Wicked Commentary

After the closing of the Republican convention tonight, one thing that we learned is that Romney’s middle name should be “character”.

Tonight was spent with many individuals who talked about Romney in personal ways, the Bain Business, his successes with Bain, his success with the Olympics.

But, the most important messages of tonight came from people who Romney quietly and with great compassion helped.  He himself would not be able to tell these kinds of stories because of his humility. But others could speak of his great giving as a human being to others who needed help in their darkest hours and he gave to them in the name of his faith and God.

If I had any doubts whatsoever about who this man is or what he has done throughout his life that ended tonight. If I had any doubts about Romney’s appreciation and love of America that also disappeared tonight. I do not see Romney wanting to be president for his ego but to save America.

This is a man who believes in God, his faith, his family and his neighbors whoever they may be.  He is a shining example to all Americans for his devotion to his faith, his wife, and his family. Romney is best of all, a patriot.

Some of the stories brought me to tears as the recounts of his generosity of his time and aid came one after another.

Nothing the Obama administration has said about this man is true.  It is all lies.

Romney has the faith, the courage, and the experience to bring this country back onto its’ feet and raise everyone up once again as he sets forth to restore our country to the once great place it has always been.

Tonight I felt as if God had answered our prayers for those of us who have been praying so hard every day and night.

This is the time and the place for Mitt Romney.  This is the night that proved to me that Romney will not fail as Ann Romney said the other night. She knows who her husband is more than anyone else.

Now for the long slog through the next couple of months for Romney/Ryan to win this election.  I hope as many people as possible were watching tonight. I hope millions of people saw and heard from ordinary Americans and what they had to say about Romney.  It is time to put our faith into this man and vote for him and get everyone we know to go vote in November.  We need to rid ourselves of the evil in the White House and restore it with a great American once again.

If God sent us Romney to restore our Republic we must pray for his success in restoring our country.  And we can believe and hope in America as it once was, the greatest country on this earth.


Comments on: "No Doubt Whatsoever by Peppermint" (32)

  1. Excellent article Pepp!

    And I agree with all you’ve said. Romney is more than just intelligent, he’s brilliant! After watching the convention there is absolutely nothing the Dems have that can beat him. I’ve got to look into the Dem convention just to see the various ways they lie to support this “Community Organizer” this slum street “Con Man” that they made president!

    In my opinion, the only possible way they could beat Romney is by massive Voter Fraud.


    • Hawk,

      Thanks. I can always depend on you to be my best fan club member. That’s why I married you. 😉

      Well, the scam man is going to do nothing but trot out lies and those who didn’t watch the convention tonight may be swayed with these lies. It would be a terrible injustice to Romney. I find it even more heinous what he says about Romney after tonight. Romney does not deserve any of those horrible lies.

      Yep, there is always the massive voter fraud. Texas just got beat down again over their photo ID for voters.


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    It’s now time for each of us to work at, and pray for, the election of the Right Team. We all know the Muslim Bro’Hood, American Black Panther’s, Hezzbolah, Soros, and Russia’s Putin, et al will do everything possible to swing the election by hook or crook (mostly crook) in favor of The Angry Resident.


    • Hi there Gar,

      Good to see ya. You are so right. It is time for us to promote the Romney/Ryan team as much as possible. I hate to think of all the nasty stuff that the “angry resident” will be slinging out there to people who don’t know Romney and didn’t bother to watch this convention. I thought it was important to watch this year because this is a cross roads for us. Either we allow our country to go down or we put in Romney/Ryan who will at the least try as hard as they can to bring American back up on her feet where she belongs.


  3. I wholeheartedly agree…..I was so proud of him and those who support him tonight. We can restore America.


    • Donna,

      So glad to hear your impression was the same as mine. Honestly, I don’t think Romney has an egotistical bone in his body. And I do think he could get us out of this mess. Thanks for coming by with your busy schedule.
      Luv ya


      • Davetherave said:


        I also believe we stand a good chance of getting our nation back on track with Romney/Ryan in our White House. But then again; Donald Duck/Bugs Bunny would do a better job than Obastard/Gaffer!


