Wicked Commentary

Egypt tears down and burns our flag and replaces it with a black flag that may signify al-Qaeda at our embassy.  Why are we there?  Why are we giving these people 1.8 billion to arm them?

Our consulate in Libya is breached by terrorists.  And 4 Americans die.

Bibi Netanyahu is rebuffed when he requested a meeting with Obama.

In little over one day, Obama’s foreign policy hangs in tatters.  In less than one day, we see for all the world to see the failed foreign policy of the leader of the free world.

He calmly states that the “people who did this”  in Libya will be brought to justice.

He says NOTHING about Egypt burning our flag or breaching our embassy.  He just let it hang.  No outrage, nothing from him.  Why is that?  Because the Muslim Brotherhood are his friends and the people he sticks with just like he said in his book, “I will stand with the Muslims”.

Bibi Netanyahu scolded him, “If you are not going to put red lines on Iran, then you have no business putting a red light in front of Israel. (paraphrased)

The Alinsky media jump all over Romney for saying we need not make excuses for America.

Instead of jumping on Obama for his failed policies and wasted tax dollars for these two nations who are making allegiances with the Muslim Brotherhood, they jump Romney instead.

The Alinsky media are so afraid someone might just see Obama’s failed foreign policies.  Too bad Alinsky media, we Americans can see it right before our eyes.

Alinsky media, “We hate you out here in flyover America”.  We know you are nothing but an arm of the Obama administration and will do anything to make him look good.”

Meanwhile Obama blithely flies off to Nevada for a fund raiser.


Comments on: "Obama’s Allies, the Muslim Brotherhood" (17)

  1. Excellent post Pepp!

    The Towel Head In Chief has to worst foreign policy for the United States in our history, but a great one for the butchering muzzies. He is the one that put the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya. He bought this issue with our money and now he owns it and should own up to it. It wasn’t like many world leaders didn’t say the sumbitch isn’t arming and facilitating the take over by the Muslim Brotherhood; many did!

    Bibi is a good man, but he’s in a tough spot. The US and Israel have enjoyed great friendship with most administrations and Israel has obtained great weaponry due to our industrial strength. But Obastard is leaving them hanging out in the wind and they have to be able to buy more weaponry from us when they need it and as much as they need. It would also be a tough undertaking for Israel to take on all the ME towel head countries all by themselves, so they need our public promise we will back their move and support them to the fullest by what ever means necessary.

    We have a Godless president facilitating the possible demise of the only God loving country in the ME. Shitty O gotta go!


    • Dave, while I agree with most of what you said, I just want to point out that, yes, we have gotten much needed weaponry from the US, we HAVE ended up modifying much of it, an we produce a fair amount ourselves. I’m not saying that to denigrate America’s contribution to our security, just pointing out a little known fact.


      • Hey gimp,

        Thanks for your input. That was a little known fact to me, but I’m not surprised you all have made modifications. I certainly do not take your input as any denigration. It just pisses me off the Obastard In Chief won’t sell you all anything you ask for with no hesitation.

        I sure in the hell wish this terrible administration we’re stuck with would adopt the way you all handle airport security. It’s a frigging joke over here…the worst joke I’ve ever heard.


        • Dave, I fear things are far too out of control there for any common sense to be applied to airport security. I got quite a taste of the differences between ours (Israeli) and yours (American) last summer. The only danger to a flight your guys might catch is an elderly wheely bound depends user with a full load. I sailed through ours but had to answer no end of questions at yours. Dumb questions at that. I finally started being a ‘smart mouth’ by demanding that closest semi handsome TSA guy ‘feel me up’ They always corrected me with ‘pat you down’, I always came back with, “No. I want HIM to feel me up” That was the point where they decided it was probably best to get me through there as fast as possible. No one gets that kind of treatment here unless there is a good reason. We don’t even get a token ‘pat down’ or ‘feel up’. They catch every at the luggage check.


  2. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    While our embassies burn, O’Vomit goes to Vegas. This is going to bite him in the rear. Already, I am seeing way too many people (who were originally Democrats) say that they will never vote for the Democrats again.


    • Hi Gray,

      Pepp called me this morning and she’s not feeling well, so I’m watching her blog.

