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Vets Shut Up

Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey

“Dempsey has been outspoken that service members have truly earned their right to vote, and that all Americans are entitled to private and personal opinions.

But, the chairman said, he and his fellow members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are the stewards of the profession of arms, and must ensure service members don’t cross an important line.

“One of the things that marks us as a profession in a democracy is it’s most important we remain apolitical,” he said. “That’s how we maintain our trust with the American people. The American people don’t want us to become another special interest group. In fact, I think that confuses them.”

Dempsey said he believes partisan groups made up of former service members (the Navy Seals) cloud the issue as well. “If someone uses the uniform for partisan politics, I’m disappointed in that,” he said. “I think it erodes that bond of trust we have with the American people.”

What Dempsey is referring to is the “retired” Navy Seals along with a few other retired generals, Paul Vallely and Bill Cowan who made the video Dishonorable Disclosures.

First, these men are RETIRED and they are NOT IN UNIFORM.

These men served the highest duty and honor for our country.  And Dempsey tells them WHILE HE IS IN UNIFORM that they should shut up and not be partisan.

This made me livid and to Army Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, with all due respect, ” SHUT THE FUCK UP”!

You are the one speaking IN UNIFORM against the former Navy Seals.  They have every right to free speech as you do.  If you see them as partisan that is your perception.  And, what gives you the right to tell former Navy Seals, who are citizens of this country, they have no right to speak or choose a side if they wish?  What are you?  You, Mr. Dempsey are supporting a traitor to our country.  What does that make you?

Besides General Dempsey’s rap on the Seals, the talking heads and pundits are saying that the Navy Seals have every right to speak, but they must remain “neutral” and show no partisanship.  So what does this mean?  Does it mean every vet that ever served our country has no right to be partisan or speak out about what they see is wrong once they are retired from whatever force they served, Army, Marine, Navy, etc.?

I beg to differ.  These men are following their code of their oath to our Constitution and pointing out we have a traitor in the White House who leaked classified information which could do harm to Navy Seals and other special ops teams in the field right now.

Who else is going to hold the White House accountable for their leaks?  This came from the top, someone in Obama’s close circle who leaked secrets.  As usual the press fails us.  The leaks hardly get a mention.

But, when Dick Armitage “outed”  Valerie Plame who was a CIA agent, but not undercover, the cry and hue by the demons was loudly banged on every day, day after day.  A special prosecutor was appointed and the wrong man was prosecuted,  Scooter Libby.

Where are the media now?  This leaking from the White House is much, much worse than a has been, partisan hack like Valerie Plame.

Where is the special prosecutor now?  What is being done to find out from where classified information and secrets came?



Comments on: "Vets Shut Up" (12)

  1. Davetherave said:


    Excellent article! I’ve written several times I don’t have any faith in our Joint Chiefs of Staff to do shit about Obastard and now you have provided the cold hard truth to back that up. What the hell does Dipshit Dempsey even mean our military should stay neutral?? They are granted the God given and our constitutional right to free will and free speech. I’ve never served, but I’ve also never heard it is a requirement to give up those rights when someone takes their oath.

    Dipshit Dempsey is nothing more than a Obastard lap dog. He’s attempting to stop those serving or who have served from saying anything negative about the Turd In Chief, because so many people respect them so much. Obastard already knows he f*cked up big time and ran off the military vote, so now he must try and ensure they don’t have any influence in taking other votes away from him. Enter stage right; Dipshit Dempsey. What a POS! I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the medals on his chest was earned from Obastard serving him in the Shitcago light in the loafer club. What a grade A coward and traitor…


    • Dave,

      I am with you on this one. Who does this Dempsey think he is to try to shut down and shut up vets in this country. They are not in uniform. They are retired. And of all citizens in this country, our vets should be able to voice their opinions. I don’t see where this causes a distrust between us and the military.

      However, what Dempsey said does cause me to feel distrust of HIM!

      No doubt he is a turn coat in the Liar in Chief’s administration. That’s what I think. He made me sick with his comments.


    • Dave,

      Dempsey is the one using his “uniform” and his “stature” to tell our vets to shut up. He does what he accuses them of doing. Hypocrite. These kinds of people are getting on my last nerve and I sometimes wonder how long do we put up with this kind of crap.

      The Navy Seals and retired generals on that video have the right to speak out on anything they wish as far as I’m concerned.


  2. Maybe this perfumed prince ought to shut the fuck up. Just looking for his next promo from the sumbitch,obviously.


  3. Wow he’s going all out isn’t he? I mean to support Comrade in Chief. If he can silence criticism then it supports his regime. But the worst part is he stepped over the line when he spoke for the people. No, what confuses people is when they see this kind of stuff. (if anything confuses them.) But then I think [many] people have a handle on what is going on here.


    • Bull,

      Excellent point that I left out of the article on how Dempsey “speaks for the people”. I hate that whenever I hear it. Nobody speaks for me and I’m sure nobody speaks for you but you.
      How arrogant to suggest he knows what we want to hear out here in Flyover land!

      I hope people are catching on Bull. This is our last hope before we see our country go down.


  4. It’s 0500 and after reading this article something tells me that it will be awhile before I cool down. Speaking as a Korean vet whose served four honorable years in the U.S.A.F., two yrs. as an Electronics Specialist and the last two yrs. in Special Opps. I can’t even describe how pissed off I am about what Gen.Dempsey has said!

    The reason I even mentioned what I did when in the service is because many of us had access to some of the Top Secret information of the time. The Generals, per se, didn’t “trust” us to keep such secrets. What they did trust was the fact that each and everyone of us took an oath to protect the constitution and our country. To betray that oath while in uniform, especially in war time, could mean your execution. That oath is an allegiance to our country that is with us for life. It does not become invalid because we are discharged.

    But for this Gen. Dempsey to speak out against our retired seals fore expressing their concern ( not exposing secrets) about the Communist take-over of our country while he is supporting the Traitor we have as a president, proves to me once and for all that the General is complicit in treason!

    He said; “If someone uses the uniform for partisan politics, I’m disappointed in that,” Here he is following the Communist manifesto perfectly, “Accuse your opponent of what you are doing!”

    Good lord, if all the Joint Chiefs of Staff are like him we can kiss away any chance of a Military coup on Obama!


  5. Just Gene said:

    And the reason for the fragging of our military by the police and soldiers WE TRAINED is , because it’s hot and they were fasting – MY GOD! How do we get someone like Sanchez back to take over the troops in the middle east, bring them home, and protect us from THE ENEMY WITHIN.


    • Gene,

      I am now believing that everything is infiltrated in all levels of our government and plenty of treason is going on with nobody to stop this.

      We do need our soldiers here to protect us from our own government. It’s really sad it’s come down to this.


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