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New Guns At the Convention

Watching the Republican Convention has been a lesson for me.  I got to see upcoming stars in the party.  These are people we usually may not know or see.  We may hear of them but that’s all.

Many of the speakers were among this group of the New Guns as they are called.

These new guns include Martinez, Governor of N.Mexico, a woman and a dynamite one at that.  Her speech was on point, sprinkled with humor and she is a proud America from a Latino background. 

Speeches by Rand Paul, Pawlenty, Portman, Thune, Kelly Ayotte, and other up and coming stars of the “new” republicans were all impressive and depicted the values we hold dear. 

And of course Paul Ryan who is obviously a mover and a shaker.  He knocked a home run out of the park with his speech, using a scalpel ripping apart Obama’s policies and did it all with no rancor and no anger. It was extremely impressive for this 42 year old man. He has so much poise, so much confidence and self esteem, but not without humility.  He is the young man you would be glad your daughter was to date. He is a cheese head and proud of it. He lives in the same neighborhood in which he grew up.

All of the above governors, Senators, and congress people are in the age range of my children if I had any.  I believe these young people are going to breathe  fresh air into the Republican party and may very well end up tipping the Republicans towards more Constitutional government once these people and their success starts to take root with the established Republicans.  Some of these old establishment types are too old to keep running year after year and will have to give way to a whole new crowd of young, brave men and women.

Perhaps there is hope at some point when we finally can take our country back to its’ original foundations which to this day still are the best of any country on this planet.

So electing good senators and congress critters in this upcoming election is just as important as the president.  There are some very good candidates ready to take the places of the rhinos.  I would like to see that happen.

But, for now, we must get Obama out.  4 more years of his policies and we will be a 3rd world country because that is where he wants us.  He is anti colonial and he believes that America and its’ wealth is bad.  He does not understand the idea of our country.  He does not know that success is what we all strive for and want for our children.  He wants our successes and our resources spread around the world.  He does not understand the ideal of the immigrants who came here because of the American idea and ideal. He is not a true American.


Comments on: "New Guns At the Convention" (18)

  1. bob smith said:

    How do we get this information out to all???? How do we get all to see the movie “Obama 2016”??


    • Bob,

      For one thing you can email all your friends and those who are concerned for our country the link to my blog. That will get some info out to them they may not know. I try to put up as much info as I can before the election for now.

      How do we get people to see 2016? Tell people the movie is absolutely intriguing and it is not a rough shod, nasty movie about Obama. From what I hear it basically tells the story of Obama growing up with anti colonial ideas. Or you could try to tell others that the movie explains Obama’s actions and how he thinks.

      Thanks for coming by Bob. I hope to see you again.


  2. Davetherave said:

    Excellent post teach!

    It appears to me there are a lot of young up and coming GOP’ers that are a lot more in touch with our constitutional rights than the old wind bags that have parked their self serving asses in DC for way too long. It’s just a job to that group and it’s way past time we retire them!


    • Dave,Young guns we can trust even. Here’s the problem for Obama. If the election goes right and Romney wins, what are they going to say? “Obama’s Chicago machine got beat by a Mormon from Michigan and a guy from Wisconsin, go figure. How’d that happen?” That’s not going to sound or look too good.


    • Dave,

      Good comment about the old established repubs who need to go. I do think the party is going to change with these young guns at some point. It might not be during my lifetime, but I think it is coming.


  3. Pepp, well said…and you cannot mention young enough. Its going to scare the Dems with their precious youth vote. (or so they assert) Barry’s old news –like the KGB– compared to this. Axelrod is throwing a fit right now.


    • Bull,

      Thank you. It sure will scare the dems because I don’t think they have any young up and coming stars in their Alinsky party right now. I doubt if the demon party will ever reform itself to go back to the principles that were under the Jack Kennedy party. I believe that is the last time anyone who belonged or adhered to that party that it actually was a democrat party. It is now completely infiltrated with Alinsky radicals who want our system of Constitutional government to come down.


  4. You know, what concerns me right now is no matter what we do at this point we ‘may’ be overrun by Voter Fraud.


    • Hawk

      You echo my fears too. The massive lie machine and the massive fraud may just be the ticket to get the devil back into the white house.


      • ‘awk & Pepp,

        I’ve seen two poles recently that show the sumbitch and Romney as a toss up in the big seven swing states. That sounds good at first, but the more I think about it the worse it sounds. A hell of a lot easier to get away with voter fraud, if the polls are set up correctly to show the race a toss up. Axelrod just hired and flew in a bunch of Voodoo doc’s to raise a lot more dead people to vote….


        • Dave,

          That is exactly what the Hawk and I have discussed many times. By keeping the satan’s poll numbers so close to Romney, that if he loses he’s going to yell foul and demand a recount which could last into eternity. I read he has every one of this lawyers in place already just for this very thing. And yes, it makes voter fraud much easier if these polls are kept neck and neck. I do not believe these polls are the least bit accurate, but rigged in the devil’s favor for just the reason you outlined.


  5. There have been some excellent speeches – I absolutely loved Paul Ryan’s! Also, Tim Pawlenty was one of my favorites – not afraid to say how he feels. So looking forward to tonight’s with Clint Eastwood.


    • Hi Donna,

      Oh yeah, Ryan knocked it out of the park. He was great. I almost pity Biden in their debate. Biden’s brain, what little there is, is no competition or this razor fast Ryan.


  6. A wolverine and a badger. Two of the MEANEST critters on the continent. Now,IF their handlers will let them be themselves,and tear into the sumbitch with the TRUTH,we MAY be somewhere. Hawk,WE can outfraud these suckers IF we wrap our heads around the fact that’s what we must do to defeat their asses. I’m game.


    • Yes. Whatever it takes. We have got to get this monster out of the White Mosque!


    • clyde,

      What a great analogy, a wolverine and a badger! Love that.
      We have to outdo the Alinskyites some way, but not sure yet. We need to get everyone out to vote who is a conservative for one thing so the Liar in Chief’s fraud won’t even count.


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