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Muslim Rage

For 8 days the Occupier in the White House lied to the American people about the attack in Libya.   So did Hillary Clinton and her State Department lie that the attack was due to some obscure film that hardly anyone had seen.

It turns out, as most of us expected, to be a terrorist attack.  The Occupier does not like to say that word, terrorist or Islamic attack.

Still, as of last night, the Occupier used $70,000 of our tax payer money to put ads up on the Pakistani TV apologizing for this obscure movie.

The Occupier and Clinton cannot bring themselves to admit that the Obama foreign policy is a massive failure.  Apologizing to these savages should bring on more attacks.  The only thing these hateful, barbaric people understand is force and strength, neither of which Obama has.

We need a new leader.  I hope that all conservatives and Christians go to the polls in November and vote this failure Obama out of office before we all are killed.


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  1. Pepp,good timing on this post.

    Ovomit is a Muslim, the “Muslim Brotherhood” are his buddies. I believe the “Brotherhood” was established in 1909 and has been the creators of, and umbrella for, all the smaller
    terrorists groups.

    Of course Ovomit won’t condemn them. He’s one of them. He lies and tries with everything he can to distract the American citizens away from Muslim terrorist. Remember how he so boldly exclaimed “The war on terror is over!”

    As far as I’m concerned, Ovomit has ‘no’ policy. He has an agenda with a single goal. To destroy our Republic form of government, replacing it with a Marxist Totalitarian type government. And that Marxist bitch Hillary Clinton is right up there in the forefront with him! Look how she is constantly trying to undermine the United States by giving up our sovereignty an letting the United Nations override our laws while dictating it’s own that we are supposed to obey! Ha! That’ll be the day!

    Ovomit, Hitlery, and all of his administration are Traitors! They should be prosecuted then put before a firing squad!


  2. Great post Pepp!

    The Sumbitch and Traitor and Fraud has accomplished a good portion of his muzzie loving foreign policy to help the Muslim Brotherhood take over and bend his knee’s apologizing to those Islamic nut heads. He doesn’t have my permission to speak for me and apologize for anything our great nation has done. He has the entire ME now in flames as the dictators that kept some of these butcher’s under control were booted out with the help of the Occupier In Shithead. He spits on Israel and cuts back door deals with Iran.

    Many of his supporters are simple minded, blind, deaf and dumb sheeples. Once again those air headed idiots believe we have another savior delivering their Utopia to our country and the world. They need to get a serious grip on reality! Marx Reincarnate and Hitlery Clinton shouldn’t have to wait for an election to be booted out of DC. They should have been dragged out under arrest for treason in shackles a long time ago.

    FYI: There was some ironic justice for one of those bastards that burnt out great flag: The damn towel head died of smoke inhalation he breathed in from the smoke coming off our flag they set on fire. Old Glory never goes down without a fight!


    • Hi Dave!

      Died from smoke inhalation eh. Good!


      • Yeah ‘awk; the dumb ass camel jockey couldn’t even tell which way the wind was blowing. The only sad thing about it is that only one of them died from smoke inhalation…


    • Hi Dave,

      I agree completely. The Occupier has the ME in a total mess which is just what he wanted.
      And I saw that story of the muslim passing away with smoke inhalation. You nailed by Old Glory never going down without a fight.


  3. Not a protest. Not an attack on a passivr ambassedor. A coordinated attack to get a CIA operative who had been participating in a botched attempt to locate and acquire weapons that the US had suuplied to the rebels. This guy was not an “ambassador”. He did not go in to the country via diplomatic attaches and armored stuff. He slipped in in disquise on a bus, mingling with the populace. Gay maybe, but a CIA operative and out to try to re-aquire loose weapons that we had given away before they became a liability. He was one of the top people on the Al Queda hit list. A high value target. No telling what the real end goal was.


  4. Good article Pepp, this was a billoard as if any was needed to show the real [failed] policies at work. I’m waiting to see what they do abut the WH produced movie accomplishments. Barry did not even say anything until the next day. But here he says, “we can’t wait”.


    • Pepp,

      Seems like something strange is happening. I saw two reports about the protests and all the comments are negative about Obama. Congratulations, they’ve caused a backlash against Barry-‘the worst’ that Americans couldn’t seem to. One of those was a favorite Liberal-prog sanctuary that never speaks evil of their Mullah.


      • Bull,

        Barry has been his own worst enemy from day one. He tries to hide too much shit and all of it can’t stay hidden forever. He was bound to start screwing up eventually and bless his black, cold heart for the number of times he’s muffed the snap just this year!


      • Bull,

        Wow. now that is something if the alinskys are muffed over this. That is strange indeed.


    • Bull,

      What really has me in fumes is the Occupier being protected by the lamo press. I heard last night that none of the usual suspects were even running anything about this story.


  5. I am so sick of the commie mooslim and the crap he keeps pulling. He hates America and Americans and I have the same hate for him and his mooch. We know that movie had nothing to do with the murders of Ambassador Stevens and the other 3 men. It was all planned and the sad thing is obama knew 4 days before it happened, yet did nothing. One of these days he will pay for his treasonous crimes and I hope that is soon. He will die in hell.


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