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HIGH POINT, NC – AUGUST 12: Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney (R), is introduced by running mate Republican vice presidential candidate, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) during a campaign stop at the Absolute Style furniture factory on August 12, 2012 in High Point, North Carolina. Romney and Ryan continue on the second day of a 4-day bus trip that will take Romney to 4 key swing states, Virginia, North Carolina, Florida and Ohio, and also to Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin. (Photo by Sara D. Davis/Getty Images)

“Guilford County Republican Party chairman Al Bouldin told the Greensboro, N.C. News & Record in advance of the event that enthusiasm for the ticket is high following the Ryan pick.

“I think that most Americans will be very excited over this ticket, and I think that the crowds that are going to show up in High Point will be a good example of that excitement level,” he said.

Cornell Law Professor William A. Jacobson, who runs the blog Legal Insurrection, highlighted the experience of one of his readers who attended the High Point event, noting that it was the first campaign event the reader, Tim, had ever attended.

“Going into the doors. Holy moly I can’t believe the people,” Tim relayed to Jacobson. “One picture is the front of the line, one picture kinda the back, EXCEPT my camera can’t capture two and a half blocks of people. Many are actually women (the shock).”

“I have never been to a rally,” Tim told Jacobson in another email, “but the picture in my head did not include a line to get off the exit, a half mile walk to the line and then a multiple block line. Consider me heartened.”

Earlier in the day, Romney and Ryan campaigned at the NASCAR Technical Institute in Mooresville, N.C. The Hickory Daily Record reported that the two were “greeted by thousands.” A Romney campaign official told TheDC that an estimated 4,700 people showed up, with 1,700 people inside the event and 3,000 outside.

The Romney bus tour is slated for stops in North Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Ohio over the coming days.”


Comments on: "Over 10K Greeted Romney/Ryan in N.Carolina" (12)

  1. Good info Pepp!

    As I said before,I hope that the enthusiasm spreads across the nation. So far so good!


    • Hawk,

      I was shocked to see that over 10 thousand people came out to greet Romney/Ryan. I could see from the pic I put up that it was a large crowd, but I didn’t know it was “that large”.


  2. Great, the support is only beginning to grow. What was Obastid doing? Running to Chicago to talk to his campaign team(for lack of better label) Finally, another voice will be heard besides the fuhrer’s.


    • Bull,

      And the crowds are dwindling for the Liar in Chief. Chitcago was a bust for him last night apparently. Oh, I’m so sad. NOT!

      I think there are more people than us Bull who are getting weary hearing the fuhrer every damn day. I thank God for mute buttons.


  3. Davetherave said:


    This is really good news! Obastard really helped put NC back in play when he sided with the homo’s on getting married right after NC passed the bill to ban gay marriage. Ya’ gotta love Barry’s timing sometimes and we can give a big thanks to the Gaffer for putting Obastard in that position. Good job Gaffer….my main man! Keep a microphone around the Gaffer at alllllll times!


    • Dave,

      Right , good timing for the monster. Ha, ha. I don’t think folks in Nawth Carolina took to that gay marriage thingy. I hope he loses that state.

      I can’t wait to see the Gaffer up against Ryan. OMG! If there ever was a mismatch that is one for the records.


  4. The thing here that jumped out at me was “Tim”. This asshat was most likely sent to heckle,and figured he BEST find the exit pronto.


    • Davetherave said:


      I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment. Thank God for copy/paste!

      If Tim is a regular read of Legal Insurrection, I hope he is a conservative. If not, he just likes getting picked. Legal Insurrection is a pretty good conservative blog. They ran a great satire piece when Obastard told the business owners they were not responsible for building it. Below is just a small clip from their article “The You Didn’t Build It Act of 2012” posted by Jacobson:

      “To make it perfectly clear to those of you who want to keep more than a hunk of your money, who think you are successful because you are smarter or worked harder, who think you built that business, good for you, but don’t think that just because you pay 70% of income taxes that you have paid off your debt of gratitude to the government.

      The You Didn’t Build It Act of 2012 is for you:

      “If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, tax the Top 5% some more to stop it from moving. And when it stops moving, tax the Top 2% even more to subsidize it.”

      And remember to say Thank You.” LMAO!


  5. Thanks,Dave. I’ll check out Legal Insurrection.


  6. I do feel that Ryan has sparked something in Romney – Ryan is such a brilliant young man – I feel there is hope for our country now!


    • Howdy Donna,

      I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.

      I know I certainly feel a great spark of enthusiasm with Mitt picking a die hard conservative in Ryan. He is a brilliant young man and if we can win this November that could set the table for Mitt/Ryan to get 8 years in our WH and then Ryan could run as president 2020. It’s going to take several good GOP presidents in a row to clean up this God awful mess Obamastalin has brought down on our Republic like a great plague.


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