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No Look Like Any Other

There a few people the Fraud really hates and has a special glare he uses on them.

One of these people is Bibi Netanyahu and the other, his newest hated, is Paul Ryan.  Actually he has hated Ryan ever since Ryan tore Obamacare apart by the numbers.  I believe the left is saying they are thrilled that Ryan was chosen for the VP slot because they think they have a lot to go after Ryan with his budget plan.  But, I believe Ryan will explain it so that people understand it and stop thinking Ryan is trying to destroy Medicare.  In actuality Obama already has destroyed Medicare by taking $750 billion out of it for Obama Death Care.

Here are the pictures that prove the hate and contempt on Obama’s face.  And my wish, pray to God, is that we do not have to ever look at that Fraud’s face ever again after he is run out of the Oval Office.  I prefer he be taken out in handcuffs but that just won’t happen.  So, Romney/Ryan winning in November is good enough for me and it looks like they have a good chance, but there is always that massive voter fraud hanging over our heads.  This has got to be a BIG victory for Romney/Ryan to surpass the voter fraud.





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  1. We have got to pray that this election will be won by the people’s vote however, the more I learn I don’t know, sadly. Here in OHIO, Obama seems to have a lead & we know OHIO is important. Also, there are many rumblings about the Illuminati, that they are in the background & that they have the say (final)….. why would Obama be talking about 2016? Not saying that I believe all of this, but have given it thoughts. But the biggest issue: why so many of the Sheeple STILL blindly follow Obama? They tell me because Romney is for the rich (they cannot seem to get over that idea) & then there are those true-blue-my-parents-and-grandparents-were-Demorcrats. They do not believe we are headed down the path of Socialism. So those are my thoughts, no big words from me….. just my thoughts from an all-American gal who loves her country.


    • Hi Lambchop,

      So good to see you again.

      Yes, we do need to pray fervently that Romney wins this election. Did you take a look at my other post that shows the huge crowds Romney/Ryan brought out in N. Carolina? That is considered an Obama state too.

      Lambchop, these polls are all skewed in favor of Obama. The pollsters over sample democrats on the so called basis that there are more democrats than people who call themselves republicans.

      I would not believe those polls we are seeing. I wasn’t aware Obama is talking about 2016. Can you give me a link to that? The only reason he would talking about 2016 is that he believes he will be elected and become Dictator which is what I think he really is after.

      I have seen the polls on Ohio and it is discouraging to see the gap between Obama and Romney. But once again those polls may be skewed. I lived in Ohio and found out just this year that Obama won Ohio through fraud. I always thought that had to be the case.

      But, if the people think he’s so good then we may sink if he wins Ohio. However, Romney could win other states and Ohio would become less important. But I would wait to see what is really going on. Of course those who are going to vote for this Fraud again, I know there is no talking them out of it. They don’t want to see what he’s doing to our country and they deny the socialism part. But, the globalists are behind everything.

      So what we who are on the conservative side need to do is get out and vote in droves in November.


  2. Well,you know how it is with narcissists. Can’t stand to be told ANYTHING different than what THEY believe. Asshat best watch out,BiBi looks like he could kick Obama’s skinny ass up to his pencil neck. Aside to Lambchop,please DO NOT believe most of the polling from Ohio,or anywhere else. These polls are weighted to show the bastard leading. The sampling is running anywhere from 6 to 12% more democrats than republicans.


    • Hi clyde,

      Bibi doesn’t believe a word of Obama’s. Bibi is too big an intellect and the Fraud cannot match his. And yeah, with Bibi having been part of the Mossad, little skinny, girly Deviant better be careful.

      Thanks for chiming in on the skewed polls for Lambchop.


