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I just finished reading an article which I believe pretty well describes what we Americans are feeling and our reactions to what the Fraud has done.  I wanted to share this article with all of you.

J.D. Longstreet  Monday, August 20, 2012,  Canada Free Press

“A Prince whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrant, is unfit to be the ruler of a free people.”—Declaration of Independence, July 4th, 1776.

There is a stream of anxiety running through America that is threatening to become a full fledged tsunami.  It is fueled by deep, abiding suspicion of President Obama and his penchant for an overly strong centralized government.


Obama’s use of Presidential Executive Orders to literally MAKE US law, totally by-passing the people’s national legislature charged with actually making the laws of the land, lead to grassroots America’s perception of a dangerous pattern.  It was a disturbing move by the President and it appeared to the average American as a not so subtle attempt by Obama to set himself up as America’s first dictator. 

Far-fetched, you say?  Paranoid, you say? Really?  May we be so bold as to remind everyone: Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom. Protecting freedom is an on-going never-ending job.

There is a growing concern, out here in the hinterlands, that the scheduled election for November 6th, 2012 will never happen.  Even more troubling is the number of Americans preparing for a complete meltdown of the government as we know it today and the establishment of Martial Law and a suspension of the elections in November.

OK.  You might not like it, and it might sound utterly “nutzo” to you—but—THAT is what is fueling the fear and anger that has America on edge—and believe me, America IS on edge.

It is not good for ANYONE when America is on edge.  It is especially not good when they see the government apparently preparing to put down “civil unrest” in America.  All that does is pour gasoline on the fire.

While I’m at it, allow me to shine the light on a troubling concern of white people in America.  There is a feeling, expressed in whispered conversations, about the upcoming election.  It is this:  If should Obama lose the election there will be a national uprising of black Americans and a race war will break out in the country.  Folks are quietly preparing for that eventuality.

Too, there is a deep concern among gun owners that Obama will find a way by executive order, if he feels it necessary, to disarm Americans. All over the country gun owners are “losing” guns.  Unregistered weapons are being cached as a hedge against the day Obama signs the Presidential Executive Order that will make those guns they now possess illegal. So, they are being conveniently “lost.”

Ammunition sales are sky rocketing. Gun owners who normally purchase a box of shells or cartridges, are buying them by the case and the crate.

America is not becoming an armed camp.  America has ALWAYS been an armed camp.  Nowadays, however, America is an armed camp with its finger on the trigger.     

I am now in my eighth decade of life in America and I have never, in my lifetime, experienced the level of angst among Americans about their personal freedom.

We Americans are an unhappy lot these days and that always means trouble. We have watched our society being disassembled and reconstructed into something so revolting, distasteful, and despicable to our sensibilities, our regional cultures, our religion, and our personal honor that we are disgusted with our government.

Our freedom has been so “curbed” that even ministers now fear to step into their pulpits and preach from the scriptures as they feel led by God.  When quoting from the scriptures is considered “hate speech” you have to be concerned that something awful has happened to the Home of the Free.

When Americans see a veritable flood of illegal aliens crossing our borders and welcomed with open arms by the US government, which also refuses to seal our borders and enforce federal immigration laws, there is reason to be upset and angry.

When the federal government is suing sovereign states for enforcing the law—yes, I said enforcing the law—Americans are enraged.

I have just touched the tip of the iceberg here.  The level of rage has been ratcheting up for three and a half years and it is approaching what might be referred to as a “backlash.”

Allow me to draw your attention to another concern.  That backlash I mentioned above is expected to take place on November 6th when the electorate cleans the house in Washington.

Everyday, it seems, we are being told that the results of poll after poll reveal that what the folks out here in flyover country know to be true—IS NOT!  Grassroots America already knows that Obama will be tossed out on his ear—along with a rather large number of his minions and supporters in the Congress.  BUT—the state controlled media reports that he is only a handful of electoral votes short of winning the election today.  This propaganda infuriates the voters and ratchets the anger level even higher. 

Add to all the above a Mainstream Media in America totally in the tank for Obama, running interference for him at every turn, advocating for Obama’s socialist/Marxist agenda, while totally excoriating Obama’s opponents in the presidential campaign.  Yeah, the level of outrage is dangerously high.

When you stand back and try to get an objective look at the country today, it is clear America is divided as never before—save for that period in the mid 1860s when we went to war with ourselves.

What we have here is a two-edged sword.  Either edge can cut you.  Both sides of the blade can be lethal.  The government has created an atmosphere of suspicion and distrust and the people have reacted just as one would expect... they are circling the wagons and cleaning their weapons.  In response to a problem they, themselves, created, the government continues to do things and say things that lends credence to all the rumors of an imminent government clamp-down on its citizens.

So now we have a vicious cycle which is feeding upon itself and growing more toxic by the day.