  4. I was taken by it all, and in all the speakers. But most in Romney. It is nothing like the portrait. That message came through loud and clear.


    • Hi Bull,

      Yeah, I was taken with all the speakers and the stories, so heart warming compared to that jerk in the white mosque. And, no Romney is nothing like the Deviant’s campaign has painted him. I so hope a lot of people watched the convention last night, especially those “indies” who can’t make up their minds. if they don’t go for Romney after last night, there is no hope for those people.


      • Pepp, Obama didn’t have anyone say he helped them in their worst time or even cared. How many references did Obama have? Zilch. He offered nothing and ask everyone to put all their faith in him, and they did. He even had to list his for a reference cause he had no EXPERIENCE. Its funny the contrast. He only gave a couple paragraph statement for his health records. (but they will know all about ours)


        • Bull,

          I don’t recall anyone telling any warm, fuzzy stories about Obama. Instead he closes his whole life with sealing all of his records. I didn’t see anyone come forth and tell any stories about the Deviant doing anything for anyone else unless it was for his political advantage. He makes me sick and even sicker now since this convention of republicans. Obama cannot hold a candle next to Mitt.

          Right, I don’t recall any references whatsoever. In face do you recall he had to tell the Rev. Wright to shut up and not say a thing?

          He has no experience other than being an Alinsky community organizer which certainly does not qualify him to even be a senator, much less a president. I hope and pray we can rid ourselves of this evil and the Muslim Bro in November.


          • Pepp, Right such an unremarkable guy to become a prez. If Dems could make him president, they could make anyone president. He should resign in shame and say, ” It was all a joke.” That’s why the Dems could not get the empty chair metaphor, which was a damn good joke..


          • Bull,

            Oh yeah, that was hilarious with the empty chair. It is a perfect likeness to the Liar in Chief. I would so love to see this person resign in shame, but he has no shame. Poor Clint Eastwood is under a gigantic attack from the Alinskyites today. They are even making fun of him due to his age. These people have no moral compass and are spiritually bankrupt.


          • Davetherave said:

            Pepp & bull,

            It’s impossible for anyone to have warm and fuzzy stories to tell about someone that follows the Muslim faith and believes in Sharia Law!


  5. Damn good writing Pepp!

    I did choke down my puke (having to watch CNN) last night and I was very impressed! I really learned a lot about Mitt’s personal values and character. He is a very humble man that truly cares about others and wants them to succeed.

    For those that will continually bitch and gripe about some people possibly losing their job’s while Mitt was CEO of Bain well guess what; that’s business. I should know, because I fired a lot of people in my 22 years of running a large business. The overall goal is to make a company as profitable as possible…period. Does it sound cruel? To some yeah, but bottom line business is business. Make a company as profitable as possible and the company thrives securing the jobs of many, many more than possibly lost their job.

    See what happens when you don’t follow that rule when running a business correctly? Ya’ end up with over 23 million unemployed. Which way is more cruel in the bigger pic?

    For folks that still don’t like Mitt after seeing him last night; there is nothing Mitt could ever do to make them like him. Great job Mitt!


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks. I feel for ya having to watch it on CNN. Yuck, but at least you got to see who Mitt Romney is and what a man of character, strength, humility. I was quite impressed as I wrote over Mitt and all I heard and saw during the whole convention.

      Yes, to run a business and maintain a profit sometimes slackers have to be let go. Profit is the bottom line for any business.

      That is how I felt that after last night there was nothing that would make me dislike him. He is a man of stellar character. I was duly impressed.


  6. There is a lot of substance to Romney. Everything the Libs and media said was a lie. Then they lie their way through covering it. Clint Eastwood might have been one of the best parts, not the worst. Or maybe the Dems didn’t know that the convention and the nominee is not designed to satisfy them. How refreshing, a guy who is not a radical or a Chicago pol. Wow. (that could have been a theme) If he could straighten out the Big Dig, what can he do in Washington?


