Wicked Commentary

Several retired generals, including Retired General Paul Vallely and Navy Seals are speaking out against Obama’s security leaks.  Full video is on the web.


Comments on: "Dishonorable Disclosures Excerpt" (5)

  1. I wouldn’t doubt that the leaks are coming directly from Ovomit, the Traitors mouth!


    • hawk: Couldn’t have said it better myself! Yes, our
      Chief Deviant, “Dear Leader”, in the name of political
      gamesmanship, is willing to compromise the hard work
      of our intelligence community, put the lives of our own
      spec ops Warriors at risk, along w/all those others out
      there in the field, whose very lives depend on secrecy
      & discretion! The full extent of the damage done to on-
      going missions,recruitment &/or development of pos-
      sible sources will more than likely, not ever be fully
      realized. In order to advance his political career, Obama-
      geddon is willing to jeopardize an untold number of brave,
      unsung heroes & heroines in the spec ops & intel of our
      nation’s brightest & least celebrated services. To say
      he is despicable & heinous for doing so, does not even
      begin to cover the extent of his crimes.


      • Hi Elisabeth!

        You are so very right! Not only is he “willing to jeopardize an untold number of brave,
        unsung heroes & heroines” he will sacrifice our entire nation to achieve his goal of Destroying our Republic form of government and replace it with a Communist style Dictatorship!

        That is also why he has his so-called Healthcare. It has noting to do with health (except to destroy the best healthcare in the world.) It is all about government control of every man,woman and child!


  2. Pepp,

    I’m having some issue with my sound and can’t listen to anything right now. May be my sound card, but not sure yet. Sorry I can’t listen the post.

    Without even hearing it I will go ahead and agree with ‘awk’s assertion of I wouldn’t doubt the leaks are coming straight from the horses ass mouth, Obastard. This critter occupying our WH illegally will do everything to destroy our nation and be able to park is radical ass back in the oval office for at least four more years. One of his #1 priorities is to keep the trashy First Bitch happy…


  3. Not only has the BECS ran his yap,you can damn well bet the TRUE potus,Jarrett,has ran HER pie-hole as well. Along with the underlings,who want to appear “smart”. Guess these asshats never heard the old saw “Loose Lips Sink Ships”.


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