Relieving Obama of his duties as President in November can certainly help defuse the powder keg that is America today.  But, understand, if Obama is reelected for a second term, all bets are off.  Even though a Romney win in November can pull America back from the edge, like an ocean liner, it will take a very long time to stop and even longer to turn it around.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.—That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed,—That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” —The Declaration of Independence—July 4th, 1776.

Look closely at that “mission statement” above.  Do you see an expiration date … anywhere?  Neither do I.

To remain the “land of the free,” we had better be prepared to be the “home of the brave.”  For that which cometh, will require of every man all that he is—and then some.


J.D. Longstreet  Bio

J.D. Longstreet Most recent columnsLongstreet is a conservative Southern American (A native sandlapper and an adopted Tar Heel) with a deep passion for the history, heritage, and culture of the southern states of America. At the same time he is a deeply loyal American believing strongly in “America First”.

He is a thirty-year veteran of the broadcasting business, as an “in the field” and “on-air” news reporter (contributing to radio, TV, and newspapers) and a conservative broadcast commentator.

Longstreet is a veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserve. He is a member of the American Legion and the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  A lifelong Christian, Longstreet subscribes to “old Lutheranism” to express and exercise his faith.

Other articles by Longstreet are posted at: “INSIGHT on Freedom
and at “The Sentinel Factor




Comments on: "The Growing Rage Across America" (17)

  1. Gar Swaffar said:

    April 19, 1775


  2. Gar Swaffar said:

    Keep it dry


  3. Excellent article Pepp,

    Glad you posted it for all to read. It sure explains exactly as I feel toward the Ovomit administration. Traitors all!

    And that last sentence states the exact truth. “For that which cometh, will require of every man all that he is—and then some.”

    It will be a time when all ‘patriots’ show what they’re made of.


  4. Sure can’t say I disagree with him. Good post.


  5. Very good article. Once again published in Canada Free Press, as if we could read that from here somewhere. He lays out all the nuances. But it reminded me we have some severe(and that is not strong enough) denial in America. A whole lot of people would just not accept Obama losing. Pharmaceutical companies would be looking for a solution. (I exagerate, not by much) That denial is a huge problem in itself. But any bets are off with a second term. More people know the truth than they would like us to think.


    • Bull,
      Hannity had a special on tonight abut this documentary made and it has all demons and indies in it speaking about Obama. These people are all suffering under his policies and they are angry and disillusioned. And, they are not going to vote for Obama again.

      That’s where the denial comes in in reply to your comment. While all these people are upset that the Fraud didn’t keep his promises most of them thought in those terms only (which is bad enough) but they didn’t seem to see through what he is actually up to. They seemed to think he was just incompetent.


      • Yea I cought part of that. My my, what did they expect? But then they still aren’t all the way awake, I don’t think. If its by design then he is not saying what he is planning on doing. Dinesh D’Souza really hammers that. So by rights no one should believe him on anything. Its like two different, opposite people, what he said and what he does. He has speechwriters making general platitudes, then he delivers it…and yet he must laugh to himself. And here sit burned voters like that. That one woman said that was her hope for her son or whatever. Whoa, that is personal. And the kicker is to listen to Obastard, he is the victim. Let’s feel sorry for the panty waste.


        • Bull,

          That’s what I thought too. What did you expect. But then we have to remember these people still don’t see him for what he is, an enemy of America.

          I was slightly happy to see these people who voted for him say they will not vote for him again. But, I wish they would take the blinders off and see it’s not just incompetence but a very well crafted plan to take us down.

          Oh yeah, the victim Fraud. Hilarious. The day I feel any sadness for him will be when hell freezes over.


  6. Davetherave said:

    Outstanding post Pepp!

    Longstreet’s analysis is dead on and for those that don’t believe it they have their head in the sand. Obastard is no where near as popular as the in-the-tank media tries to make us believe. Gun and ammo sales have not shot up so highly, because there was a fire sale at deeply discounted prices. A great majority of American’s do see what’s going on, they’ve had enough and this Nov. 6th will be the turning point.

    I strongly believe, if Obastard wins re-election there is going to be a WHOLE lot of trouble. More trouble than Obastard is even whispering in his radical friend’s ear. If he loses, there is going to be a WHOLE lot of trouble. The race clashes will go way beyond just hate speech. If the election is called off there is going to be a WHOLE lot of trouble. In either scenario the issue coming to the forefront is our freedom’s and right’s and a WHOLE lot of people will do whatever is needed in attempt to keep our freedom’s and right’s.

    “The tree of liberty….” and for a WHOLE lot of American’s it doesn’t matter what they have to do or who they have to do it to as to refresh our tree of liberty. I pray no one is banking on everything will just calm down by kicking Obastard out of our WH. I think that would be a rather “pie in the sky” outlook.


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