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Illegals are lining the streets for their benefits that Obama gave them illegally. It was an illegal act for him to just declare the “Dream” act with no input from Congress. 

Governor Jan Brewer has no problem telling Obama what She Thinks.

Jan Brewer, the Governor with the most hutzpa,  signed  an EO against this freebie program for illegals in this country.  She is using her states’ rights to voice that she does not have to comply with  an illegal and unconstitutional edict by the Liar in Chief.  All governors should do the same.

This is convoluted.  The Liar in Chief “makes” all these people suddenly “legal” even though we have an immigration law on the books which prohibits people from breaking into our country.  But, we the tax payers, get to pay for all the freebies these illegal people get here.  You just can’t make this crazy stuff up. We the people did not approve of illegals having a Dream Act and we certainly are sick of paying for them.

David Brock who runs Media Matters, a far left slime site.


Next we have the Spec-ops come out with a video telling the president that he and his administration are putting lives at risk by leaking classified information.
Then they get told by a Media Matters hack, Boehlert, that the Seals are “gutless”.  What a dumb choice of words to use for the bravest, most courageous, and dangerous forces we have.  But, Media Matters is run by a half crazed David Brock who looks like he needs to be in a sanitarium for the insane.  He stated last week that his mission over the next 3 months is to destroy Paul Ryan.   

The Haughty and Ruthless Lisa Jackson, Head of the EPA

And the EPA is ready to swoop down on Fracking as soon as they start to frack for oil and natural gas.  Oh, and I bet everyone thought this was one place the EPA would not harass.  So, while the coal companies are being run out of business, the drilling or oil remains on a moratorium, even though Obama is in contempt over this, the administration continues to do away with access to our own resources.  So what is the plan here?  If oil, coal, and natural gas are going to be either destroyed or taken away, what does this mean for the average person who needs electricity for their homes?  Or businesses that need it?


Comments on: "Just Some Thoughts by Peppermint" (10)

  1. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! I believe this Brock is a radical sodomite, so nothing surprises me about these scumbags.

    Three cheers for Gov. Brewer. She puts other Govs to shame.

    ‘oohRah! 😉


    • willibeaux,

      You’re right about Brock. Also I think there is something mentally wrong with him. He takes radicalism to another level of extreme.

      I wish there were more Gov. Brewers around. A stop could be put on this jerk if all states refused to comply with illegal orders. It’s that simple. This was illegal what he did (Obastid) and NO state has to comply with this. If only states would use their 10th Amendment rights more!


  2. Davetherave said:

    Very good post Pepp!

    The world of reality constantly stumps radicals. Take away all our major sources of energy, because you don’t like them and keep offering up alternatives that either just flat out suck or don’t even really exist yet. I guess Obastard is using the EPA as his main campaign agency to keep the EnviroNazis happy and the added benefit of screwing our country over once again.

    Holder is probably working up the paperwork to sue Gov. Brewer (AGAIN), while Obastard is writing another EO taking away the power for governor’s to execute EO’s. I still say to hell with these damn EO’s!

    Beside Brock being a sick little radical, he also has a very severe issue with delusions of grandeur. So he thinks he can personally destroy Ryan. Okie, dokie Brock. Now come inside from the rain and take your 20,000mg of Lithium….


    • Hi Dave,

      It’s like living in an alternative universe. There is no rule of law in this country any longer, not with the Deviant and his side kick Holder.
      I keep asking myself if he shuts down coal what does he expect people to use to heat their homes and other things? But of course, the answer is he does not care. He never has cared about what the people in this country are suffering so why would this be any different.
      Jan Brewer is within her rights to NOT comply with Obama’s EO which was an illegal one, more so than some of the others. But who is counting and he doesn’t care as long as he gets the votes.
      Brock is a PIA and yes, he has delusions of grandeur. Little POS!


      • Pepp,

        If presidents didn’t have the power to issue EO’s (which there is no statute in our constitution that specifically grants them that power), then no governor would have to worry about issuing their own EO’s to stop the lawless sumbitch. I believe the root problem is one person (the president) is exercising way too much power with basically zero oversight (congress and the SCOTUS do have the power to override it, but that has happened only once best to my memory) and that is wrong in my opinion.


        • Dave,

          The checks and balances are set up in the Constitution for the states to use their 10th Amendment rights when they need to do so. In this case it is an illegal edict by the Deviant.

          Of course if a president didn’t do illegal things, the states would not have to enact their 10th amendment rights. But the Founders anticipated a corrupt executive branch and the temptation for that branch to power grab. Therefore we have a 10th Amendment.

          I had an article up recently about EOs Dave and the president does have the power to issue one, but only under very strict limitations. Every president has issued EOs.

          This one in particular is illegal, the one Obama just enacted. Congress should beat this down or object but they don’t. They fail us, they fail to protect us as the
          We, the People.


  3. Brock is a nasty piece of shit. Hell,EVERYONE connected with this regime is nasty. Sure makes ya wonder what the hell the idiots of the OLDM are thinking,IF they have the capability.


    • clyde,

      I think you summed up Brock quite nicely there.
      Thinking? Ha, that is a big laugh. This is one nasty, sleazy, stinky Chitcago style campaign and the radicals have the nerve to accuse the conservatives of incivility. What a bunch of POSs they are.


  4. I do admire Gov. Brewer in her stand against the illegals in her state. I pray for her safety because of all the evil SOBs she is dealing with in DC. If only more of the governors would do the same, but unfortunately they won’t, and definitely mine won’t (Illinois Gov. Quinn)….It really ticks me off that we taxpayers will be paying the way for even more people. Something somehow has to be done to stop this BS. Praying for Romney and Ryan!!!


    • Hi Donna,

      I love Gov. Brewer too. Just look who it is. A woman who has the cajones to go up against this illegal president. Where are the men?????????

      I too hope she keeps a lot of body guards around her because the Deviant and his bud, Holder will go after her one day to rid themselves of her.

      It ticks me off to that, without our express opinion on this matter of illegals, the president makes this kind of decision that effects all tax payers, but that was not considered. This was a move purely for political reasons, to get votes for himself.


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