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The unqualified (in more than one way) president appeared at one time to have an easy ride to re-election, until now. Barrack was comfortably ahead in most polls. The radical dominated news media fawn upon Barrack as though he was in the words of one of his own close advisers “black Jesus.”

The black Jesus radicals are now in a panic. The first lying ads were being shown within hours of Paul Ryan being named by Mitt Romney as his VP running mate. Ryan is the tea party movement’s dream candidate and is a true conservative. Radicals don’t just hate true conservatives; they fear us and the radicals have a very good reason to fear Ryan.

The radicals keep trying to make the tea-party movement nothing more than a small gathering of extremists, but they’re waking up to the truth. This extraordinary, spontaneous, grass-roots uprising against the radicals assault upon our liberty represents not an insignificant minority, but a great majority of people in our great nation.

Ryan is a young, fresh faced, charmingly articulate true conservative. He is conservative in matters of religion, a numbers/statistics guru, opposes baby butchering with the exception being the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother and has not been fooled by the radicals climate scam. He has all the attributes for voters who have despaired over the wimpy republicans who have until now controlled the Republican Party.

Ryan’s biggest plus, however, is the one the radicals are screeching about the loudest. He clearly points out that the out of control federal spending will bring our nation down without anyone firing a single shot. He has a real plan for bringing that spending under control and the radicals have a real plan to continue that reckless pending. The far majority of US citizens firmly believe this reckless, irresponsible spending must come to a stop as soon as possible.

The true significance of Ryan’s appointment is that he is not afraid to be honest with the voters. He talks about the “gravy-train” that Barrack has set up has already tipped our nation into the gulch and it must stop. He was not afraid to look Barrack directly in the eyes and tell him the cost figures the radicals were touting about Obamacare were completely wrong (way too low) and done so intentionally. He’s an avid hunter and supports our second amendment rights 100%.

The radicals immediately spouted how happy they were Romney picked Ryan, because Ryan is an extremist and only appeal to the far right members of the Republican Party. The radicals were so happy with Ryan being chosen they immediately sent out an email begging potential supporters to donate as little as $5 to keep Mr. & Mrs. Manchurian in the luxury to which they have become accustomed. That sounds more like a panic attack than being happy. The Church of Barrack worshipers just realized way too many of us don’t drink Barry’s Kool-Aid…



Comments on: "The Church of Black Worshippers by David Taylor, Contributing Writer" (24)

  1. Good article Dave!

    It wasn’t but a few minutes after making the Ryan choice public the Dems announced they were very happy with the republican choice. Saying, ‘He was the one they wanted to be picked” and added, “He will be very easy to beat!” I recognized this as a sign of being afraid of Ryan and the beginning of the attacks attempting to destroy his credibility by trying to make it look like Ryan was ‘nothing,’ nothing to worry about.

    Strange isn’t it? Because immediately they showed just how ‘worried’ they are by starting an unending attack on Ryan.


    • Dave & hawk: I fully concur with the above assess-
      ment, another excellent article Dave. The fact that the
      selection of Ryan as Romney’s VP choice causes
      fear & consternation in the ranks of the Marxist
      radicals currently occupying the WH brings me a
      great deal of pleasure! How mean of me, right?
      LOL Ryan does bring many fine attributes to the
      ticket & at this point, that is really all I am concerned
      about–getting Obama-geddon out of the WH, so he
      cannot continue to destroy our nation, or “funda-
      mentally transform” it as he promised to do. IMHO
      Ryan will work assiduously w/Romney to bring
      spending under control & roll back all the insane
      policies, regulations & taxes that are stifling both
      small businesses & large ones, across our country;
      hopefully, the newly elected will also allow our ab-
      undant domestic energy resources to be fully ex-
      ploited & processed right here in the good old
      US of A! God Bless America! Ya’ll have a good
      one & please extend my best wishes to pepp &
      tell her I am praying for ya’ll! Thanks.


      • Howdy Elizabeth,

        Good to hear from you as always and thank you for the compliment. LOL; you’re not alone, because I also take great joy in knowing they’re feeling pain in the WH. Radicals are a source of evil and I will stand with God and fight evil every chance I get. It’s still going to be a tough road, but at least we’re in the fight now and I believe this fight is going to take more than the most delegates to get Obastard to leave his life of luxury…


    • Hey ‘awk,

      Thanks for the compliment buddy! Yeah; the radicals sure to show being happy in a funny way. They have sheeples like Kirsten Powers (sorry…PUKE!) running around talk shows lying how thrilled they are Ryan was picked, while at the same time the Fuhrer’s campaign flunkies go into complete panic mode begging for $5. That’s pretty sad seeing how you can’t even eat at McDonald’s for $5 anymore.

      Their panic is very well justified. The Purple Poll taken just after Ryan was picked now shows Mitt/Ryan ahead in Wisconsin, Ohio and Virginia. First good momentum change in Mitt’s favor in months and it’s purely contributed to Ryan being on the ticket. Nah; the radicals don’t have anything to worry about. Keep on talking out both sides of your mouth radicals, because that is the only thing you are really go at….

