Wicked Commentary

It did not take the Alinskyites long to get up a lying ad today about Romney and Ryan.

I hope these guys have their daggers and arrows ready to fight back.  The Obama camp is fast and sly.


Comments on: "The Alinskyites Attack Immediately" (6)

  1. This ad has been in the can for a while now. I knew they already had shit made up,ready to fling like monkeys at the zoo flinging shit.


    • clyde,

      They probably had ads ready to go on any one of the people on Romney’s “list”. So it is no surprise that they had something ready and waiting to go the minute Romney chose Ryan.


  2. I have been watching a little of the coverage of this on Fox News and hadn’t heard that the Resident or Biden had called to congratulate Ryan on the nomination, etc. Guess we don’t employ any nicities or gracipusness any longer do we? Or did I miss something?

    As for the above ad … yaaaaawn. Same old same old. And you know what, I think at least a portion of the U.S. Citizenry who tend not to be conservative/libertarian are getting really tired of the divide and conquer theme.


    • Mrs. Al,

      The ad is a big yawn as it states the same old lie once again. The bad part is these negative ads work.

      Oh, Mrs.Al, you funny one, the Occupier or Biden calling to congratulate Ryan? LMAO!
      No we don’t have that kind of civility in Cesspool city anymore.


  3. The radicals are scared to death of Ryan, so they’ve been planning this for several months would be my guess. Ryan greatly helps get conservatives more excited and I believe he will appeal well to independents. He’s a straight shooter that takes our debt very seriously and also wants to fix our screwed up tax system.

    What else are we to expect from radicals, except vicious attacks and lies? I say go ahead and fire away you traitors, because you are about to get bombarded by the truth and for you losers the truth will definitely hurt!


    • Hi Dave,

      The radicals were set up to attack whatever candidate Romney picked. They knew his short list as much as we did. I read that the radicals already had ads made for each of the people Romney could have picked. They want to be fast and furious. Sorry about that one.

      Surely the radicals will continue their vicious attacks and tactics of personal destruction on Romney/Ryan. Both are about as squeaky clean as you can get but that doesn’t stop the Alinsky radicals from making up lies and putting them forth for all to see and hear.

      So their task is a daunting one if you ask me. No matter how nice and how clean Ryan is the Alinsyites will bury him with lying stories about him. I imagine Axelrod is working feverishly to put up more lies about Romney and Ryan.

      Just look where the got Romney, a tax cheat, a felon, a murderer of a woman with cancer, and starting Bain with blood money from El Salvador. They don’t get much bigger than that.
      They can’t use the “He’s cheating on his wife” because it’s obvious how close each of the married partners are. Oh, I guess they could make it up.

      We’ll see what happens. I’m hoping at some point that regular folks stop believing these ferocious and nasty lies. it’s up to the voters now.


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