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Government Spying on You

Here is a letter I received from one of my Senators, Rand Paul, who is about the only Senator who is concerned about our liberties being usurped.  Rand is a lot like his father but has his own views on a lot of policies.  Dave Taylor and I talk about how lonely it must be for Rand in the Senate.  He wants to preserve our Constitution and our liberties, but the other Senators are not too concerned about that.  I personally think Rand will become another maverick like his father and remain ignored because he wants our rights preserved. 

Pat —
Recently, I received a classified briefing on how many phone calls and emails of yours the government spies on.

I can’t tell you the exact number, but the number is closer to a gazillion than it is one.

Your government has been spying on you for a long time. And this loss of liberty is a dangerous trend.

So I wanted to share with you a speech I gave a few weeks ago at FreedomFest in Las Vegas about our liberties being gobbled up by an out-of-control police state.

You can watch the speech by clicking the link below.


The flame of liberty won’t be extinguished,



Comments on: "Government Spying on You" (5)

  1. Pepp,

    Rand Paul is a good ole boy for sure! You are dead on that he is one of maybe a total of two or three that still gives a rats ass about our constitutional rights. Isn’t nice to know you are so important they are paying attention to what you say and write? That is such an honor, because they must be trying to secretly get your advice on how to fix the mess they’ve made. I didn’t get a letter from Rand, so I guess he likes you a lot more than me and I’m on my own. We are such a threat I can see why they give us so much attention…dumb assess!

    BTW; I hear that Dave Taylor guy is one smart sumbitch! 🙂


    • Dave,

      They shouldn’t be accessing our private emails and phone calls at all. This is illegal as hell. But all carried out on the usual “safety” of you and your children. I say BALONEY!

      Yeah, Rand loves me. One time when I called his office in DC, after I got finished with my issue, I told his aide to tell Rand that I love him. The aide laughed so hard and said he sure would tell Rand. LOL!

      HUH? Dave Taylor is one smart sob? Who said that? Are ya mad you got called an SOB?
      Tsk, tsk, the things we have to put up with. It’s amazing.


  2. The Supremes have stated that the spying is ok as long as they gert a warrent to actually use the informatino. Oh, and they aren’t really spying since they just COLLECT the information and then turn it over to several Israeli companies to do the actual screening. Compan that were formed with money given Israel by our government. So our government is just helping subcontractors spy on us. And in return the subs turn over any information on people of interest. Probably includes everyone on Presbo’s enemies list. Letter of the law and the Constitution are not being broken. Just their spirit.


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