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Obama No Shows

By: John Hayward  8/13/2012 08:49 AM

“The new Republican ticket held a rally in vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s home state of Wisconsin on Sunday, packing over 11,000 people into the Waukesha County Expo Center.  I’ve seen some estimates that put the crowd at over 13,000.  The crowd was so big that it wouldn’t fit in the Expo Center, and had to be moved outside.

Meanwhile, President Obama was also on his home turf of Chicago, holding a rally and fundraiser at the Bridgeport Art Center.  He couldn’t even get a thousand people to show up – the venue was only half full, even though tickets were available for as little as $51.  Hilariously, the Obama campaign attempted to spin this disaster by claiming they only expected 850 people, so a thousand was a huge success.  There were more than a thousand people in line to buy bratwurst at the Romney-Ryan rally.”

The Hawk and I figured that since the media are no longer showing the Obama crowds that they were disintegrating.  And the lame stream media sure does not want you to know that little bit of information.  They want Americans to keep believing the Deviant in the White House is ever so popular.  In this tragic economy over which he presides, most Americans are now blaming the Liar in Chief for the economy being so bad.  The blame Bush mantra is no longer working.





Comments on: "Obama No Shows" (16)

  1. Davetherave said:


    Thanks so much for putting this up. I hadn’t seen it yet. The bratwurst line is hilarious! Elizabeth shared a story with me a while back about Obastard showing up in OH for a rally and the crowd was so piss poor the Barry minions had the few that showed up move as close to the stage as possible to make it look crowded. Hell; I’d paid $51 to see only 1,000 or so show up to see their King. I’d just kick back and enjoy my bratwurst, while booing…


  2. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    Let’s face it Pepp. Alot of the people in Chicago who voted for Obama are dead. They couldn’t show up for the event.

    Also a great many of the people in Chicago who voted for Obama don’t have $51.00 or want Obama to pay them $51.00 for showing up. So they weren’t there.

    I figure he was lucky to get a 1000 people to show up.

    I might be re-thinking my predition for the popular vote for the presidential election. I have been saying 57% for Romney and 42% for Obama. I firmly believe after Romney’s pick of Ryan that Romney’s percentage will increase (Romney: 59% ?????)


    • Davetherave said:

      Hi Gray,

      I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.

      LMAO! Great comment about the no-shows! I also like the way you calculate percentages. I also think the GOP will kick out the illegal occupier this November. My call is 52% to 47%. I give Barry and The Gaffer 47%, because as proven in 08′ we have a lot stupid people in this country!


  3. I’m sure the line for the pissers was larger than what showed up for the BECS too.


    • Davetherave said:

      OMG clyde…ROTFLMAO! That’s great. Hell; the ones in the pisser line may have had high hopes they in that line just to see Obastard! 50% chance of showers that day….

      I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.


  4. So, it appears that some of the people are waking up – I love that just about 1,000 showed up for this fund raiser. ha!


    • Hi Donna,

      I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.

      Ya’ just gotta laugh about the pitiful handful of people that showed up to show The Fraud their support. Obamastalin can’t even draw a decent crowd in his own back yard Corruption City!


  5. They are telling the folks that are paid to show up to bring a coat to put on the adjacent chair so that it appears less empty in the crowd photo.


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