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Tonight the Romney/Ryan team met in Wisconsin to crowds cheering so much it was difficult to quiet them down.  It was a sight to see.  All that cheering and chanting, “USA”.  I felt my spirits lift. This was the 3rd time the Romney/Ryan team attended a rally and there were massive crowds each time.

Just look at that crowd folks.  People everywhere chanting USA, USA

As I watched Romney and Ryan try to get to the podium, so many people stopped them to shake their hands.  It was amazing.  I do believe with these types of crowds they are receiving that America is awake and wanting their country back again. The roar of the crowd tells it all. 

When Romney spoke he told the crowd there were five things he was going to do right away if he becomes the President.

The first thing he said, “I’m going to put all our energy to work, wind, solar, nuclear, oil, coal.”  I was never so happy to hear this.  I believe that Romney will get the EPA off the backs of the coal companies,  lift the moratorium on drilling for oil.  We are going to get our natural resources back that belong to us anyway, not to one man sitting in the oval office who thinks he can eat out our very existence.

He intends to get small businesses the types of help they need to get going again and prosper.  I’m sure those who Obama told, “they didn’t build that on their own” were feeling mighty happy to hear that.  Small businesses everywhere were probably cheering at the prospect of the draconian rules and regulations that Obama put on them being lifted from their shoulders.

This is the first time I’ve felt any hope and joy on the political end of life in years.  I do hope this ticket wins and wins big.  By the size of the crowds and the almost unrelenting cheers,  just maybe God will drive the evil spirit out of the White House for good.

Let’s all pray for our nation from now to election day.  Let it be heard all over the country.  Let’s pray that God will light up America again with hope, freedom, liberty, opportunity, prosperity, and joy. And may God give us back our Republic and deliver us from the evil in the White House.


Comments on: "Romney/Ryan Met in Wisconsin By Cheering Crowds" (24)

  1. Pepp: OMG, that was awesome & great pic of
    the rally!! I don’t believe a lot of these silly polls
    the media is touting, I truly believe that all are
    starting to wake up from the nightmare that
    the past 3 years & 8 1/2 months have been!
    I even managed to “convert” someone on a
    youtube comments bar–we went back & forth
    for several days & I kept hitting her repeated-
    ly w/facts, dates, numbers, etc until she final-
    ly cracked & admitted that Obama had kept
    none of his promises, & was in fact much
    worse than Bush had ever been! Many of the
    young people have stopped defending the
    big Zero! I believe with the introduction of
    Paul Ryan we have turned a corner in this
    election cycle! I will continue to pray that
    this may be so, that God will Bless this nation
    once again & restore us to that “shining city
    on a hill” that Reagan always envisioned us
    as! We are so much better than the divisive,
    hateful, class-warfare rhetoric that is all the
    Dems have left in their arsenal. They have
    nothing substantive to counter with, as they
    have done nothing to actually move this nation
    forward–all we have done under the big 0’s rule
    is slide down into a morass of despair & hope-
    lessness. Romney & Ryan are going to show
    people that a brighter future is possible, when
    the govt allows us realize our full potential w/
    energy & businesses being unleashed from
    the burdensome regulations & taxes that the
    Big 0 imposed. God Bless America!!


    • Hi Elizabeth,

      Awesome is right! I’m with you, I’m so tired of hearing that America is not special and exceptional. We are and there are tons of people who loved that dream and want it back.
      I’m not believing these polls and the demons are out already trying to knock Romney/Ryan down, but when you look at the crowds they got the past two days, it does not look like people are paying attention to the old worn out toon of the demons. I think people want to hear some positive news and about getting this country moving again.

      Thanks for coming by Elizabeth and I’m so glad you were able to convert someone from the Deviant in the WH.