      Our people dying, our flag and embassies burning and the sumbitch is off playing viva Las Vegas. He also only attended 46% of his daily security briefings the week up to this atrocity. Gee; can’t imagine why the pres would not be staying better in tune with security matters leading up to 9/11???? What a self-serving SOB. I sure hope this is just another bit in his ass come November…


  3. Damn fine post,Pepp. BTW,isn’t this the SAME asshole who told Corporate America,and other citizens, “You can’t just hop on your jets and fly to Vegas”? Also agree wholeheartedly the MEDIA must be made to suffer for their absolute,epic failure to PROPERLY inform the country of who,and what,this bastard truly is.


    • Howdy clyde,

      Pepp called me this morning and she’s not feeling well, so I’m watching her blog.

      That would be the exact same asshole! The lapdog media scum are just as guilty as the sumbitch when it comes to the decline of our great nation. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I’d supported the sumbitch, but those radicals have no conscience so I’m sure they sleep like good little sheep…


      • Knowing St. Gracie as I do, I’m not at all surprised that she isn’t feeling well. I’m on the verge of heart failure myself. Just when I think it can’t get any worse it does. The reactions of the kenyan in chief and his minions should come as no surprise to anyone, after all, the state department has been infested with arabists and communists since FDR’s days.
        The one ray of light for me was that the kenyan will be too busy to meet with Bibi. That saves Bibi one more contact with the desecrater in chief.
        I made the mistake of watching OUR news tonight in Hebrew and was treated to the usual spin that all is well between our countries. Uh, I don’t think so.
        St. Gracie, feel better soon.


        • Gimp, The Turd In Chief has many of us feeling like we have a miserable, fatal disease right now and the only cure is his ass leaving office very soon. Every time he’s hit the lowest level of scum I think he can be; he proves me an idiot and goes even deeper.

          The radicals sure have been embedding themselves in our system for a long time and FDR surely did give them a welcome mat. They’re like frigging termites the way they multiple over the years and are able to destroy with greater numbers and more efficiently.


    • clyde

      The media is complicit in their hiding and covering for this failed deviant. They should be charged with something. I’d like to see them hang as traitors.


  4. Pepp, great piece –” In less than one day, we see for all the world to see the failed foreign policy of the leader of the free world.”

    Well, to those of us with eyes. I got the impression from the con-vention how many blind people there are and they are in his camp. This falls on the heels of Dempsey’s remarks too. Amazing in one day what his policies have wrought.

    And off to “Vegas baby” he goes with only a minor mention that even seemed unprepared. Skipping security briefings and that inteligence, which would have suggested weeks ago that we are headed for a problem. But he’s busy capaigning and wrecking what’s left of our country. Right, media is worried about Romney’s statement? They are making this as tough as they possibly can for Israel. And…what are they getting for their generosity? Alinsky would be proud. He isn’t quieting tensions, he’s escalating them.


    • What up bull!

      Pepp called me this morning and she’s not feeling well, so I’m watching her blog.

      I never believed I’d live long enough to see anyone have a worse foreign policy than Jimmy Jamma Carter, buuuuuuuuuuuuut…here we are! Obastard’s foreign policy is completely foreign to me. Dempsey Doodle is a wuss, mouth piece for the sumbitch and is a disgrace to his uniform.

      This probably fitted into the sumbitches plans better than he could have wished. He wasn’t even there to vote present when it happened, so he feels like he can shirk off the blame. Not quit you muzzie loon Ovomit. You put them in power so now you get all the credit that goes along with that…


    • Bull,

      Yes, it is a pathetic point that so many don’t see through this scam man. I cringe when I see people cheering him and I wonder why.


  5. when this muslim bastard was elected president, america died. that makes me so sad BUT it’s not too late to get his incompetent, unworthy, lying, cowardly ass out of office and stop the complete and total destruction of the greatest nation the world has ever known. WAKE UP AMERICA!


    • lindsay,

      I agree so much with what you said. America died. That is putting the whole last 4 years right on the table. I hope too we can get this creep out in November. We all must go to the polls and vote. We have to overwhelm the Romney vote to beat the fraud on the Creep’s side.


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