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I posted an excerpt of this video a few days ago.  It is worth the 22 minutes to listen to the whole video by our OPSECTeam.


Comments on: "Dishonorable Disclosures Full 22 Minute Video" (12)

  1. Excellent video, but so frightening that we have an adm. that would leak classified information. I have been hearing more and more that Valerie Jarrett is tied to the leak…no surprise – she is running the White House.


    • Donna,

      That’s right. It’s very scary that leaks are coming from the top and like you suggested It may very well be Jarrett. She’s a traitor anyway, nothing new for her.


  2. Sorry Pepp, but still having problems with the sound on my laptop.


    • Dave,
      Sorry you can’t view this excellent video. Perhaps when you get your sound card fixed you can revisit it.


    • Dave, Hopefully you will hear the video…before they come pounding on your door, anyway.It won’t tbe the leakers they’re after, it will be people like us that care about it.


  3. Pepp,

    Check my blog. One of the Senator’s from NH is repeating the BS that Obama led the mission. I sent her a damning email! haha


  4. The steady drip, drip, drip. Leak, Leak, Leak. He cares nothing about national security consequences to US or Israel. He’s got a reelection to win, at ANY cost. Actually, the higher the cost to Americans the better he likes his chances.


    • Pepp,

      You know how strange it is they only leak things that could hurt us. But then they can keep such a tight lid on anything else they want, including his campaign, that can effect him personally. They celebrated him for keeping the secret about OBL perfectly, even while he canceled the mission three times. They praised him for being tight-lipped, how he played it so well. But info that can harm us leaks like a sieve. Its anticipated.


      • Bull,

        Right, good point. His records are sealed like they are the Holy Grail to be found. Tight lipped? Yeah about his past. When it comes to protecting this country he could give a hoot.


    • Bull,

      Right we all pay for the Deviant. Makes perfect sense right? All he cares about is getting re-elected so he can completely destroy our country. That’s his only goal. People and their suffering in this economy make no difference to him.


  5. Have you folks heard now, Ovomit say’s he’s not a bit bothered that the Seals are upset with him. It means nothing to him.

    No surprise there considering the United States itself means nothing to him except as a source of wealth to plunder.


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