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Brennan Dunn posted that his wife was so traumatized by the groping hands of TSA agents at a Florida airport that she required psychiatric treatment.


In his post, he explained that five years earlier, his wife was violently raped and her life threatened by three men in Florida.  She tried to hide the incident from everyone including her husband because of the guilt and shame she felt.  However, the nightmares and flashbacks never went away so she finally broke down and confided in husband what had happened.  Brennan got his wife in for counseling and she ended up on medication for her post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and they ended up moving away from Florida.

They recently had to return to Florida to attend the funeral of a family member.  Just arriving back in Florida put the wife on edge.  When they went to the airport to fly home, their nightmare began.  Here are Brennan’s own words to describe what took place to his wife that ended up with her requiring psychiatric treatment:

“We were back in FL due to a death in the family – whenever we’re there, she’s always on edge (understandably). The security checkpoint had a back-scatter and a metal detector active. I always opt-out, and unfortunately I was chosen to go through the metal detector instead of her. My wife was sent towards the back scatter, and told the TSO she didn’t want to go through that. I then overheard the TSO graphically describing that ‘they will need to touch your privates…’ (I know TSOs routinely scare people into going through the nude-o-scopes.) That just about did it for my wife, and she started shaking, sweating, and ended up going through the back scatter.”

“And then they discovered an ‘anomaly’ in her bra, so she needed to be patted down on her breasts. This freaked her out even more. She asked for a private room and for me to be there, and it was obvious that this pissed off the female assist TSO. As she started shaking and sobbing in the room as the TSO began to touch her breasts, I gently touched her arm. Big mistake – the TSO yelled that I couldn’t touch her and that I’d need to go through screening again.”

“I was furious, but my wife wanted to just get out of the checkpoint and to our gate. She popped some pills and was hoping it would all go away… But it didn’t. Once we got to our home airport, she vomited in the bathroom and asked me to take her to the ER. Last night she checked into our local hospital, and they’re wanting to transfer her to a psychiatric ward for a few days until she stabilizes.”

In his post, Brennan then asks:

“Is this worth it? Had she been permitted to go through the metal detector, she would have been fine. But the language of the TSOs and lack of sympathy towards anyone with mental health issues is repulsive. Every mental health professional we’ve talked to despises what the TSA is doing.”

“Do rape victims or other people suffering with PTSD have any rights, or is it the usual ‘if you don’t like it, don’t fly!’ bull?”

I don’t fly that often, but on one occasion I witnessed a female TSA agent pat down an attractive young lady I estimated to be in her mid-twenties.  As the TSA agent firmly felt the woman’s breasts, the young woman looked at the young man traveling with her and turned a deep red from embarrassment.  The TSA agent then moved down her body and didn’t seem to be very gentle when she checked the groin area.  The passenger jumped with surprise at the invasion and the TSA agent sternly told her to stand still.

The incident surprised me as I would have expected them to do this in private, but no, it was done right there in front of all to see.  You could tell the young woman was thoroughly embarrassed and seemed humiliated by the experience and the young man with her was visibly angry.

After witnessing this event at a busy airport and then reading the Brennan Dunn’s post of what happened to his wife, I wonder how many sexual perverts the TSA has working for them.  What better job for a lesbian than to work for the TSA and get paid to feel up other women.

A professional acquaintance of mine also had a very humiliating experience with the TSA.  On one of his travels, he was taken into a room and forced to strip completely naked in front of complete strangers because he set off the metal detectors big time.  This gentleman was in a serious auto accident years ago and had numerous pieces of metal holding his once broken body together.  He told me afterward that they not only had him strip completely naked in front of them, but they felt it necessary to touch and probe him everywhere possible.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think national security should be used as an excuse to sexually molest and traumatize people like Brennan’s wife, the young woman I witnesses and my acquaintance.  To what point are we expected to sacrifice our personal privacy and dignity?   Ask yourself if you would want to be groped or even forced to strip in front of total strangers and then probed and examined?  What about your spouse or children?  If anyone else in society does this, except your doctor, they will be arrested and charged with a sexual crime.

When will Congress put a stop to this personal sexual invasion?

There are millions of women in this country who have either been raped or molested by someone and have PTSD.  Each time one of these women is touched by someone who has no authority to grope her private parts, sends off a flash back and PTSD pops right in.  Why in the hell are we having TSA perverts groping women like this?  I find this very unnecessary and an abomination.


Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/6536/rape-victim-groped-by-tsa-agent-ends-up-in-psychiatric-care/#ixzz23ARjizCH


Comments on: "Another TSA Groping Violation" (16)

  1. They’ll be much better once they become civil servant union ! ! ! Oh shit ! ! !


    • Gene,

      What really needs to happen is more airports throwing these scum out and getting their own security people in. Some airports have done this. More needs to be done so we get rid of these perverts. How these people ever passed a security clearance is beyond me. In face I figure no one did a clearance on these dregs of society.


  2. Pepp,
    The reason there aren’t more private security companies at airports is because they need permission from Homeland Security. Not only is the Homeland not safe with these idiots, but neither is the individual’s dignity safe.


  3. I think the TSA was just set up to indoctrinate people. To get them used to being ordered around and being manhandled for future control.


    • Hawk,

      You’re right about that. This is a violation of our 4th Amendment Rights. This setup is only to control us and get us used to having our rights violated.


  4. Pepp,

    Excellent post about something that must be changed immediately! This is absurd. Along with this horrible invasion they are groping 8 year old girls all day long. Israel has the best airport security that I’m aware of and I never hear complaints like this about them. How does Israel handle their security? Where’s gimp when I need her???


    • Dave,

      Thanks. The whole thing is absurd. Israelis don’t grope their people. But, we can’t be bothered with profiling the people who might very well be a threat. With all of this groping and porn not one terrorist has been caught.

      Lucie looks at the TSA as a joke and has fun with it.


      • I can hear Lucie screaming about our lousy ass TSA out her window! “YOU AMATEURS SUCK!”

        Heaven forbid we concentrate our efforts on the people that have sworn to wipe Israel and the US off the face of the earth. Oh no; I wouldn’t want to upset them. But by all means, pick on the girl scouts all they want. They are so terrorizing…good Lord! I need a beer…


  5. I will tell y’all this. If I fly and one of these damn TSO’s tries to pull this sh*t on me, you will read a story about some redneck in jail for beating the hell out of a gubment agent!


  6. Dave,

    I’m extremely sensitive about people putting themselves into my space. My space includes my body. If one of these TSA gropers were to start in on me, I’d start screaming and it wouldn’t stop. I can say that is the way it would effect me. If they want to throw a screaming woman if jail so be it. They have no right to be in my space or touching my body.


  7. Thank God I have a big ol’ motorhome to travel in. Unless I REALLY REALLY want to go somewhere I’d have to fly,I don’t care if I ever step foot in an airport again. Also think if I were Mr.Dunn,I’d be either in jail,or dead. He also needs to seek a lawyer.


  8. clyde,

    Yep, good thing you have that RV. I wouldn’t fly right now if I had to because I know damn well where I’d end up and it wouldn’t be the original destination, but in sharing some jail cell with hookers and junkies. LOL! What a night that would be.


  9. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! I haven’t been on a plane since I retired (Aug 1986). I might react the same way as the ‘rave if I were groped.

    I wonder how many of the TSA pukes are sodomites male or female.

    ‘oohRah !! 😉


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