      • Pepp: Thanks for allowing me to come & read your posts
        ya’ll lifted my spirits when I was having a restless night &
        not sleeping well! I ‘m with you–I think people are so tired
        of that same old rhetoric that the Big 0 is shoveling that
        they just tune it out. Also, I fully believe the posters are
        wrong–I’m seeing & hearing discontent everywhere & I
        live among the ones who voted for the Big 0 in the capital
        city of OH. They are not happy with the way things are
        going: food costs are up, it takes more money to fill up
        a gas tank to get to work, our utility bills are rising, it all
        spells doom for the Big 0 & I say, it couldn’t happen to a
        more deserving person. (Side note, here–Pepp I read the
        profile about you & Hawk & that is so sweet, I love it that
        you also write, as do I–but my stuff outside of my political
        & historical research is kinda dark. I think it’s how I exor-
        cise my inner demons! LOL) Anyway, another great post
        & I totally agree with you that things will not go well for
        the Big 0 in November. Buckle Up, Buttercup–we’re in
        for one Hell of a bumpy ride!!


        • Elizabeth,

          I think you’ve got that backwards. I’m honored you read my posts. Thank you!

          Yes, I think the American people are weary of the negative view that the Deviant has of our country. He has no idea the pride people take in uplifting themselves out of poverty or climb the ladder for more success. He doesn’t want that and he does not understand our country and the people.

          Oh I’m glad you liked our little profile. Our meeting and getting together was an amazing thing for both of us.

          Yeah, I know we’re going to have a bumpy ride, but I pray we end up with someone who is more suitable to our way of life and stops putting our country and the people down. It makes me sick the things he says. He should never have been prez in the first place.


          • Pepp: Thank you for your kind words & your
            always gracious welcome for all of us! I’m glad
            you are seeing the same things as me & that
            I’m not imagining this! My son even had an en-
            counter w/a black Conservative gentleman, as
            they waited in line at the post office. They had
            quite a conversation–you know how those lines
            are at the post office. I have overheard com-
            ments at stores, in Church, etc that lead me to
            believe people are not happy with MaoBama’s
            policies, or to be more specific, with the end
            results & “unintended consequences” of all
            the measures that negatively affect so very
            many who are now suffering. It is indeed going
            to be a very bumpy ride; as much as I hate to
            say this, I believe we will see civil unrest &/or
            race-based crimes which target “whites” as
            those who “don’t vote for Obama”. We have
            plans to leave our “lovely” home in the hood
            to temporarily escape to the country for the
            time period immediately before & after this
            forthcoming election cycle. It might be longer
            depending on the situation. I’m going to be
            prepared! I believe we are living in an hist-
            orical time period & it is just a little scary.


          • Elizabeth,

            You are most welcome on my blog at all times. By reading what I write you honor me instead of the other way around. And we become almost like a virtual family supporting one another through the darkness we’ve been suffering for so long now.

            I’ve talked to a lot of Kentuckians and this state will go for Romney. We did not go for MaoBama in 2008. Now with him shutting down coal mines and plants he will most likely have a worse showing this time.

            And Kentuckians voted overwhelmingly for Rand Paul if that tells ya something.

            I saw some coal miners from W.Va on Huckabee and they voted for the Deviant. But, they said not this time around. As one young man said, “we can’t vote for someone who took our lives and our livelihood away from us. And W.VA is all about coal. I think the Deviant can count out that state.

            It does give me pause about Ohio. I hope Ohioans don’t vote for that
            jerk. If you are hearing negativity about him then perhaps Romney can take Ohio. I sure hope so.


  2. Excellent post Pepp!

    I just hope that the enthusiasm that the crowds displayed at the three Romney. Ryan rallies catches on and spreads like wildfire across the nation.


    • Hawk,

      Thanks. I too hope this obvious outpouring of support for Romney/Ryan spreads across the nation in every state. By the looks of the crowds at those 3 rallies, it appears people are hungry for a positive and hopeful candidate. Romney and Ryan are bringing that to America.


