This situation is only a political inconvenience for Obastid. He”s proving every day who or what he will stand with. I’m just wondering if anything he will do would piss off the media lapdogs?


    • Bull,

      I don’t think anything would stop the MSM from supporting and covering for Ovomit. He lies and the MSM swears to it. Ovomit could probably tell one of the MSM newsmen ‘We just killed all your family for the collective.’ And the newsman would answer his Messiah..Well, I guess you know what’s best and have your reasons.


  4. Roger THAT! said:

    Purp Gimp nailed it Bibi is more of an American than olahmao, look at the dis-dain just through his body language hell I’d take Bibi over this petty tyrant Anyday!!! This guy is a fraud & a dictator as close as we have ever come not even jimha the dihimi karter was this bad!!! I have a very bad feeling about OUR REPUBLIC and Our ONLY Ally in the ME Isreal!!! Bibi is between a rock and a hard place and WE could help out with the new bunker busters, etc., etc. There’s something wicked that comes this way be prepared folks! KEEP YER POWERDER DRY AND GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS ISREAL!!!!


  5. Davetherave said:

    Excellent post Pepp and spot on analysis IMO Gimp! The unpolished turd living high on the hog in the Great White Mosque shows nothing but disdain for Israel and Bibi and I have no doubt the feeling is mutual. How the fraud could capture just one Jewish vote in Nov would be beyond my comprehension, but as it has been pointed out to me previously the Jewish population in the USA has too many with a different mind set. I guess every group has their number of dumb asses. Lord knows I live with around 225,000 in my city. I’m sure Bibi and the people of Israel would love to see the radical’s false prophet get his ass kicked out on the street this Nov just as much as many of us living here.

    As far as Billythepervert Clinton; I think he’s shooting for the top spot at the UN. That’s a good fit for Bubba. A lying, useless POS heading up a radical, POS organization…


    • ‘rave! Great post. For the life of me I can’t understand how any Jew or American Vet could vote for this @zzhole.

      Keep your powder dry!

      ‘oohRah! 😉


    • It’s really quite simple. Most American Jews today are descendants of Jews who immigrated from Russia during the period that lead up to what turned out to be the communist revolution that brought a great ‘gift’ to the world-the soviet union. To many of those Jews, the ideas sounded wonderful. They steeped their children in socialist ideals, and here we are today with Jews who simply don’t have clue because of the idealism they were brought up with. It’s the same thing that brought Israel a form of government we will never be able to get rid of. They did a bang up job here. But that’s a story for another day, and you better believe I’m working on it. Semi socialism like we have here is not all it’s cracked up to be, but we did get a few things right. I’ve said it before, and will say it for the last time here and now. Our single payer universal health care actually works quite well. I still wonder why it was never brought up when the kenyan’s plan was being debated. Canada, England and a few others were used as examples. I never once saw ours mentioned. Back then I came to the conclusion that ours works because at the end of the day, Jews have a greater respect for human life than almost any other place on earth. Why on earth would the kenyan want to look at a heath care program that actually puts the person first? I’ll have to leave it to you to figure out why any vet would vote for him.


      • Davetherave said:

        Thanks Gimp for that excellent explanation! You have educated an old redneck that is not the smartest person you’ll ever meet, so it’s hard for me to be educated. But you did it! 🙂


        • Nice try Dave. Were you not listening when Pepp ad I declared that you are right up with us smart ones?! Genius recognizes other geniuses! So, knock it off! We know just how smart you are.
          Funny thing is: a few years ago Dennis Prager wrote a series of articles that were supposedly an explanation of why American Jews vote left. He missed the actual reason in his explanation. Sometimes it really is just a simple as that.


  6. Mrs. Pepper’awk! Another great “telling it like it is”. BiBi handed Zero his @zz the other time they met and Zero don’t want a repeat especially on camera.

    What a wimp!!

    ‘oohRah! 😉


  7. Davetherave said:

    Latent insanity now runs amok in our country. No; this is not the first corrupt, radical president we’ve ever had to endure, but he sure in the hell is the worst. I believe the majority of sheeples that follow their savior suffer from blatant, self inflicted, blind dumb ass disease. All they see is what they consider the good in Barry; when in fact there is no good in Barry. They are locked up in the 60’s hippy days of love, peace and tolerance. I also seek love, peace and tolerance, but I’m not blinded by stupidity in a search for H.G. Wells Utopia. It is a fruitless search, because Utopia does not exist on earth. Utopia only exist in the House of God.

    We “all” cannot get along in peace in this world, because this world consist of true evil and true good. They can and do co-exist, but they will never get along. We must be able to recognize good from evil and support the cause of good, while trying to defeat evil. There are many that are committed to helping evil spread, but there are so many that are deceived by evil and believe they see good. Satan plays on these fools and they will never see the “light” unless they seek the light and good in the one true God.

    Muslim/Islam has yet to see the light in the one true God and they are radical in every form of their existence. They have zero tolerance or love for anyone that is not of them and they do not seek peace with those that are not them. They wish to eradicate any who are not of them. That is true evil that must be recognized and we must try our best to defeat them. Their desire is to remove those of us that serve and worship the one true God and we must stand up and defeat them. Bottom line for me at least is there is nothing else more worthy of my effort to defeat evil than than the love I have for the one true God that created all and has blessed me over and over again my entire life. Countries may come and go, but God is forever. We must forever due to our love for Him be willing to stand up against evil in His name. The United States has only done so well, because of the blessing of the one true God. Without God’s blessing; we would be a young, third world country still struggling to even exist. With God’s blessing; the United States has become the greatest nation to have ever existed is barely over just 200 years.

    I believe that is what motivates our brave warriors that willingly and proudly go and offer themselves to die fighting for our country. They love our country so much they see the bigger picture that personal sacrifice to keep good alive in our country is far beyond their own life. Is there any US citizen that deserves our eternal gratitude than those that have/are and will in the future be willing to lay down their lives to keep our country a nation of good? I don’t believe so!

    God bless those that have served in our military, those that currently do and those that will in the future!


  8. That rat is apologizing to our enemies, but treats our only friend, Bibi, like crap.


  9. Roger THAT! said:

    This is not for posting!!!!!!!!. It’s in regards to my last comment up above! Please just dump it ok?!! Thank you. I love Bibi and the Nation of Israel. I was still asleep when I wrote that. I do think the Purple Gimp did nail it !!! Any way take care and keep up the great work! God help us all and God Bless America and God Bless you and yours.
    All the best
    Dennis Rogers


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