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I’m reading stories, verified ones at different sites, where Christians who believe in the Bible and have guns,  are being whisked away by our government.  Once they are in “detention” they are questioned in a Spanish Interrogation manner about their Christianity and their owning of guns.  Most of these people simply spoke or wrote about their lack of support for Obama.

Yes, it is going on and starting to happen all over the country. Being a Christian almost makes you a criminal because all religion, morals, ethics, any code of justice must be driven out of our country.  So if you are a Christian and believe in right and wrong, being ethical, and being moral and responsible for your own actions, you are an enemy of the State.

Two cases in particular are documented by Doug Hagmann and these are some of the results:

“Doug Hagmann, Director of Northeast Intelligence Network and veteran private investigator exposed how one of his listeners and callers had been literally picked up by cops after a ‘mystery’ friend called in a mental health concern.  This led to Jason Egroff, being forcibly whisked away by cops,  probed,  questioned, humiliated and searched for 18 hours, then released.  Hagmann found that the alleged friend who turned him in was far different than represented and Jason was not mentally ill or a danger at all.  The only apparent danger and crime Jason committed was exercising his first amendment rights and daring to share concerns about the Government and 9/11.  So what?  Many people have concerns about 9/11 who are not insane.


Another mental health nightmare was experienced by Marine Corps veteran,  Brandon J. Raub, 26.  He was also forcibly held for 30 days out of concern of his ‘face book’ postings.  He said things like “Find and rediscover the ideas of liberty and freedom, “Those are the ideas that make us great as people.” He also wrote, “Your leaders are planning to merge the United States into a one-world banking system, “They want to put computer chips in you…these men have evil hearts.  They have tricked you into supporting corporate fascism.  We gave them the keys to our country.  We were not vigilant with our republic.”  He also wrote, “I am standing against a great evil.  I will do it all by myself if I have to.”  Thankfully,  a Judge ordered his release and said his commitment was invalid and there was no basis to hold him.”

Christians in particular are targeted.  For speaking out against the policies of this president which include any number of illegal actions on his part has become dangerous.

This was a common occurrence during the Soviets reign.  Anyone who did not agree with the communist agenda were deemed “mentally ill” and incarcerated in psychiatric hospitals for indefinite times. 

“The issue became prominent in the 1970s and 1980s due to the systematic political abuse of psychiatry in the Soviet Union, where approximately one-third of the political prisoners were locked up in psychiatric hospitals.”

What is so infuriating about this abuse of normal, healthy people is that the government who detains you is actually the very thing that is crazy.

Just look what life has been like over the almost 4 years of a tyrannical government under Obama.  He slaps down Executive Orders so that he can detain anyone at anytime for some kind of mythical offense.  That offense may simply be that you are a patriot, a Tea Party member, a Veteran.  We, the people are considered terrorists.  But Obama has legislation by fiat laid down to get rid of these “people”.   Send them to a mental institution and have their heads examined.  They don’t believe in his policies, therefore they must be mentally ill and dangerous. 

The whole time we are experiencing what is a day time nightmare of living under Obama’s tyranny and intimidation if you speak out against him.  Every morning you awake, if you turn on the news you are immediately under assault. Overnight, new rules and regulations appear like magic, rammed through with no legislative branch to rein in an abusive president who constantly over reaches his power.  He is a usurper.

But, if you try to tell anyone in Cesspool City, the letters you receive back say “he has done nothing wrong”. 

The world is upside down and inside out.  Nothing makes sense anymore.  Laws of the Constitution are broken daily and nobody in Congress speaks one word to stop the over reach of Obama and his czars who are unaccountable to anyone.  We are not even allowed to know what these Czars are paid, what kind of staff they have and how are they carrying out their nefarious duties.

We are told if we believe Obama has a fake Social Security number which has been adequately proven, that we are the “crazy” ones with conspiracy theories overtaking our senses.  I call it crazy making.

You are told that the document you are looking at, in this case perhaps his phony Social Security number, not to look and what you are seeing is not the truth.  It is just some nut case trying to take down the president because he’s black.  The government believes that works, keep saying all the documents we have seen that have been doctored are false; even though we  can see with our own eyes they “are false”.

The government we once knew is now gone.  In order to retrieve our Republic a new president must be voted into office in November.  If not and Obama is re-elected just expect more tyranny, more Christians being picked up for no reason, and much more tyranny. 

This election is the most important one during our life times.  I hope we get it right because we only have this one chance left.