      • St. Gracie,
        Uh, no. Bibi was not in Mossad, he WAS in the our equivalent to the Army Rangers, but as PM he has access to Mossad files. You can bet your bottom dollar that he can do absolutely everything better than the aberration.
        Polls are not only skewed by playing with the numbers. I contend that there are many people who are simply embarrassed to say that hey will vote against the black guy, including many blacks. If polls were accurate, we wouldn’t need elections. That is the only poll I believe in, excluding the rampant fraud perpetrated by the kenyan’s minions.


        • Lucie,

          I stand corrected. It was his brother if my memory serves me, was it not?

          I think you’re right that people are afraid to say they are not going to vote for the Deviant. Especially the black community.

          That is one factor that is giving me some headaches, the voter fraud. We both know it’s going to be massive this time around.


  3. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! The eyes are “the mirror of the soul”. El Schmucko’s soul is blacker than his skin.

    It was obvious in his meeting with Bibi and Ryan if looks could kill.

    ‘oohRah!! 😉


    • Willibeaux,

      That’s right, the eyes are the window to the soul. And you can tell this man has no soul.
      Yeah, Bibi and the Fraud together. The Fraud was hating every last word Bibi had to say.


  4. If the eyes, or look in this case, are a window to the soul, then Obama sure exposes his. It’s the real Obama, not that phony character he tries to play. Most dictators had a look, Mussolini had his.


    • Bull,

      Great video. The Hawk has always said that the Deviant looks and acts like Mussolini with his jutting jaw. Well, we know what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Mussolini.


  5. Pepp,

    Good article. Ryan did rip Obamastalin a new ass going through the numbers of Obamacide! Ryan does know numbers. As far as his budget; Romney is already trying to separate himself from Ryan’s budget proposal. I have no idea what the hell that is about. Mitt just picked Ryan and he’s already backing off one the issues Ryan is best known for? Didn’t take Mitt long to throw more confusion into my head…


    • Dave,

      Love that new term Obamacide. In one word it describes what is going to happen to us on the medical side. LOL!

      Don’t worry about the budget thingy. It’s just a piddle in the weeds. Romney has his own ideas and I’m sure the two of them will find something palatable to work on together. They are a team and Romney’s used to working with teams. So is Ryan. Don’t let the demons get ya’ll scared to hell and back.


    • Dave, you might want to take a closer look at who said that Romney is distancing himself from Ryan’s budget, and exactly what was said. The left will say anything to make it look like there is already dissension between them.


      • Gimp, very wise advice…thanks!


        • Dave,

          Yes, Lucie is giving you good advice. She is on the mark most of the time.
          And yes, it’s the left reporting this mostly. But Romney has his own budget. After all he is the one running to be prez. And it can be seen quite clearly what a fantastic relationship there is between Romney and Ryan. They just click together hand in hand.


  6. Ryan is dangerous because he really IS smart. And is not afraid to trot out HIS college records. They will work like crazy to avoid having anyone going mano-a-mano with him.


    • drrik,

      You got that one nailed. Ryan is a blaze with numbers. One debate between Ryan and Gaffe Master Biden has already been scheduled somewhere here in KY. Can you imagine Ryan’s brain going up against a pea brain? I can’t wait to watch the demolition.


      • Pepp,

        So The Gaffer and Ryan are going to debate in KY? Damn. As a native Kentuckian I see that being a bit of a “six of one, half a dozen of the other’ scenario. The Gaffer is so damn dumb he will make the us native hillbillies look like Einstein. Buuuuut, Ryan is so smart he will make us hillbillies look…well…you get the picture. Crap; I sure hope the camera’s don’t show how many in the crowd are bare footed. They better put The Gaffer in a wire cage, so he doesn’t get hit by the Bud cans being thrown at him… 🙂


        • Dave,

          LOL! Gaffer hit by beer cans. Hilarious. There are plenty of smart Kentuckians, they just don’t get noticed. The media tries to make out nobody in KY ever graduated from high school, much less college. All wrong! We are the hillbillies who voted in Rand Paul. That should show the media how we are down here in dem der hills.


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