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If  Obamacare did not frighten you by now, here is a tidbit from the blog of Steven Tucker, who has laid out the program in terms you can actually “understand” as opposed to the legal jumbo of the bill itself.  He goes in-depth on the program that is actually a death sentence already set into place for many of us.  The ages are listed below about who will live and who will die under Obamacare. 

“The Complete Lives System It’s crucial to understand the individuals who helped Barack Obama craft Obamacare. One of them is none other than the brother of the current Mayor of Chicago. Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel. As a Eugenist, he designed something called the “Complete Lives System”. This ‘system’ was designed for government ‘officials’ to decide the ‘appropriate’ amount of health care you should receive based on your age and your ‘value to society’ based on age.

The image below is what “Dr. Emmanuel” refers to as the “Reaper Curve”. Take a good look at it, because depending on your age, the future of the American health care system, under systems like this may look very bleak for you. Why? Read about the twisted ‘science’ behind this kind of thinking here in the Wall Street Journal. As you are reading, remember one thing. Dr. Emmanuel was appointed to two key positions in the Obama administration, prior to the passage of Obamacare. Health-policy adviser at the Office of Management and Budget and a member of the Federal Council on CER – Comparative Effectiveness Research – funding for CER & IPAB were provided in the ‘Stimulus’ bill.”

The Grim Reaper Chart

Take a good look at this chart.  It spells out for everyone who gets treatment and who does not get  treated under Obamacare.  If you are 40 and over you most likely will NOT receive any care for your illness.  Children under the age of 14 who are sick will die. So those aged 15 to 40 will be allowed to live as slaves most likely in the globalist world takeover under the UN.

There is much, much more to read about this part of Obamacare and here is the link to go to for all the detailed information:  http://csteventucker.wordpress.com/

After you read all the information on Tucker’s blog, you will definitely want to vote for Romney/Ryan who saves Medicare and people will continue to receive health care.  Under Obamacare it seems to me  it plans to rid our country  of certain segments of our society.  The program was deliberately designed in this manner.

The state of Oregon already uses a kind of Obamacare plan. If you are dying of cancer, depending on how “valuable” you are to society decided by some clerk, no chemo treatment for you. Instead you will be  given meds to assist your suicide.  On Tucker’s blog there is a Youtube to watch exactly what happens under the Oregon plan.


The IPAB Is Designed To Be Immutable

Section 3403 also contains some remarkable language that likely has never been seen before in American legislative history. To wit: “It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”

So according to the language in this section, there is no way to repeal this part of Obamacare.  Who ever heard of something like this?  As we all have come to the same conclusion, we know Obamacare has nothing to do with lowering health costs or to get people better healthcare.  It is all about controlling the population through euthanasia.

Nazi Germany anyone?   Read everything on that man’s blog. It’s the most informative breakdown of  Obamacare I have ever read to date.  And after you read it you feel sick.  Evil?  Yes.

A hat tip to Donna for sending me this information.  This is vital info we all need to know.  Thanks Donna!


Comments on: "The Terrifying Death Panels In Obamacare" (14)

  1. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    I realize that Obamacare is nothing more than the O’Vomit administration’s attempt at the complete control of the citizens of the US (I mean what else can you say when the feds get to say who lives and dies?).

    However, I doubt that they (the feds that is) are ready for the end result of all of this. Let’s assume that I am over 60 (and I am). Let’s further assume that I have some type of illiness which requires an expensive medical procedure. Let’s further assume that the “Death Panels” say I am too old and I will not get this procedure. If you do not think for one minute that I will not eliminate this “Death Panel” with extreme prejudice, then you are wrong. I am going to die anyway. I might as well help my fellow citizens by removing some of the problem.


    • Ghost

      I’ve told my wife Pepp that same thing on several occasions. I will not go down without a fight. Yes they will eventually overwhelm me, but I’ll take a bunch of these Anti-Americans with me!


    • Ghost,

      I think many are thinking the same thing as you. This is totally out of hand now and something must be done.


  2. Davetherave said:

    Thanks for the info Donna and thanks for posting it Pepp!

    Funny they call this health care. The only way someone can try to stay healthy is if THE GOV cares. I’m heading off with Gray and ‘awk. Hell; I’m in the category of they don’t give a rats ass about me anyway, so all I’ve got to lose is something I’ll lose anyway. I would rather die of lead poisoning than just law around and let some disease eat me into oblivion. Hell; I’m kinda getting bored with all this radical bull shit anyway…


    • You’re right Dave, it is getting boring as hell.


    • Dave,
      That’s right. You fall into the “maybe” category. All that means is they will treat you for something minor, by nothing major.

      I’m getting really sick of this mess too and I keep wondering where all of this will end.


  3. Just Gene said:

    I think one of your operate words was SLAVE – talk about putting y’all in chains. I have several blacks on my email list and I’m asking them to forward it to everyone but especially to their black friends – I hope you’ll do the same – ask – who really wanys to be the new MASSA.


    • Gene,

      It’s slave all right but not for the blacks. It’s for us to be slaves so that social justice will finally become a reality in the minds of these crazed people.


  4. I will NOT be a slave to these B——-! Hubby and I both have said, give us liberty or give us death – but, we will not go down without a good fight…


  5. Excellent post and info, Pepp. Its amazing what Emanuel and their cohorts think. It is much like their economic or tax ideas — redistributive. But its not one crazy dr out there, and its amazing the support they get for their agenda . It all looks unconstitutional. This was not an amendment to the Constitution. Next, Barry might decide to add that clause on his Ex O’s. Why not, we’ve already had “signing statements” etc? And they call us Conspiricists!?


    • Bull,

      It is amazing. It’s like having that rabid Nazi around. The Fraud’s administration didn’t have to go far to come up with how they would rid themselves of us. Yeah, right we are conspiracy theorists. Well i wonder why with all that is going on.


  6. Good article,and GREAT comments. I’m with Gray Ghost here. What,really,would you have to lose? With all the eugenicists helping to write this sham,how can one draw any other conclusion than the “death panels” do exist?


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