Comments on: "If You Are a Christian You Are Mentally Sick" (25)

  1. Pepp,

    Chilling. Disturbing. Fortunately, they don’t have a big enough hospital for us all. I guess that explains the camps plans. Nightmare in America. And America needs to wake up.


    • Bull,

      Good observation! True they are ready to shut down 2200 hospitals as it is now. Apparently they don’t come up to par for the Obamacide. Maybe they don’t want to do euthanasia in those hospitals or abortions. Whatever, it is chilling. I had scenes go before my face of suddenly being called to the police department to be checked for mental illness and put away never to be seen again.


  2. Reading this reminded me of Hitlers Germany, when children where trained to turn in their own parents and neighbors to turn in neighbors!

    Then I thought of this from that good ole Communist Dictator Joseph Stalin…
    “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.”

    Well,Ovomit and his gang of Radicals (Communists) are well on their way in completing all three.

    Lock and Load!


    • Hawk,

      Good comment and the quote from Stalin. I suppose we all should be shaking in our boots or our Christian garb. I wonder too what are they going to do with the Amish people? I suddenly felt fearful for our neighbors. Except that they don’t get online or speak about politics outwardly.


    • Hawk, that is excellent to now. And much of it done voluntarily not by outside force, but willful stupid ignorance. (or whatever the reason.)


      • Bull,

        Yes, it’s really sad. I believe most folks have no idea what is happening to them. There are so many that still think that Ovomit is just incompetent and don’t know what he’s doing. But he knows exactly what he’s doing and is well on his way of accomplishing his goal of destroying Capitalism. Bringing our country to it’s knees!


  3. Gar Swaffar said:

    It’s a bummer, but the belief in Christ grows best under repression, i.e. China, where there are now almost as many, if not as many, Christians than the population of the USA… and growing.


  4. Looks like Orwell was correct when he wrote “Utopia 1984”.


  5. 911 was NOT an inside job and those tanks running along the bottom of the airliner that hit the tower, clerarly visible in the CBS video, that was an optical illusion.


  6. “The 1st requisite for the happiness of the people
    is the abolition of religion . . . Religion is the opiate
    of the masses. Communism abolishes eternal truths
    as it abolishes all religion & all morality.” Karl Marx
    Obviously, this is where we are headed & all but the
    most obtuse & oblivious will soon be forced to recog-
    nize the truth, hopefully this acknowledgement takes
    place before November 7th . . . God Bless America!


    • Elizabeth,

      Great Karl Marx quote. And is exactly what is happening here. I saw on the news the other day that in one year, over 600 attacks were made at Christians in one form or another.

      I hope to that November is reckoning day and the Marxist goes down.


  7. Davetherave said:


    Excellent article my dear friend! Very excellent!

    I guess I’m screwed 20 ways to Heaven. I proudly proclaim to be a Christian, I support the Tea Party 100% and I disagree with everything Obastard believes in. That makes me a pretty easy target and so be it. I will never renounce my belief and faith in the one true God and his son; our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    I’m certainly not surprised, but the ‘awk beat me to making the parallel comment of Hitler and his twisted use of the innocence of the children in Germany to turn in their family members . Annnnd; he also beat me of quoting Stalin. It would appear I can’t afford to show up to the party late, cause the ‘awk’s sharp mind doesn’t let any grass grow under his feet!

    History has well proven that people like Obastard, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini…et al; are with out a doubt mentally ill. They truly believe in their idea of an H.G. Wells society and will stop at nothing to try and achieve it. History has also proven time after time the tyranny these insane people perpetrated was eventually defeated. I will never give up on the resiliency of the greatest nation this world has ever seen and most likely will ever see. The King in his own mind may knock us down for a period of time, but I have all the faith in the world our beloved flag will wave high in the sky once again IF he can knock it down.

    The ‘awk really didn’t leave me with anything good to input, so I just had to go off on a philosophical binge. Ya’ know Pepp; I gotta write something! 🙂


  8. Just Gene said:

    RE: phoney SS# – lies don’t matter – as Dribble Wasterman told Cooper, “My liies are not the point – they are necessary to have people know the truth”. If you no longer see any replies from me, you know I fell off the cliff.


  9. Just Gene said:

    Wait a minute – if Christians are mentally sick shouldn’t we all be working for the DOJ???


  10. For sure if we are mentally ill, we would be working in the obama administration – along with the other nuts, perverts, thieves, liars, commies…


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