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The closer we get to November the more desperate the radicals get with their lies. It appears lying is a new Olympic event and they are trying to out do one another.

The radicals are running an ad accusing Romney being responsible for the death of women (Mrs. Soptic) from cancer. The steel factory her husband worked in closed down in 2001 by Bain Capital. This, says Mr. Soptic in the ad, left his wife without insurance to pay for her care. Falling ill, she went to a doctor who discovered stage 4 cancers, which killed her in 22 days. The radicals are the master of lies.

Joe Soptic Used Twice in Lying Ads

Romney moved out of leadership of Bain Capital in 1999, so he wasn’t running Bain Capital in 2001. When Mr. Soptic lost his insurance in 2001, his wife was still working and had her insurance. She lost her job and insurance in 2003. Mrs. Soptic’s doctors discovered  her cancer in 2006 when Romney was ending his fourth year as governor of Massachusetts. The radicals intentionally flat-out lied about Romney in this add. This is so disgusting the radicals want to pin someone sad death of cancer on the actions of Romney.

The Crazed Lying Howard Dean

Afraid he’d have to settle for the silver medal, Howard Dean had to get real creative and tell a bigger lie that may deceive a bigger audience. Democracy for America, Dean’s political organization, says Republicans in their “extreme” agenda pushed efforts over the last two years in Congress to end unemployment benefits. That’s definitely a big group for Dean to try to deceive, so he turned this lie into an email ad.

Online searches show plenty of discussion about how long unemployment benefits should continue, but not a single report surfaced indicating Republicans wanted to end the benefits. The email tells its audience you’ve seen the extreme agenda pushed by Republican’s over the past two years.

It lists with bullet points Repealing President Obama’s healthcare law, De-funding Planned Parenthood, Cutting Social Security benefits, Privatizing Medicare AND Ending unemployment benefits. There is zero proof Republican’s ever brought up wanting to “end” unemployment benefits. Dean tells a really big lie to a really big audience. He wants the gold medal for lies bad!

The email ads serve another overall purpose for the radicals. The ad also promotes 12 “commie” leaders in close races that could decide control of the next Congress. The ad offers a guarantee, “a guarantee from our one million members that we will do whatever it takes to win in November.” Flat out lying definitely falls into the whatever category.

So you tell me; which ad wins the gold medal for lies and which settles for silver…


Info attained at: www.wnd.com


Comments on: "Radicals Win Gold Medal Lies by Dave Taylor, Contributing Writer" (24)

  1. Great Dave. Gold medals coming. Hadn’t thought of screamin’ Dean in a while. That makes my hair stand up. Good piece.


  2. Great article Dave. I like the comparison between the Olympics and the Radicals. It brings some perspective into how bad these radicals want to win and take down our Republic.


    • Pepp,

      Thanks. Your words are too kind.


      • Dave,

        No, not too kind. Just putting the praise where it belongs. You brought a story out that a lot of us were not paying attention to or heard. I know when you first flagged me about this article I had not seen or heard a thing about it. Of course I’m NOT watching the news. I can’t stand to see it everyday. It makes my stomach turn. And that windbag Occupier is on there at least 100x a day. Puleassssssssssssssssssssse give me a break Fox!!!!!!!!!


    • Pepp,
      Like it, they’re Olympians in the propaganda game. Hard to think of too many competitors.


  3. Btw, Dave, my guess is they take Gold ,silver, bronze. But instead of the Greek goddess of victory on it, they should have Deans face as he screamed.


  4. Nah. Gold,silver,and bronze is FAR too precious to give to the rat bastards. I’d go for used toilet paper,dirty diapers,and dog shit.


  5. willibeaux said:

    HEH HEH HEH HEH! Great comments.

    ‘oorRah! 😉


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