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Don’t know if this is true.  I received this through an email.  But, if dingy harry reid can stand on the Senate floor and make outrageous accusations about Romney,  I decided to print this letter so I am outrageous too.  Maybe so maybe not. 

Wedding ring is in for repair

Since when does a plain wedding band need repairs, along with your watch, for a whole month?
Another piece falls into place. In a press conference last week Obama was not wearing his wedding ring nor was he wearing his watch.
When noticed, his staff said his ring was out for repairs. No reason was given for the missing watch.
So it’s just a coincidence that Muslims are forbidden from wearing jewelry during the month of Ramadan Can’t possibly be that, because although he hasn’t gone to a Christian church service since entering the White House, we know he’s a committed Christian “cause he said so during his campaign!” ………..And I’ve got a bridge to nowhere to sell you also.

This is the same president that spent the Christmas holidays in Hawaii to avoid religious obligations as PRESIDENT at the White House. His children do not receive Christmas presents.

Let’s just face the facts and quit trying to distort the truth, we have a Muslim for president in the White House, and he has no knowledge of American history.


Comments on: "Wedding Ring Out for Repairs" (15)

  1. Hi pepp, I got this email too. Is it just another conspiracy theory? At this point I tend to believe it because nothing about Zero adds up. Too many coincidences to be a coincidence I think. Was his real father’s identity covered up to avoid a scandal, there is speculation that Frank Marshall Davis sired Zero since Obama Sr and zero’s momma never resided together. She left for the mainland just a few weeks after giving birth and Sr. stayed in Hawaii. Then there is Sheriff Joe’s posse evidence about the BC fraud, the weird SS number, everything sealed. Mr transparency is quite opaque!


    • FOH,

      I tend to believe this story. Like you said nothing adds up with Zero. So much is hidden through his first EO. Why would a president need to place an EO on his records if there was nothing to hide?

      Then they accuse Romney of hiding things. It’s laughable while the Zero has no information about himself out there for all to see except the things that some very hard working journalists have found.

      Whoever heard of it taking a whole month to get your wedding ring repair. It’s so bogus.


  2. YAWN. Hell,Pepp,WE don’t need any e-mail. WE know he sides with his “muslim brothers”. Said so himself.


    • clyde,

      Sorry I bored you. Yep, we’ll all know what he said in his book. And how he slipped up with George Stephanopolous when he accidentally said “my Muslim faith”. Now who would “accidentally say that unless they are one?


  3. That email has been circulating for some time but there is no evidence to dispute it by Zero’s own actions. Further, Zero NEVER travels with his dog. That is also forbidden by Islam. If anyone has wondered why the moocher leaves early with the kids and dog, now you know why.


  4. His ring is getting the Winston Churchill treatment. 🙂


  5. goshawk3 said:

    From Ovomits own mouth…”I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

    Well, the winds have shifted and Ovomit keeps his word to THEM! He does all he can to
    protect the S.O.B’s!


  6. Great theory. Islam doesn’t prohibit jewelry during Rahmadan. Doesn’t change my opinion about him either ways.


  7. Thanks for this post Pepp; frigging hilarious! It’s either do to one of two reasons Obamastalin wasn’t wearing his jewelry: (1) Ramadan, (2) He left them on Holder’s beside table…either is very possible! 🙂


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