      • Pepp: Looking at some of those crowds
        & listening to the enthusiasm, it looks
        & sounds more like a rock concert than
        a political rally! That is some very real
        excitement coursing through all those
        people! I hope the fervor is contagious!


        • Elizabeth,

          Those crowds are warming my heart and giving me some hope. I pray it continues everywhere. Yes, it did look more like a rock concert. I read this morning that the crowd in North Caroling who came out to see the Romney/Ryan ticket was over 10 thousand people. Can you believe that? Whoopee!
          And supposedly N. Carolina is in the bag for MaoBama. Ha, I bet it is not.

          And yes, there was huge excitement in those crowds, cheering, chanting for Romney/Ryan. I hope this is a new trend that continues.


    • Hawk: I believe it will, Pepp is right on the money w/that
      prediction! People all over are really hurting right now &
      they are not happy with the direction of the country. The
      Olympics have awoken a little spirit in the crowds & they
      are tired of seeing the greatest nation in the world down-
      graded & disparaged by the Big 0 & his crowd of drones
      & useful idiots. Ya’ll take care! I’m trying to get back to
      sleep, but it is not working! God Bless America!!


    • Hawk: I do as well! I hope that people listen
      to what Romney & Ryan have to say & begin
      to understand the true dilemma facing us in
      this current crisis. God Bless america indeed!


    • Pepperhawk: Oops–I just realized my finger must have
      slipped off the shift key & I left America in lower case!
      OMG, I don’t believe I’ve ever done that before & not
      caught it before posting! I do apologize!

      I am so heartened to hear your analysis of the vote in
      good old KY–state of the Wildcats, right? Among other
      mascots, I’m sure LOL! Yes, the news about the coal
      mines & processing plants shutting down is truly deva-
      stating & it couldn’t have come at a worst time, as it
      will definitely turn any potential Obama-geddon voters
      solidly against him & the bumbling buffoon, that is our
      VP now & I say it couldn’t happen to a more deserving
      pair! Ohio is a little iffy–I feel, unfortunately, that it could
      go either way. But the tide is starting to turn against the
      POTUS here–thus far, I have seen only a scant hand-
      ful of Obama/Biden 2012 stickers on cars & many have
      removed their old Obama 08 stickers that were once so
      prevalent, you couldn’t drive down the block without
      spotting at least 10. So, that is good news. I guess we
      will continue to pray for our country & hope for the best!
      God is in control & He will lead us & guide us! Ya’ll take
      care & we will pray for that procedure & subsequent re-
      covery & safe passage in all travels. We are like a little
      distant family, when you think of it. Keeping track of
      each other & praying for each other–I like that!


  3. Good post Pepp!

    I always thought the most wonderful aspect Ronald Reagan brought to our country was hope and people rallied around that hope and made him president for 8 years. It was a wonderful 8 years for our nation. I believe Mitt picking Ryan has brought a new influx of hope to that ticket. Nothing else seems to shine hope on politics like an intelligent, likable die hard conservative. Radicals may be likable (at least the polls say a lot of people like Obastard yet I’m left clueless), but they will never enjoy the feeling of bringing or delivering hope to our nation.


    • Hi Dave: Yes, you are absolutely right &
      I believe our nation will respond to actual
      hope, not the fables of Obastard(as you
      called him). People are hungry for true
      leadership & I believe they will respond
      to the Conservative message that will be
      detailed by Romney & especially Ryan!
      I find leftist radical absolutely repulsive!
      I think the fact that those on the left &
      find them attractive or likable says a lot
      about them & their many shortcomings
      & flaws!


      • Howdy Elizabeth!

        Yeah; I rank radicals right up there with Bubonic Plague. We desperately need to get the rat infestation under control!

        I looked Ryan’s budget proposal over and I think it’s pretty good, Definitely better than the “no-budget” proposal the radicals have offered every since Obastard took office. Now they shout and cry foul about any proposal out of the House to score lying political points, while knowing the whole time Hepatitis Reid will never let it see the light of day.

