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An Afghan police officer shot and killed three U.S. Marines after sharing a meal with them before dawn Friday and then fled into the desolate darkness of southern Afghanistan. This is the third such attack against coalition forces in just one week.

Afghan Police

Thirty one (31) coalition service members have now died this year at the hands of Afghan forces or insurgents disguised in Afghan uniforms according to NATO. Friday’s deadly shooting took place in the volatile Sangin district of Helmand province. Sangin’s district chief and the Taliban both identified the gunman as Asadullah, a member of the Afghan National Police who was helping the Marines train the Afghan Local Police. Sangin was a Taliban stronghold for years.

Compared to 25 attacks already this year that have killed 31 foreign troops, there were 11 such attacks and 20 deaths in 2011. Each of the previous two years saw five such attacks. The NATO coalition says it takes the rise in “green-on-blue” attacks seriously, but insists they are not a sign of trouble for the plan to hand over security to Afghan forces. Brig. General Gunter Katz, a spokesman for NATO troops said, “We are confident that those isolated incidents will have no effect on transition or on the quality of our forces.”  Isolated? Is this guy frigging kidding?

We accidentally burn some of the Muslim’s bibles and Obama brings his true responsibilities to a screeching halt, so he can apologize to the Muslims and promise them justice will be done. Obama hasn’t said a single word about this atrocity. Why isn’t Obama screaming he wants answers and someone will be brought to justice for these murders? Is he to busy campaigning? Does he even really care?


These so-called “isolated” incidents (how comfortably the General called them incidents instead of murder) are rising at an alarming rate. NATO is taking this seriously? They are confident in the quality of trained Afghan forces? This may be the biggest bunch of bull crap I’ve heard all year, but the bigger bunch of bull  is we’ve heard not a word from Obama about these murders. Commander-in-Chief? Don’t urinate down my back and tell me its raining. Obama commands nothing and the only thing he is chief of is lies!

Info attained from: http://www.windstream.net/news/read.php?rip_id=%3CDA0IIH2G1%40news.ap.org%3E&ps=1018&page=1


Comments on: "Where’s Obama’s Outrage? by Dave Taylor, Contributing Writer" (19)

  1. Dave,

    Excellent article and it brings the ire out in me too. All the stupid PC shiite our military is commanded to do, like “be nice about the Koran” or “don’t shoot until you are shot at”. I don’t think for one moment that the Occupier cares one iota about our troops being murdered at all. I don’t hear him complaining to Karzai about this.


    • Pepp,

      Thanks for the compliment! Obastard has our troops sitting on the Pakistan border just like ducks on a pond. I’m flat out sick of this shiite. Either send em’ in to Pakistan to do what they do best and turn them loose on any Afgan that looks suspicious or bring them safely home. We’ve lost a lot of fine, young brave warriors over there in muzzie world and when it is all said and done not a damn thing will have changed. They’re just a bunch of barbarians and always have been.


      • Dave

        I would like to see all of our troops taken out of the whole ME. We don’t need to have our young men and women killed over the globalists plans. And that is all this is about. The globalists must keep us in wars to keep us diverted from what they are really doing and run us economically through the ground.
        I see our troops being pawns in a very sick game and that makes me livid.


        • Pepp,

          I agree with you 100%! We should have never put one pair of boots on their soiled ground. With our missile technology and air power; we could have kicked their asses back into the middle ages and never lost a single soldier. But that doesn’t work into their plans does it…bastards.


  2. Rave,

    Excellent post And timely! Talk about being livid. When I see this Traitor in the position of Commander-In-Chief the rage inside me is almost uncontrollable! Here we have an “enemy” in complete control of our entire military with access to ‘all’ military secrets, new weapons designs and latest technology. ( I don’t believe for a second that drone the mussies now have crashed. I believe it was given to them!) On top of that Ovomit is privy to all military plans and I believe he is giving info to the Muslim-Brotherhood! Hell, he has the brotherhood into the White Mosque constantly.

    I agree with Pepp,our soldiers are nothing but pawns to be manipulated in a political global game! Ovomit should be prosecuted and shot for Treason along with all of his supporting cronies!


    • Hey ‘awk,

      Thanks for the compliment! Obastard and all his parasites are domestic enemy’s to our nation and should be treated as such. I agree with Pepp as well and the military means nothing to Obastard, except a means to his end game. How in the world this sumbitch got to be president I’ll never understand. These are the darkest days our nation has ever endured in my opinion.


  3. Where oh where are the Pattons and Eisenhowers of today? I guess we’re left with nothing but brass-ass wusses.


    • I agree Pepp. This sumbitch should have been put in shackles and thrown in jail for treason a long time ago. WTF are our Joint Chiefs of Staff doing up their in DC? Out blowing the money Obastard gave them under the table on booze and hooker’s? Bunch of gutless assess. Hell; I consider them traitors as well for not upholding their oath.


  4. Man,this gives me some weird thoughts. Isn’t this the SAME shit the VC were doing,and our guys were pilloried for shooting back at them? My Lai ring a bell? It wouldn’t surprise me if the BECS is cutting a check to the scumbag shooter’s family as we type.


    • Clyde,

      I wouldn’t doubt that at all.


    • Howdy clyde,

      Thanks for commenting! It wouldn’t surprise me a bit, if they were on our tax money payroll. It also wouldn’t surprise me, if Obastard was behind all the shootings here in the states recently just to push his “take our guns away” policy. He’s the lowest something (I won’t even call him a life form) I’ve ever seen.


  5. willibeaux said:

    ‘rave! Great post. Don’t worry! El schmucko-in-chief is too busy raising his termination lood.

    ‘oohRah! 😉


  6. Dave, that’s a great article. We aren’t hearing much about it. I wonder why? 31 “isolated incidents”. That’s a lot of isolation, no?


  7. bull my friend,

    Thanks for your kind compliment! Yeah; they consider 31 “isolated.” I guess they also think the jihadist bastards only attacking us once with planes and killing over 3,000 was also isolated, because it only happened once. They can’t open their mouth without sh*t falling on their chin…


  8. Obama feel outrage over Muslim filth killing American soldier? That’s never going to happen. The misborn vermin’s not the sort to be outraged over the death of Americans who he hates, fears, and envies.


    • jonolan,

      Welcome and thanks for coming over and commenting! I completely agree with you the current critter infesting our White House doesn’t lose one wink of sleep over the death of Americans. You are also dead on he hates, fears and envies us and our country. I’m sure he’s very proud one of his muzzie brother’s pulled off this mission. The thought so many people are going to vote to put this POS back in office makes my stomach churn.


      • Why does the thought upset you? Those who vote for him are much like him and are America’s domestic enemies. Do you expect the enemy to do other than harm to you and yours if given the chance?


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