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Comment on this video by a man from Germany

I grew up in post war Germany, I saw what the communists did in East Germany, It’s called the Salami-Effect. They take one slice of freedom away at a time and before you know it is gone. FOREVER. Dear General, God bless you. You studied Communism by training, I learned it by experience. The only thing Communism is successful of is killing people. By the millions. The first rule : Disarm the people !!!


Comments on: "Marxism in America by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin" (3)

  1. Davetherave said:

    Very informative Pepp! The point made by L. Gen. Boykin that censorship was directly intended to shut up pastor’s really stuck in my head and makes so much sense. So many people look to their pastor’s for guidance on all types of issues. I must admit I didn’t see that one, but it sure in the hell makes perfect sense. Brown shirts; New Black Panthers…huh…???


    • Dave,

      Yeah, it sure was interesting what he said. This guy is a very decorated war hero. I had his book here and read it but I think we loaned it to Chris.

      Oh yeah, I figured the Black Panthers, the Muslims, the unions, and all the commies will be “his private army”. Just wait until that happens. The SWHTF.


      • Good find Pepp!,

        Yep. Remember when you and I were talking about Ovomit and his so-called “security force?” It was very clear to us what he intended because there was no other reason for it. But it’s stunning how many folks in our country dismiss this, and all that the Ovomit radicals have been doing, as nothing! No big deal! Telling us that we’re just full of conspiracy theories.


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