    • Bull,

      That is another thing I came away with last night, that Romney has a ton of substance. He does not talk about his success, he just does it.

      You are right, everything the media has said about him is a damnable lie. That’s why I hope many people got to see who this man really is.

      Clint Eastwood was funny, added a bit of humor before Rubio spoke.

      I truly believe Romney can straighten out the mess in Cesspool city. I don’t think he can be bought. Why would he? He has plenty of money he made on his own and is duly humble about it. I think the Romney/Ryan team is an excellent one.


  7. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Unfortunately I couldn’t watch Romney’s speech (I had to finish up the electrical, mechanical, and plumbing design for a 4,500 sq. ft. ag research center here in the Mississippi Delta). However, my wife (Nancy) was able to watch it. She was most impressed.

    (I did get to hear Ryan’s speech which has the heads of the Liberals exploding. I have quite frankly enjoyed hearing the Left try to say that everything Ryan said was a lie.)


    • Gray Ghost,

      Thx for coming by during a most busy time for you. It sounds like you’ve got quite a project going on in good ole Mississippi.

      I’m glad to hear your wife was duly impressed too.

      Oh it is so funny to hear the Alinsky party (used to be democrats) explode all over the place. They, I think, are feeling very desperate because we have on our ticket two very qualified people and a lot of substance. This is the first time in years I’ve felt good about who is on the ticket. I can’t wait to vote in November and hopefully millions of other Americans will vote the Liar in Chief out of office.


  8. I too liked what I saw last night. I believe that both Romney and Ryan are doing this not for selfish reasons but because they love this country and they love their families and realize that for future generations his election is critical. I said a prayer last night as I watched and will continue during the next couple of what I am sure will be nasty. I said to Hubby this morning that I can’t imagine how tired these folks must be and the biggest battle is ahead of them. If they win this election, the hardest challenges lay ahead and I pray for their success. I really can’t imagine why anyone wants to tackle what will face them due to the fact that they will be demonized and fought against every step of the way.


    • left out a few words, fingers slower than brain this morning! LOL!


    • FOH,

      You pointed out what I felt too about Romney/Ryan not doing this for ego purposes but to save our country. I was so impressed with all of the patriotic things in the convention too. When that young man sang God Bless America I had tears streaming down my face. I had a very good friend, (who has since passed) and we sang that song on the phone together after 9/11 for months. It was kind of like our prayer together for our country.

      I hate to think of what Romney/Ryan are going to face in the next couple of months. There will be so much mud slinging by the left Alinskyites. It will be in our faces 24/7. These radicals have come so far in destroying our country, I can’t see them giving up without a brutal and very nasty fight.

      So Romney and Ryan need our prayers over the next two months. I just pray that in November enough people will know the good things about them to vote for them.

      FOH, don’t worry about typos. I’m so tired I’m amazed I can type at all today. 🙂


      • No the alinsky’s won’t throw in the towel for sure! I too am tired, very tired…..if I knew that I had to face what the next POTUS faces I would be terrified! There are so many problems and they all need to be dealt with at once. The Dems will fight everything tooth and nail and the media will not be reporting responsibly!


        • FOH,

          I know what you mean. I feel exhausted just watching the convention for the last several days hoping and praying all would go well. Already the Alinskyites are throwing around the negative slog of mud. I hate to think of the next couple of months. And yeah, if Romney wins the problems are almost too much for me to even think about.

          Right your are, the media will do nothing but report negative information. I was just reading an article where MSNBC deliberately did not cover anyone of anyone black or Hispanic at the convention to prove their point the republicans
          are only about white men.


  9. John Wooden said, “The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.” That statement truly fits Mitt Romney and speaks to his character.

    I never heard those personal stories about how he quietly helped so many people “under the radar” before, so that’s been news to me. Obama would have written another book telling of his exploits if he had done as much for others as Romney has.

    I wasn’t for Romney during the primaries, but I knew that I’d support a ham sandwich over Obama. As it turns out, there’s a lot more to like about Mitt than I knew.