        There is one thing that constantly jumps out at me first in every budget the GOP’ers have submitted. They all take the situation with Medicare, Medicaid and SS very seriously and it must be addressed very soon. Also the ridiculous debt Barry has ran up seeing how he’s had no budget constraints ever to follow. Both need addressing immediately for sure. I don’t have any of the budget proposals memorized and may be wrong, but I’ve yet to see one that drags the amount of money we dole out in foreign aid. Last time I looked we blew somewhere over $62B just in UN dues for the year 2010. That is just UN dues keep in mind and certainly does not include all the other foreign aid we give to countries that want all of us dead.

        I would love to see someone with some guts stand up and propose that sanity has to stop! Why give away well over $100B (I’m sure a very low estimate) every year to countries that want nothing more than our demise? Why give the UN anything when they never cooperate with our wishes, but rather do just the opposite? Maybe I’m just simple minded, but this looks like a no-brainer to me and a no-guts situation in DC. Well over $100B may not cure all our problems, but it sure in the hell would help and it would also show a bit responsibility from our politicians spending our money.


        • Dave: You know, that is really an excellent idea
          you’ve got about UN money & foreign aid. I think
          with the right leadership, we could cut out quite a
          bit of those funds; perhaps we’ll get lucky & Ryan
          will talk Romney into appointing someone like John
          Bolton to oversee our foreign aid & UN involvement
          & he will do what i have long advocated for: namely
          throw the blue helmet people the hell out of our
          country!! They do nothing useful, waste our money
          & sit on some of the most valuable real estate in our
          nation! I say completely strip their funding & evict
          them! Wouldn’t that get the lefties all riled up! I think
          only a very few select countries should get any aid
          from us at all, especially in consideration of the fact
          that so many do want us dead &/or actively plot harm
          against us or foment for others to plot against us.

          Of course, once that happens we would HAVE to
          begin to extract, process & fully utilize all our own
          domestic resources, which would immediately put
          a lot of people to work in stable, well-paying jobs right
          here in the good old U S of A!! Can you imagine the
          immediate effect that would have on our economy
          & the stock market–things would be roaring back to
          life after the way everyone has been staggering around
          like a bunch of extras in a Zombie movie or something!
          Take care all & God Bless America!! On to Romney
          Ryan Recovery for our nation!


          • Elizabeth,

            You said all that needs to be said and I totally agree!

            Well; I’m not going to brag on myself and say my idea is excellent, but by all means you can brag on me all you would like! 🙂


  4. I am still waiting to see if these two go after Barry’s record while in office. John McCain either threw the last election, or was done in by enemy forces within his campaign. All the players involved in this election have ties to the same people and organizations.

    I realize Mitt will at least appoint conservative judges, but I don’t trust him totally. George Sr. and Jr. were both fake conservatives. I guess I have a really negative attitude towards politicians and elections. I wish, as a conservative Christian, I had a third party, vialble candidate to vote for. Then again, what normal person would want to subject themselves to all the crap that goes into being elected! 🙂


    • Conservative Hill Billy,

      Thanks for coming over and sharing your thoughts with us. We appreciate it a lot.

      I wonder too about the people Romney has running his campaign. McCain was done in by conservatives who did not trust him and voted 3rd party. There was a big argument going on Townhall at the time about McCain with people thinking he was worse than Obama. I did not agree.

      Like you said I don’t trust any of these pols either. I think Paul Ryan is an honest and sincere person, but we don’t really know what will transpire once and if they are elected.

      I agree I wish we had someone else besides Romney. I don’t trust him very much either. But, when he became the candidate I decided I’d vote for him because for me it is ABO, anybody but Obama. I can’t stand to think of 4 more years of that Liar in the WH.

      LOL! No, normal people do not subject themselves to running for office. 😀


  5. All those people. And,probably little to no trash left for someone else to pick up.


    • Davetherave said:


      I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.

      It’s amazing how civilized conservatives act isn’t it…


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