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Sheriff Joe Goes to Tampa

“Sadly, most of the nation has heard little to nothing about Arpaio’s investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate, Social Security Number and Selective Service Registration Card.  The Sheriff’s Cold Case Posse has uncovered substantial evidence to indicate that all three of these documents are forgeries and that the presentation of them to the general public constitutes fraud.  Citing Section 1 of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution, Arpaio has called for a congressional investigation into Obama’s eligibility.  Unfortunately, no one in Congress has the backbone or fortitude to initiate their responsibility to Arpaio’s request and the American people.

But they just may get a chance to hear about it during the Republican National Convention.  Sheriff Joe has been asked to speak to a closed group of delegates from western states on August 30 at the zoo in Tampa.  The topic of his talk has not been disclosed but I sure wish I had the privilege to be there to hear what he says.  I would also like to know how much or how little the national media will cover his talk.”

With Sheriff Joe’s Cold Case Posse evidence I bet these delegates want to hear what his investigation has uncovered.


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  1. Looks as if Romney isn’t going to let the BC issue die,either. While here in Michiruit today,he said words to the effect both he and his wife were born in Michigan,with NO questions about his birth certificate. Was GREAT to hear,and even BETTER,in that it made the libtard media heads explode.


    • clyde,
      I saw it on TV tonight. It was hilarious. And yes, it was so much fun seeing the MSM go ballistic over a joke. btw, how is Romney/Ryan being taken in Michigan? Do you think he has a chance of winning the state?


      • It will come down to one thing,TURNOUT. IF the crackheads in the Detroit ghetto stay home,and the western part of state has above average turnout,then yes,I believe he can win it. Gotta tell you,I’m seeing an almost equal number of Romney bumper stickers as I am Fraud stickers. And here in the PRoAA,THAT could be huge if Romney takes this county. A couple of the left-leaning polls here have Fraud up by 6, one poll has Romney up by 4. Just a hunch,but I think Michigan may surprise everyone,and do the right thing.


  2. I as well would like to know what they talk about and how the delegates react to it. But you can just about be sure. There will be no national news coverage by the MSM. In fact I’m sure that Ovomit and his band of thieves don’t even want the meeting mentioned.


    • Hawk,

      this meeting with Joe is at the Tampa zoo. It is already being treated in a clandestine manner so these delegates don’t get themselves into trouble or arrested along with Sheriff Joe. I think it’s pretty clear what they will be talking about. No MSM is the least bit interested in facts.


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