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Barry, You Blew It!



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  1. Pepp: Forgot to mention ( I got so caught
    up in the moment), I love the pic of Zima!!
    She (?) is absolutely adorable!! We are
    feeding a couple of poor, stray feral cats
    that appear to have been abandoned &
    I can’t stand to see an animal starve! It’s
    so pathetic around here–many, many
    abandoned & foreclosed properties &
    people moving out suddenly & leaving
    their animals behind to fend for them-
    selves, it’s enough to break one’s heart!


    • Elizabeth,

      Thx. Zima is a little doll baby and she loves the Hawk. She attached herself to him and now she is his best buddy.
      I know what you mean about feral cats. That is how we got Mystic and then he brought home Zima. She was just a kitten and both cats had been dumped here. We hate to see them starve too. Mystic ran off after we had Zima spayed. I guess she wasn’t any use to him anymore and he had to look for a new girlfriend. LOL!

      That is so sad that people are so poor now they have to abandon their pets. Just another piece of damage that Liar has done to our country, people in so much financial trouble. It is heart breaking.


      • Pepp: It is very sad. There is so much despair here, where once
        they were all full of the “hope & change” now the dark reality has
        set in & they realize all the campaign promises & soaring rhetoric
        were just empty words & that dividing everyone against each other
        is just not working. We are all hurting & it is because of Big 0! But
        there is REAL hope now that Romney/Ryan ticket is on the mar-
        quee, because I think choosing Ryan was a sign that Romney is
        serious about fixing the fiscal nightmare that Obama has mired
        us in; Ryan has the experience working in the House & fighting
        against ObamaCare, giving us numbers, facts & cold figures &
        he does so very forthrightly & eloquently. I also have seen him
        “slap down DNC Charwoman(as I like to call her) Debbie Was-
        serman-Schultze, in a very gentlemanly way–Ryan is a fighter &
        I don’t see him absorbing those barbs & slurs that will be directed
        at he & Mitt, he will come back at those nasty drive-by media!
        Romney/Ryan gives me hope for a comeback for this nation!
        God Bless America!!


        • Elizabeth,

          Yes you could see the despair on people’s faces everywhere you go. Debbie is nothing but a mouth piece for that POS. She’s already trying to knock the new team. Well, let her because I don’t think it’s working.
          And you said Ohio is starting to turn. That is great news too. I hope people come out in droves to vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket.

          I feel as though we’ve been living in such fear and despair of things ever getting any better here. Now I see hope on people’s faces at those crowds that gathered for the new team. It was awesome. I know the Deviant is not getting good crowds any longer or the media would be showing them.

          I think the Romney/Ryan ticket would be a good comeback too and restore our Republic as most Americans want.


          • Pepp: I love the Romney/Ryan ticket, as well.
            I believe the tide is starting to turn. Especially
            with the higher cost of electric here & the
            rising cost of gas–thanks to MaoBama they
            are now closing down coal mine operations
            here, which is putting more families in dire
            straits, between those losing their jobs &
            others finding their pocketbooks & wallets
            taking a hard kick, it’s really tough! And they
            all realize that Bush is no longer at fault, as
            MaoBama claimed. It is due to the guy who
            has been our erstwhile leader for the past
            3 years & 8 1/2 months now.


          • Elizabeth,

            I sure hope you are right. People are hungering for a “real” change, not just rhetoric. Yeah, people have been hit very hard over the last several years and it’s getting old. I don’t think he’s going to get the coal miners votes. Although some of them say they will just not vote.

            They don’t want Romney though. I guess those are died in the wool

            What they don’t see is their party is not a democrat one any longer, but a socialist/commie party.

            You would think millions of Americans would want this Deviant out of office they way he’s destroyed so much in a few short years. Just think of the destruction if he gets another term. It makes me shudder.


  2. One can but hope pray and vote that it will be so. Barry gotta go.


  3. Pepp,

    Funny azz post! It’s a good thing Obastard gets to use an electronic voting machine and doesn’t have to hand write in has name on the ballet. It would be pretty damn embarrassing for the folks at the poll to see the name Barry written and then scratched out before reading Barrack…ya’ know he gets all confused without his teleprompter…


  4. Yep. Damn Paul Ryan anyway. Now (Obama speaking) we can’t lie about what he wrote.


    • Davetherave said:


      I’m keeping an eye on Pepp’s & Hawk’s blog while they’re resting and gone. Thanks so much for your comment.

      You just gotta love how the radical minions are saying how happy they are Mitt picked Ryan! Oh yeah….I bet they are! They went through 1000 pair of depends at the WH the day Ryan was named….


      • Dave & Clyde: I just know that Obama was
        hiding under his desk, sucking his thumb
        & asking repeatedly if it was true. Upon
        being told “yes”, he had to be coaxed out
        but only after being given a strong tranquil-
        izer by the WH doc. Biden was probably
        curled in a fetal position in a dark closet
        being tended to by a few unlucky Secret
        Service agents who were in charge of
        changing his depends. Biden remains in
        “seclusion” & is undergoing intense the-
        rapy sessions. If I were him I would watch
        my back, because Obama-geddon might
        get worried about Biden’s forthcoming
        debate & make ‘Ol Joe disappear . . .


        • Elizabeth,

          LMAO! I’m wouldn’t be surprised if The Gaffer has already said, “Bring on Ryan. I’ll debate him right here and now! Oh by the way; who is Paul Ryan anyway??”


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