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The Russian President, (and former head of the Soviet KGB), seems eager to take advantage of America’s folly.

Barack Obama’s National Security Leaks are weakening America on the world stage. And Vladimir Putin, the Cold War Director of the KGB turned Russian President is taking full advantage of that weakness to beat America once and for all.

This week, it was announced that Russia is planning military bases just 90 miles off Florida’s coast, in Cuba. Such outrageous action never would have been considered under a strong and secure administration like we had under Reagan or Bush. But Obama’s weak foreign policy combined with his administration’s repeated habit of spilling our national defense secrets to the world have created an atmosphere ripe for Cold War warriors like Putin to crush us.

As the Cold War Director of the KGB, President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin knows the tactics and strategies employed by the US and as well as the faults that brought his beloved USSR down. He was the head of the equivalent of our CIA and he was in charge of the enemies initiatives. We would be crazy to think that losing an ideological war does not stick with him. Putin has ultimate hate and animosity toward the United States simply because we are the United States. You know his roots as to Communism and control, how else do you think that he became the HEAD OF THE KGB during the COLD WAR? The man is a ruthless warrior and Politician who LEADS AS A MAN, as opposed to our own Obama who looks to BEG, BORROW and BOW away the sovereignty of the American people he abhors.

Critical information about our defenses and National security initiatives is being leaked to the world on almost a daily basis. Our military, are strategic defenses are unable to operate with the security they require to keep America safe. Obama’s loose lips are literally putting America in a position where Russia may well sink out ships.

America is still great in power but Obama’s leaks are weakening us drastically. Our enemies see this and look to exploit our vulnerability so that we fall to our own stupidity and become weak enough defeat. Congress MUST IMMEDIATELY appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate and STOP THE LEAKS! Our national security is at risk and we simply cannot afford another Cold War show down with the likes of Vladimir Putin.


Comments on: "KGB Putin Contempt for Weak Obama" (13)

  1. Pepp,

    Excellent post! Scary and sad. Move over Monroe.


  2. Ovomit has said..”The leaks do not come from ‘His’ administration.” But we all know that Ovomit follows the Saul Alinsky rules and lies to achieve his agenda. The leaks probably come directly from the scums mouth! He IS a Traitor!


  3. All by design. Nothing more,nothing less.


  4. Pepp,

    Excellent post. Obastard not only wants to spread around the wealth he wants to and is spreading around our superior technology and secrets. The damn muslim wants everyone here to be equal and he also wants our nation to be equal with other nations by destroying our superior strengths. Can’t get bums to work hard and achieve independent wealth, so take it from the wealthy and give it to the bums. Can’t expect any other country in the world to be able to keep up with us in technology, so give it to them to make us weaker.

    He says top down economics doesn’t work, but what in the hell does he think he’s doing taking from the top and giving it to the bottom? It’s very apparent he has the same “lack”‘ of intellect about propping up the military capabilities of our enemies…


    • Dave,

      Good comment. The only thing I would change is I don’t think our country is going down because of Obama’s lack of intellect, but because he’s doing it purposely to make us a 3rd world country.


      • Pepp,

        I hear what you’re saying. I use the word “lack” for anyone that isn’t smart enough to realize and support the greatest nation in the entire history of earth. If they hate us, they lack intellect. If they want to change us, they lack intellect. If one stands with the greatest nation in history one is smart. If one goes against it and tries to destroy it, one is dumb.


        • Dave,

          Unfortunately these people believe they will form a utopian form of government that these people believe will deliver equal justice and social justice. Of course this can’t happen and they have failed to see what history tells us.

          In our case, I believe that these radicals believe that they can make utopia across the world by destroying our wealth and might.

          Are they dumb? I don’t know what they are. It’s hard to tell what kind of intellect these people have. I would say our system is the best ever but these people still think there is no equality.


  5. Hi Pepp,

    This should come as no surprise. Obuma has said he would side with the muzzies and there main purpose in life is to bring down the USA. He has put muzzies into every open position he could find or make. He is a traitor no doubt about it. Today his “partners in peace the taliban” shot down a US helicopter killing 11, 7 of those were US serviceman. With partners like that who needs enemy’s.


    • Dogged,

      Good to see you again.
      Yes, the Liar in Chief did say he’d side with the muzzies. It’s scary to me that he keeps having Muslim Bros in the White house and whatever activities he’s having with them. So the Taliban shot down our troops? Does not surprise me. He has them in a bad situation of weakness on his part endangering the lives of our troops. This really makes me angry to hear this latest kill of our military. Thanks for the info.


  6. I read today that Valerie Jarrett is the one leaking the information. No surprise to me as she runs the White House. Yes, this is all so frightening and it is making things for dangerous for our military. We lost 7 soldiers yesterday and 3 more today. It is just making me sick to my stomach.


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