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There were many very good speeches made at the Convention but Susanna Martinez, the New Mexico Governor, was one of my favorites.  Listen and enjoy this young woman’s take on America.   No gun control for Susanna!  She is a hit!


Comments on: "Susanna Martinez, First Hispanic Governor" (10)

  1. Davetherave said:

    Great post Pepp!

    The radical’s have done an excellent job portraying Republican’s as the “good old white boy club” and that is one big crock of bull sh*t! I judge people by their actions and nothing else and I’m pretty damn conservative.

    If a person running for office has the same value’s as me, they will have my support/vote. I don’t give a rat’s ass about their race or color. But the radical’s paint me as a bigot and “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” (Stolen from Gone With The Wind for any real young folk that read this)


    • Dave,

      Thanks again. The Hawk and I were just talking about this because the past 2 nights, many women have made speeches. We have a lot of up and coming women stars in the party.

      I know the line from Gone with the Wind. LOL! I know you don’t give a damn about someone’s race or color just like the rest of us. I personally don’t fall for the racist card any longer. I won’t be cowed like that.


  2. Gotta love it! A Smith & Wesson .357 mag – not a weapon for the faint of heart – and I’ll bet she knew how to use it too! That was my favorite part of an excellent speech.


    • Hi Garnet,

      That was my favorite part of her excellent speech. I bet she knows very well how to use it too. I just thought she was special. I loved her personal story too.


  3. It was an outstanding speech. I never heard her speak, but “I’ll be damned..” — another great line.Sincere too. Someone was just telling me that all their young friends have been talking about how they like the speeches. They’re talking about how good they were on facebook and all over. And this is coming from somewhere that would make Lexington look conservative comparison.


    • Hi Bull,

      I loved that part too about “damn, we’re Republicans”. Outstanding.

      That is very interesting about someone telling you about people liked the speeches and apparently from a liberal bastion like Lexington. I loved all the youth, comparatively in their 40s who are up and coming stars in the Republican party.


      • Maybe by next convention they will have purged the old guard. (its wishful thinking)


        • Bull,

          That would be just awesome to see the republican party go back to its’ principles. It is wishful thinking but you never know what could happen with all the new guns in the party. I doubt I’ll see it in my lifetime, but perhaps the next generation.


  4. She had been a democrat. Sure hope she STAYS AWAY from that crap.


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