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Ryan Could Help Win Ohio

Paul Ryan the Numbers Guru

“Trey Hardin, a Republican strategist and senior vice president at Vox Global, said that Ryan’s Midwestern roots would help the ticket throughout the Midwest – not just in Ohio and Wisconsin, but also in Pennsylvania, a state that has gone to the Democratic presidential candidate in every election since 1992 but some Republican strategists hope could be a swing state this cycle.

“It’s just a matter of being able to relate,” said Hardin.

Moreover, Ryan helps balance the ticket in a way that could be an asset for Romney given Ohio’s demographics.”

Ken Blackwell thinks Paul Ryan will appeal to voters in Ohio.  Ryan also earned  his graduate degree from Miami University in Oxford Ohio which may give him another boost.

Paul Ryan has many of the qualities that states like Ohio and Pennsylvania look for in a candidate.  It could be that while this is a boost for Romney in Wisconsin, this Romney pick may also be a hit for these other states as well.

This is cautionary since Romney/Ryan decided to go bold and take up the debate on debt and the so called entitlements.  Particularly with Medicare the Obama campaign is already running ads about Ryan killing granny.  When do they ever stop with that nonsense? 

I overheard Kirsten Powers,  (leftist guest) on Fox say the demon rats are thrilled with the pick of Ryan.  She said, “they are talking about the entitlement programs and that subject is “toxic”.  Of course she is merely repeating what the WH campaign wants her to say like the good little girl foot soldier she is.

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Comments on: "Ryan Could Help Win Ohio" (11)

  1. LOL! “good little girl foot soldier.” Seems to be hundreds of those “Useful Idiots” running around like they were crazy trying to bring Romney/Ryan down. But they’re not scared (because they say so) saying they’re glad Ryan was the pick because he will be so easy to destroy!


    • Hawk,

      Yep. A bunch of foot soldiers wringing their hands running around yelling “fire, fire”, Granny’s Medicare is going away if you vote for that “evil” Paul Ryan. Sure, they aren’t scared at all. Why be scared? Paul Ryan’s brain is twice the size of Obama and Biden put together. (sarc).


    • Pepperhawk: I think this is a wonderful pick for
      OH, especially when Romney/Ryan are going
      to address the Appalachian coal region & that
      is going to be especially effective, given the
      fact that a coal operation just closed due to
      Obama’s policies & forthcoming ObamaCare
      costs that had to be considered. That & the
      high prices of everything have people on edge
      here & the misery index is rising exponentially!
      Ya’ll are so right about the lunatic leftists going
      after Ryan like a bunch of inmates recently re-
      leased from their personal little padded rooms.
      Ryan is the perfect guy to articulate that mes-
      sage & make that case, because he has been
      fighting this same battle for quite a while now
      & he is very good at it–not to mention, he can
      do so with only part of his brain engaged, with
      the other part probably going over some more
      numbers & figures of the latest budget battles.


      • Elizabeth,

        I’m so glad to hear that Romney/Ryan will address the coal issue in Ohio. It is an issue that must be brought up to Ohioans. I know people are suffering under ever larger energy bills. It has got to stop and it won’t with the Deviant as a 2nd term dictator.

        Yeah, the demon rats are acting like piranha after a school of fish. Scared? If they aren’t scared then what is all of this hoopla about may I ask those lefty loons who need to be in padded cells as you suggest.


        • Pepperhawk: I can’t wait til they come to Columbus!
          I’m really excited about this ticket & all it brings to the
          table! The DemonRats can continue their full-on at-
          tack mode all day long & it still won’t resonate with
          voters the way a substantive message like the Rom-
          ney/Ryan ticket will bring to the table. Romney ab-
          solutely picked the right guy to articulate specifics
          with people concerned about our fiscal & employ-
          ment crisis & how those issues impact all of us! It’s
          really going to be an interesting few months coming
          up, isn’t it? LOL


          • Oopsy–sorry about the way that posted
            I hate it when that happens 😦


          • Elizabeth,

            So they are coming to Columbus? Hurray! Maybe you could get some photos and send them to me and I’ll print them out on the blog here. I would so like to get some real info from someone going to one of the Romney/Ryan rallies. So be sure to tell all. I can’t wait.

            I hope the enthusiasm grows like a weed, never to be choked back or killed. And hopefully Obamacide gets killed too. (Obamacide is Dave’s word so I have to give him cred on that).


  2. Davetherave said:


    Good post, but good Lord you had to write…Kirsten Powers…excuse me…PUKE! OK; better now, but can’t say the same for my recliner.

    One thing for sure has happened in OH with the pick of Ryan: Holder had to go out and immediately hire some more grave diggers for additional votes! I think PA is still pretty iffy, but I do believe Ryan is going to make a big difference in the Midwest. As far as the states that depend on the coal industry; I would like to think Mitt could have put me on the ticket and win those states against the great job and economy killer Obastard!


    • Dave,

      I’m so sorry. I should have issued a “spew” alert. Sorry about your recliner.

      LOL! Holder getting more dead people. I believe that one for sure, plus pets, felons, and illegals.

      Oh that rat bastard is on TV now saying Ryan has the wrong vision. Well, wth vision does that monster have for us? More destruction and death of our country and citizens esp. if seniors.


  3. Just a hunch,but I think these pundits and pollsters will be wiping egg off their faces from Nov 6th,thru Thanksgiving. When you look at a LOT of different things,and connect them,the Rust Belt is TIRED of political hacks who promise them the moon,and then just shoot them the moon. Stay tuned.


    • Davetherave said:


      You’ve probably picked up on this by now…I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.

      Well; when you skew your polling by over-polling dumbocrats you are definitely setting yourself up to look like an ass. Gonna’ see a lot of assess on the alphabet channels that night!


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