Wicked Commentary

Bow to Nobody

No other words are necessary.  The video says it all.

Gunny had this video on his blog and I wanted my readers to see it.  Thanks Gunny for bringing it to the attention of all of us.


Comments on: "Bow to Nobody" (6)

  1. Davetherave said:

    Good grab Pepp and thanks Gunny!

    Our brave warrior’s hold their head high being proud and noble to fight for our great nation. No other flag in the world should fly higher than ours. Nothing about our great Republic should ever bow to any other country or people…never ever!


    • Dave,

      Thanks to Gunny I would not have looked for it, but was wondering when the next video would be coming out. Gunny must have inside info.

      I think this was a very powerful video especially at the end. And here we have this president bowing to almost anyone in the Muslim world. Disgusting.


  2. Great video – so proud of our troops. May God Bless them!


  3. Damn good video,no matter where you see it. Man was absolutely spot-on.


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