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The Muslim Public Affairs Council (MPAC) is pulling out all the stops to defame the “national security five” and lie about their requests to federal inspectors general – in a CAIR-orchestrated campaign to bully Congress into repudiating valid demands for oversight!

Muslim political fronts will not tolerate ANY appropriate scrutiny upon the clear and present danger our nation faces from Middle East terrorist-associated penetration into the Obama administration, our federal government agencies, and our national security and defense apparatus.

Never mind that Obama’s own Secretary of Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, was compelled under oath to reveal in Congressional hearings just days ago that “from time to time” terrorists do IN FACT enter, and remain, in these United States!

Apparently, we are not allowed to inquire, or identify, or investigate who these infiltrators might be, or with whom they might be working. This is discriminatory profiling, a witch-hunt, McCarthyism no less!

According to MPAC president Salam Al-Marayati, seen here with a Washington intern and Obama at the White House Muslim iftar, MPAC is holding a press conference in front of the Republican National Committee’s headquarters in DC, demanding that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney comment on the requests for investigation (see below) by Congressional members former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has dubbed “the national security five.”

The professional Muslim grievance lobby is in full cry, misrepresenting the request of the Congress members, and ascribing false motives to their concerns:

“Is Romney running for president of an inclusive and pluralist America or an exclusive and divided America?” said Haris Tarin, director of MPAC’s DC office. “This is not a question he can afford to duck. It’s central to his campaign. We will not let this kind of smear campaign and clear McCarthyism continue.”

In a Politico op-ed, Newt Gingrich backed Bachmann and her colleagues, saying their letters of request and the outcry that has ensued in response is an example “of the fear our elites have about discussing and understanding radical Islamists.”

Last week, John Bolton, a Romney foreign policy adviser, joined many of us with foreign policy credentials in endorsing the efforts of the “national security five.” Bolton agreed with their call for investigations into government employee affiliations with the Muslim Brotherhood and indicators of infiltration of the U.S. government.

MPAC and the mainstream press is falsely representing that the five Congressional members have made accusations against Huma Abedin, Chief of Staff for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In fact, no accusations whatever have been made of any individuals. Well documented grounds for questions requiring procedural answers about Abedin’s security clearance and personal associations with known terrorist figures, as well as radical, terrorist Islamic connections of MPAC and other organizations are raised as points of inquiry.

In a disgraceful Capitol Hill performance of grandstanding demagoguery and ill-informed political correctness run amok, Sen. John McCain BETRAYED his oath to the Constitution, INSULTED the conservative base and IMPERILED America!

When five courageous Congressional leaders in the counter-shariah effort pursued official channels asking five inspectors general to investigate the extent to which the Muslim Brotherhood’s “civilization jihad” is succeeding in its design to influence and subvert U.S. foreign and domestic policy – opponents led by John McCain went ballistic.

What part of “destroying Western civilization from within” do these people NOT understand? This is the explicit threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood and its declared purpose is to conquer us. Do they share the Islamists’ objectives of destroying America? Maybe they are envious of the courageous leadership being exhibited by these Representatives, and of OUR SUPPORT FOR IG INQUIRIES!

Our nation’s security MUST NOT be sacrificed to political correctness!

The Islamists, their champion on Capitol Hill, Rep. Keith Ellison, (MI), the Left-wing blogosphere and their useful idiot Senator John McCain (AZ) pretty much came unhinged with ad hominem and scurrilous attacks on Reps. Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Louie Gohmert, Tom Rooney and Lynn Westmoreland for letters they have rightly written seeking investigations by five federal inspectors general of this threat.

The letters say the Muslim Brotherhood, the international Islamist movement that recently came to power in Egypt with help from the Obama administration, has made “deep penetration” within the U.S. government, and that an investigation of its influence within the five federal agencies is warranted.

To Keith Ellison, one of two Muslims members of the U.S. Congress and Obama buddy, influence in the U.S. government by the Muslim Brotherhood is just “nonsense, a phantom.” But no actual refutation of the 16 pages of documentation outlining the problems warranting investigation has been offered by the Islamist apologists.

The Muslim Brotherhood is perhaps the world’s most influential Islamist organization, and publicly has proclaimed a mission “to unite traditional Islam with modern democracy” in Middle Eastern nations. This may sound benign to Western ears like McCain’s, but the internal messaging is far more sinister – global caliphate, Shariah law, destruction of Israel, subordination of women, oppression of minorities and forced conversions…


That is the Muslim Brotherhood motto. And that is what Barack Hussein Obama is supporting in Egypt and throughout the Middle East – and AT HOME IN THE U.S.A. – with your tax dollars. We MUST STOP Obama and the left from facilitating the stealthy infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood and Shariah penetration of our country’s institutions – and those of other Western countries, as well.

John McCain and other establishment solons steering our nation’s course to ruin these days in the Congress – like John Boehner – are political foes of the conservatives, and happily pandered to the liberal Washington Post in distorting and lying about the IG letter requests. They deliberately mischaracterized as “unfounded personal attacks” what were in fact meticulously documented national security problems that warrant inquiry across five different executive agencies.

Conservative lawmakers have well-founded concerns about infiltration and Islamist influence peddling within the Obama administration. They did NOT accuse Huma Abedin of anything, but her situation is anomalous, and we MUST support their efforts to investigate and illuminate the national security system risks they have identified.

John McCain and his ilk think that in threat assessment and national security, reality does not matter, geopolitics does not matter, and history does not matter. It’s all about hurt feelings and who is going to be offended… but is the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization or NOT? Has it repudiated its mission of a global caliphate or NOT? Does it intend to exterminate the Jews and conquer all of us infidels, or NOT?

Here is this week’s headline, judge for yourself: Muslim Brotherhood Revival hate rally – “one day kill all the Jews.”




  1. Pepp,

    This makes me remember a scene from the WWII movie “Midway”. Charlton Heston is asked by the JAPANESE looking American born girl whose family is in a holding camp “what makes her different than any other person born in American.” Heston replies, “Pearl Harbor I guess.” Hmmm…sounds reasonable to me.

    At a time of war (and we are always at war with the Muslims) extreme measures are taken if necessary for the overall good of our nation. Like it or not; that’s life. So I sure can understand why our nation would heavily investigate the influence and influx of Muslims coming in the US. No other religious faith practices jihad any better than the Muslims, sooo go figure…

    Is it fair? Don’t know and don’t really care…


    • Dave,

      I don’t care either. Life isn’t fair. I would have thrown out every Muslim in here and certainly not allow more of them in here. We have a Muzzie terrorist sitting in the oval office.


  2. Once they have a law that prohibits any speech that defames any religion, will be interesting to see how they enforce it when the Koran itself has specific passages that are taught in the madrassas that defame the Jews.


  3. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! The SPOOK says it’s time to play cowboys and muzzies.

    Ball ammunition; lock and load.

    ‘oohRah!! 😉


    • Wili,

      Oh good. I love playing cowboys and muzzies. Heck we’re just going to smear pig fat all around the farm to keep those sand flies outta here.


    • And Willi,

      Don’t forget we have that huge ugger lager dog Merlin. They don’t like dogs and especially all black ones. I think they think dogs are devils. Well we’ll show them what devil means in one swell topple and slash of the neck. LOL! I’m so full of it tonight. 😀


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