      Hope you’re feeling better ‘awk!


      • Dave,

        I sure hope you’re right about Romney being ahead. Hope he stays ahead. Not that it means much, given the massive voter fraud that is to come.

        I’m feeling a lot better Dave.Thanks for asking.


  2. Political commentary and all things wicked – sounds redundant to me.


  3. Good post,Dave. One thing about liberals,they telegraph who they fear the most. Remember,they also said they wanted Romney too.


    • Hey clyde,

      Thanks for the compliment and comment! Yeah; they said they wanted Mitt, but that was bullshit. Mitt is a middle of the road Repub and would be very appealing to Independents. They’re so happy Mitt picked Ryan…uh…right. Ryan is very appealing to the conservatives and those that believe in fiscal responsibility. I guess they’re just jumping for joy they got everything they wanted! Uh…right…


      • I’m beginning to wonder just how much of a difference the so-called independents are going to make. Most people are either in the tank for the turdball,or REALLY want to see his ass gone.


        • Davetherave said:


          Two factors allowed the sumbitch to win in ’08: (1) to many Repub’s screwed up and didn’t vote for McCain greatly assisting Obama to win, and (2) Obama got the majority of the Independent vote.

          You are correct that no matter what there are two blocks: (1) Those that will vote for the sumbitch no matter what, and (2) those that will never vote for the sumbitch no matter what.

          Mitt/Ryan now leads with the Independent voters by double digits. That’s great. And hopefully those Repub’s that dropped the ball in ’08 will wake up this year and vote for Mitt/Ryan. I could give a rats ass if they believe Mitt would be the perfect president, but after over 3 years of this shit they sure in the hell should know Obastard must go at all cost.


          • No,Dave,Mitt isn’t going to be the perfect potus. None are. At least with Mitt,whom I WILL pull the lever for,he is not openly hostile to America like the sumbitch is.


          • Davetherave said:

            clyde, I made up my mind along time ago to vote for anyone except the sumbitch. I totally agree with you that Mitt does not despise our country and will not try to transform it into a radical country like the sumbitch is doing.


        • Clyde, I agree. It’s like “Honey, I shrunk the independents!”


  4. Dave, very well said. They were so gleeful it was Ryan. Right. Never believe anything Liberals say. Should one ever mistake that for truth it will throw one’s entire GPS off. Everything is an opportunity to raise money for the Billion Dollar candidate. They must have been foaming at the mouth when conservatives’ money rolled in on the announcement. After all, the value Biden adds couldn’t buy you a plain coffee from Starbucks. Which reminds me, value. Why is it Romney’s wealth is such a huge offense to Lib-progs, while they bow down to their billion-dollar golden calf? It only makes sense in the minds of Liberals.


    • Davetherave said:

      Hey bull,

      Thanks for the comment and compliment my friend! A major part of the radical’s religion is double standards. It’s cool to them Soros is a billionaire, because he pukes up so much money to further their evil agenda. Money that Soros made by shall we say very shady deals to put it nicely. But Heaven forbid the Koch family be rich, because they earned it honestly and they don’t agree with the radical’s agenda of destruction. For some reason I have a lot more respect for the Koch family than Satan Soros…


      • Dave: Excellent point about the stark difference
        between the Koch Bros & Satan Soros. Btw, does
        anyone have a listing of businesses that are affil-
        iated w/the Koch Bros so that I might put my $ w/
        them instead of any left-leaning orgs? Why do the
        little leftist tools have no problem w/Obama squand-
        ering tax payer $, but they whine when Romney
        spends his own $? I don’t get it . . . .


        • Davetherave said:

          Thanks Elizabeth! I don’t have any such list that you speak of; sorry. Don’t worry about “not getting it” Elizabeth. As a matter of fact be grateful that you don’t. Knowing how screwed up their minds work is a good thing, but actually being able to understand it…I wouldn’t want to go there! I think the only ones that can truly do that are the ones in their tribe…


  5. Hey Dave,

    Sorry being late to the party. Good article about the “panic” in the radicals and about Paul Ryan who completely took them off guard. Ha, ha. And they thought they could swat him away right away with their virtual fly swatters and that would be done with him. Paul Ryan’s proved he’s more of a threat than they ever imagined. And to say they are happy with this choice is a big, fat lie.


    • Davetherave said:

      Hey Pepp,

      Thanks for the compliment and no reason to be sorry. I appreciate your comment. They were prepared for several that Mitt may pick, but I think Ryan is the one the most dreaded getting on the ticket. Rubio would make a very attractive veep, but Ryan has the background of shredding Obamacide and proving the associated cost were WAY under estimated by the radicals. He’s a die hard conservative, Christian, hunter and loves our constitution. I guess the only other question for this old redneck is who is his favor NASCAR driver? But; that’s not a deal breaker. 🙂


      • Dave: You’re hilarious–wondering who Ryan’s
        favorite Nascar driver is! I’m happy w/Ryan be-
        cause all the leftists right now have their knickers
        in a knot over this guy so that makes me happy &
        I think Romney/Ryan Recovery has a nice ring to
        it. 🙂


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