Wicked Commentary

First I want to thank everyone who wished us well and a safe trip.  That is so kind everyone.   Friends are good to have.  And prayers too. 

And a big, big thank you to Dave for monitoring our blog while we were unavailable.  Thanks Dave.  You are a gem and you are funny too. Hope that helps.

Everything went well with the surgery.  And we had a safe trip.  We did not get back home until 3 pm,  had to take care of the dogs’ needs, then we fell into bed exhausted.  I hope we never have another surgery time that early because it throws off my entire biorhythms.  I hope later today I get back to feeling normal.

Meanwhile the Hawk is doing fine.  Hope you all are doing fine too.

Pep and Hawk


Comments on: "We Are Back From the Road to Perdition" (16)

  1. So very glad to hear that everything went well, and everyone is back home taking care of the barksters and all. Take good care….many lives are improved by your hard work. Thanking you, I am


    • Donna,

      Thank you. The barkers are misbehaving because the Hawk and I have no energy left right now. Oh, and thanks for the encouraging words about my work. As soon as I get my energy and sleep deprivation back to normal, I’ll be going full force again.
      luv ya


  2. What a blessing, Pepp and Hawk!! Welcome home and look forward to new posts and comments.


    • P.S. Hawk – any specific prayer requests, just let us know. Otherwise ‘regularly scheduled prayers’ will continue.


      • Mrs. Al,

        Thanks so much for your concern and fine offer of a request. As for a specific request, the only thing that came to mind was a big prayer for my wife Pepp. She’s such a loving and kind and strong woman. And after having to deal with her own hardships with her personal family she jumps in and takes care of me even though I sometimes resist. I feel terrible that I have brought additional burdens upon her. So I do thank God for taking good care of her.


    • Mrs. Al,

      Thanks so much. like I told Donna I’m still got myself in a mixed up sleep situation now, but I’ll be back in full force again soon.


  3. So glad all went well! Speedy recovery to Hawk and hope it helps!


    • FOH,
      Thanks for your concern and I too hope the Hawk has a speedy recovery. He’s very tired and worn out right now. But, I’m sure he’ll back in the saddle sometime this week.


  4. Pepp,

    You’re very welcome and ya’ know I’d do anything I could for you. I’m very happy you all are home safe and sound and that Hawk is doing well. God’s speed to the Hawk’s recovery and getting your biorhythms lined back out. Love ya’….


    • Dave,

      Yeah, I know you’d do anything you could and you were so kind to do me a big favor.
      The Hawk is still sore from his surgery and very, very tired as we both are. For now we’re just glad that exhausting day is over, for now anyway. The Hawk still has more to go.
      And I feel like a zombie.
      Love ya too and big hugs


  5. Pepp & Hawk,
    Glad all is well and God Bless you both! Love your blog take care and GOD BLESS AMERICA NOW MORE THAN EVER!
    Best regards,
    Dennis Rogers


    • Dennis,

      Welcome to my blog. So you read it eh? Well that is a real delight to hear and I’m so glad u love my blog. That is really kind of you.

      Now that you’ve come onto my blog and made a comment, please feel free to come on anytime and comment. We’d love to hear from you and others who are in the background reading but we don’t see them or get to know them. So know you are most welcome and every one who comes here are good, decent people.

      God Bless America is right!


  6. Good news indeed. Glad to hear all went well,and the ‘Awk is doing fine. Rest up,then we gonna kick some liberal ass.


    • Hi clyde,

      Thanks. It’s always a relief when the surgery goes well. It’s such an exhausting day for us from every aspect, from that long drive, worry over the surgery, and getting back. We are so tired. But, yeah, as soon as we feel up to it and have our sleep deprivation resolved, we’re definitely going to kick some more commie assess. 🙂


  7. Welcome back – we’ll do what we can to make the bastard sick of being the DICKtater – you take time to do your most important job – Hawkk.


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