    I already had a lot of respect for Paul Ryan and I’ve seen the video of his blessing-down of Obama (to his face) several times – that sold me on him, but I didn’t know that much about Mitt. You know, the usual information about his governor time and his Bain time, but nothing personal. I am truly impressed.

    For the first time, I am becoming optimistic about winning the presidency. I believe that more people are disenchanted with B. Hussein than the polls show. I pray that I’m not disappointed. I was telling my son this morning that if Romney/Ryan win, within six months, we’ll see jobs created, the economy improving, and optimism throughout the country. I pray it is so.


    • Hi Garnet,

      I like that quote and it can be appropriately applied to Romney. He keeps his good deeds quiet because he is humble. Obama would have books out giving himself credit for anything doing good he would do which I don’t believe he does any.

      I was not that impressed about Romney either before I saw this convention and it changed any doubts I may have had. He is a decent and good man. You cannot say that about the Liar in Chief.

      It was impressive to hear the stories told about Romney last night. The stories brought me to tears often. The one where he even helped this mother whose child was in the preemie ward, hang laundry, knocked my socks off. I thought my gosh, what a completely simple thing to do for someone and he, the big Bain guy, with all the humility he has helped hang laundry.

      I felt optimistic too last night after I saw what Romney is all about. I really can’t find fault with him. I’m sure he does have his faults, but I believe the goodness in this man is the true Romney. I thought what a better pick could we finally have? A man of faith, good husband, good father, neighbor, everything an American can look up to.


  10. Great post, Pepp. I thought all the speakers did quite well and I was especially proud of Mitt! I have faith that the people will wake up and see what obama is doing and go to the polls on Nov. 6th and check Mitt Romney for President!!!


    • Donna,

      Thx for coming by. And thanks for the compliment.
      I too thought the speakers were extraordinary. So many good speeches in one place! And it was such a patriotic convention. I too hope, Donna, that people saw Mitt the way we saw him last night because if a lot of these people who haven’t got their minds made up they should have by last night. There is no comparison between Romney and the Devil.


  11. He might could fix the problem, because Presbo has shown that the president can ignore Congress and the courts if the party has control. But the problem is so much bigger than what is on most people’s radar. The debt that is coming due, over 200 trillion, will start coming in big numbers by the end of the decade. All of the fiddiling around that Presbo has done has just been running out the clock. His piddly extra 5 trillion certainly didn’t help, but face with the pending mountain of over 200 trillion that is actually coming due, wasn’t going to make much difference. The servicing on the debt is going to be more than all that is collected in taxes. It is going to be more than is collected in taxes even if the VAT that Romney is so enamored off is enacted and it doesn’t kill the economy. The numbers start no longer making sense, not likely during this presidency, but for sure during the 2016 one. Austerity doesn’t begin to encompass what needs doing. And the Congress has shown such a proclivity for frirttering away any funds that they get, that it seems unlikely that much will be done.


    • Drrik
      Yea pretty much….Well, none of the signs or the numbers look good. I was thinking Washington fought in the revolution with a Congress that didn’t have funds and was fairly aloof about it. My opinion is at least getting rid of some of that elite political class in DC is bound to help in so many ways. The ironic hypocrysy is that Obama runs on a campaign of spending. (some estimates are 4 trillion more immediate new) And the good news is at least focusing on the problem is a big step(for these pols), as opposed to oh about 8 years ago, when it wasn’t even a huge issue to people and pork was king.(and queen)


      • Davetherave said:

        drrik & bull,

        Nothing ever changes, until the first step is taken and we the voters still have the power to effect change. Replacing Obastard is the first step, but that will not fix our problems. We need to replace a lot of senators and house members by voting them out of office. More folks need to participate in the process and hold their elected officials accountable. We didn’t get in this mess only due to Obastard. It took years for this mess to pile up and it will take years to fix it, but ya’ gotta start sometime and this is without a doubt the year we must take the first step.


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