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Here’s another subject I’m sick and tired of hearing the radical’s lie about. Obama and other radical’s keep whining the wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes. That is a crock and there are only two reasons they cry about this: (1) Start class warfare to get more votes, (2) So the federal government can take in more revenue to blow on their freebie programs. It’s that simple.

The radical’s love playing the “percentage” game and bottom line is percentages don’t mean crap. When you go to buy something; your ability to buy something depends on how many real dollars you have. When stockholder’s get their quarterly reports; they look at how many real dollars the company either gained or lost. When you look at your IRA; you look at how much money you made or lost. A percentage is nothing more than a mathematical equation. It’s a means to an end, but is far from actually being the end. But, I’ll play their percentage game if that’s what they want.

For the tax year of 2009; 47% of households did not pay ANY federal income tax. How did so many households not pay any federal income tax? It is directly attributed to Obama and his radical buddies in congress. The 2009 $787 billion economic LIE that was touted as a recovery package included a host of new or expanded tax breaks. It would have been 38% households pay no federal income tax, but the Obama Radical Team increased it to 47%.

The wealthy in 2009 paid a total of 54% of all federal income taxes collected by the government. The often mentioned “1% group” (federal tax filers with adjusted gross incomes – AGI– of at least $343,927) paid 37% of the total fed income taxes collected.                A much wealthier group (the top 0.1%) that had an AGI of at least $1.43 million; paid 17% of income taxes collected. So 1.1% of the households paid 54% of all fed income taxes collected, while 47% contributed zilch to the total federal income taxes collected.

The above percentage rates tell me the wealthy are paying MORE than their fair share in percentages! It also tells me the Obama Radical Team laid the ground work for their class warfare in 2009. Obama pretends to be the savior of the middle class, but he only wanted the Bush Tax Cuts to continue through the end of this year. An election year. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out why Obama only wanted the Bush Tax Cuts to continue through 2012 and then stop. Obama uses the middle class as an end to his means just like he uses percentages as an end to his means; LIES! He only wants to get re-elected to finish off destroying our great Republic.

Above is how you play the percentage game and turn it around on the Obama Radical Team that shows them to be fools and liars.




Comments on: "The Wealthy Already Pay Their Fair Share by Dave Taylor" (9)

  1. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    I am for going to a federal sales tax and completely eliminating the IRS and the US Tax Code. At least then everybody will “have a dog in the fight”. Everybody will pay something. (I also want all entitlements shut down.)

    Also, think of all the hours saved by the private sector in figuring out how much in taxes they owe.


    • Hi Gray,

      Thanks so much for your comment! I would love to see us get rid of the IRS agency and the screwed up tax code completely as well. As far as I’m concerned it was unconstitutional to set up that organization to begin with.

      I would be comfortable with either a Fed sales tax that all have to pay or a Fed flat income tax that all have to pay. Going to only a Fed sales tax would work just fine. Everyone needs to have a dog in the fight.

      I’m also for restructuring the ability for folks to take care of themselves when they retire. Stop stealing money from them in taxes and let them invest that money how ever they see fit. I believe that restructuring needs to be done for those 40 and under and those 41 and over would have the option to continue on the current plan. I believe this, because those folks have been getting robbed since they started working right out of high school or college and they deserve their money back and they’ve lost all that time to make their own investments and watch them grow. How would I pay for the continuation of those on the current program? I would cut the funding from foreign aid to pay for the home team first.


  2. Dave,the assholes could take the ENTIRE wealth of the nation,it STILL would not be enough to take care of the debt,future obligations,ad nauseum. Liberals absolutely do NOT understand the old tale about killing the golden goose. this bunch has already ensured they WILL run out of other peoples’ money. Good post,old son.


    • Hey clyde,

      Thanks for your comment and compliment! We are so far in debt now that the majority of people don’t even realize how in debt we are. You are 100% correct that we have pretty much reached the point of no return of getting out of debt…pretty much. SS, Medicare and Medicaid..etc. is going to create a bankrupting disaster when the baby boomers retire.

      It’s somewhere around 78 million people that will be eligible to retire “around” the same time period. Extrapolating out from today (looking at the number of baby boomers that will retire around the same time) we are actually in debt somewhere around the tune of $215 TRILLION! This $16 trillion debt everyone is worried about is chicken feed when compared to the promises the feds have to keep when the baby boomers start getting SS, Medicare and Medicaid. NO changes to our current system is going to stop that disaster from hitting.

      That’s right clyde; $215 TRILLION! I hope I didn’t make you have a heart attack, but these damn programs should have never been set up in the first place. The great start of the Nanny State by FDR carried forward with more radicals has bankrupt our country and we haven’t even felt the TRUE affect yet.


  3. Dave, good article. You cut to the chase. Its all politics of reelection. Right, he’s only using and abusing the “middle class”, and extorting them. Wright’s church actually was against middle class… and so I’d say he will kill that like everything else. His “fair share” crap drives me up the wall. He is not only destroying politics and the country, he’s destroying the english language. As usual, what he claims he wants to protect he is trying to kill.


    • Hey bull,

      Thanks for you comment and compliment. You got that right about Obastard destroying the English language. I never can understand what the hell he’s talking about with his silly ass metaphors, analogies and double talk, but I sure know what he wants to accomplish. That does not fit in with keeping our Republic!

      Jim Jones was protecting his people as well…next on the leader list…Obastard. Obastard has just been better tutored and his poison acts slowly…


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