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Seniors vs. the Politicians

Wages of Politicians:

Salary of retired US Presidents ……………………………..$450,000  FOR LIFE

Salary of House/Senate members ………………………………………..$174,000  FOR LIFE

Salary of Speaker of the House ………,,,,,,,,,,,,,…….,,….$223,500  FOR LIFE

Salary of Majority/Minority Leaders …………………………$193,400  FOR LIFE

Average salary of a soldier DEPLOYED IN AFGHANISTAN – ………..$38,000

Average income for seniors on SOCIAL SECURITY – …………………..$12,000

Are we not targeting the wrong section of our country for cuts?  At least Seniors actually WORKED their entire lives.  And Soldiers fought for our country.

I  don’t know of anyone who got to sit around in a Congress room for hours upon hours, nodding off to sleep while other blow hards make inane speeches.  Then once they make a show of being there they just leave.  And to do what??  Nobody knows.

I don’t know of any Seniors who spent all their “off time” chasing girls or page boys for sex in their fancy apartments paid by us, the citizens.

Seniors were not privy to “Insider Trading” as the politicians are making them all millionaires several times over by the time they leave Congress.  Don’t they have enough money without us paying for their pensions and health care? Does it make sense for a senior couple with a $12,000 income to be paying for these dirt bags and pond scum?

I would like to tell Mr. Obama that  Seniors already have shared their wealth to the crooked critters in Cesspool City.  After all, the crooks in Cesspool City already robbed the Social Security Fund many years ago for their own use. They continue to rob us every time they tax us for something. Today there is almost nothing you can buy without it being taxed and it is getting worse.

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Comments on: "Seniors vs. the Politicians" (6)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    Hey, it’s a struggle to get by and buy off the the law for a NAA (New American Aristocrat) when they get caught DUI or en flagrante with a 14 yr old.


    • Gar,

      LOL! I should take pity on them I guess. NOT. It is hard to believe but I think we pay for all their dalliances and criminal activity while in Congress. I’ve noticed that the laws for civil living we have to abide by don’t apply to these scum balls.


  2. Really good post Pepp and written so well!

    The self serving crooks we have in Dipshit City need to look in the mirror for the first round of cuts to lessen the misuse of our money! I believe the second place they should look is how much of our money they send to foreign countries and that one institution I abhor; the UN!

    We’re frigging broke and in debt so deep we may never recover and those losers in DC still give away our money to foreign countries like we’re sitting on a mountain or surplus. Cut the salaries and benies of the corrupt idiots in DC and stop sending off money to other countries that we frigging barrow from countries like Commie China and we’ll save a boatload. We will then have plenty of money to pay our military a very well deserved MUCH higher salary and EXCELLENT LIFELONG benefits. Our great military should be taken care of like Kings and Queens for the rest of their life for their unselfish act of willing to die for us and our nation! We will have plenty of money to fund SS, Medicare and Medicaid in which we were robbed by taxes to fund. Dipshit City is full of lawyers, but apparently there is not one single honest accountant in the while damn city!


    • Dave,
      Thanks for the complicit. Yes these crooks are stealing from us right and left. I say it’s time they took their salaries down to at least half of what they get. And with that I’m not so sure they are worthy. They all need to be thrown out anyway.


  3. Does he still get the $450 if he´s impeached?


  4. drrik,

    I imagine so. They never suffer the consequences of their actions. They all place themselves above the law.


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