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A new lawsuit filed by an independent American oil and gas company charges that the Obama administration is blocking legitimate efforts to find and produce oil from offshore wells.

“Given the challenges still facing the U.S. economy, the government needs to move aside and let private industry do what private industry does best: create jobs and increase our oil supply to help lower the price at the pump,” a report from the Heritage Foundation states.

“And yet the Obama administration remains committed to strangling America’s economic revival by doing everything in its power to prevent companies that obtain offshore leases from actually drilling and producing oil — a fact evidenced by a new lawsuit just filed in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims by an independent U.S. oil and gas company.”

By March 2010, ATP Oil & Gas Corporation received oil leases and necessary permits to drill in the Gulf of Mexico, and installed state-of-the-art drilling and processing equipment to safely access already-penetrated oil reservoirs, according to the report. The project was financed with $1.5 billion from J.P. Morgan.

Then in April 2010, the BP-operated Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf exploded while drilling a well into a previously unexplored reservoir. In response, the Obama administration ordered moratoria on deep-water drilling and barred consideration of new permits.

As a result, the ATP operation was shut down.

ATP has now struck back by filing a lawsuit alleging that the Interior Department “improperly and illegally suspended all deep-water offshore drilling activities and imposed two illegal moratoria on the deep-water drilling permit application process and then unreasonably and unlawfully delayed the issuance of drilling permits after the lifting of the formal moratoria.”

ATP is essentially asserting that the government breached its offshore leases with ATP by violating the Administrative Procedure Act in two ways, according to the Heritage Foundation report written by Hans von Spakovsky and Nicolas Loris: “By issuing overbroad moratoria, and by manipulating seven experts from the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) to bolster a recommendation for the moratoria.”

They also point out that all seven NAE experts denied supporting moratoria recommendations, and a previous court case concluded that a White House official had changed the report used to justify the moratoria.

The authors write: “ATP’s lawsuit provides a revealing glimpse into the capital-intensive oil and gas industry where unfair and illegal actions by a government agency can cost companies (and the U.S. economy) enormous sums of money.”

Opening the outer continental shelf to drilling, they add, “would generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs, generate hundreds of billions of dollars in government revenue, and bring more oil to the world market, thereby lowering gas prices.”

What do you want to bet this lawsuit goes nowhere with all the Alinsky judges appointed by BHO?  I would be surprised if anyone who goes against this administration wins a thing, including a lawsuit. Of course this is bad for us.  We don’t need a moratorium on drilling for our own oil.

Also when BHO states that more drilling is going on under his administration he is lying.  The extra drilling going on was opened up by Bush. 

References:  Newsmax.com


Comments on: "Lawsuit Over Moratorium on Oil" (7)

  1. Davetherave said:

    Good post Pepp!

    The Asshat In Chief should be sued for his anti-Corporate stupid ass policies. History will remember Barry as the Great Killer. He kills jobs, corporations and our economy (among many other things our Republic holds near and dear). History may actually remember him as the worse “serial” killer in our nation’s history.


    • Right. Thanks. The Liar in chief has the oil rigs locked up or moved to other countries due to his moratorium that was never deemed needed by the study done. It was an excuse to not drill for oil which he hates.

      LMAO, the worse serial killer, that’s funny.


  2. Pepp,

    I sure wouldn’t take that bet. This criminal we have in the White Mosque is protected better than Fort Nox! It seems he has most of the judges in his pocket and those that ‘have’ ruled against him he ignores or defies! And still Congress does nothing.

    I’ll say it again. I think Ovomit had that drilling rig sabotaged so that he had an excuse to shut down the entire industry, Those wells were functioning perfectly for years without a problem. Then, shortly after Ovomit was elected a”mysterious” explosion. Plus there was no reason to shut all of the Oil Industry in the country down. He did this under the guise of “safety concerns.” B.S! He did this as part of the plan to cripple our economy which of course is part of the larger plan to bring down our nation!

    The man should be removed from office, tried for Treason and executed! (Along with all his supporters!)


    • Hawk,

      You know I agree firmly that it was sabotage. It gave him just the right excuse to close down drilling in the gulf. Then he gave Brazil’s oil company petrobras, owned by soros and himself the rights to drill in the same gulf we can’t.
      Talk about treason and crimes!


  3. Pepp, Wow great article. This at the same time he goes around boasting about increasing production. BTW: A similar result about illegals. They point out increased deportaiton numbers, which are including ones turned away at customs checkpoints.


    • Bull, thanks. Yeah, he lies about increased production taking credit for what Bush did. i don’t hear Bush being bashed over that since it works to the devil’s plan.

      True, good point about the deportation of illegals. All lies again.


  4. “Given the challenges still facing the U.S. economy, the government needs to move aside and let private industry do what private industry does best: create jobs and increase our oil supply to help lower the price at the pump,” a report from the Heritage Foundation states.


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