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The Job Killer, Obama

I think as much information should be put out to the public just how many jobs and our resources are being taken away by the Dictator and the EPA.  It can’t be stressed enough how the Monster in the White Mosque directed the EPA to destroy jobs and our energy.  If people don’t know this then look at the video.

Vote NO against Obama and his job killing policies and taking our resources away from the American people.  He does not own our resources.   This is another over reach by the Dictator in Chief.  What would 4 more years of this look like?


Comments on: "The Job Killer, Obama" (14)

  1. This country can not stand 4 more years of this Traitors damage!


  2. willibeaux said:

    The private sector is doing fine.

    ‘oohRah!! 😉


    • Willi,

      You joker you! Right, the private sector is doing fine according to the Beast because he’s got them where he wants them, going out of business.


  3. I don’t think I can live through 4 more years of the lying thieving fraud commie mooslim! He has to go!!!


  4. I am not convinced that the goal of the administration is to finalize the desctruction of private/personal property. If memory serves, we fought a revolution over such an issue, did we not? Therefore, can’t we conclude that given inaction on the part of Congress and the Court system to reign in the current administration that Washington D.C. itself has declared a culture war on the Citizenry? And if that is the case, what sould be our response?

    Just thought I would toss the above out because … well, I am in a mood — hahaha


    • Mrs. Al,

      I am convinced that this administration is destroying us deliberately. If you read The Creature Form Jekyll Island or some of the new books out, the Dictator is following all the rules for revolution ala Alinsky.

      The Congress is a mystery. Are they complicit? Surely the Senate with a democrat majority and King dingy harry at the helm

      Many articles have already been written about how the whole government needs to come down because it is completely infiltrated now with commies/Marxists.

      I guess we’re all in a mood these days.


  5. Stop and think. The mine lays off 30 some people,then you have truckers not hauling the coal,equipment companies shedding sales and service help,the list goes on. How the dickweed has any lead in a coal state would require the willing suspension of disbelief. When I see a poll from Pa. Oh. Wv. Ky., or anywhere else coal is mined,I automatically figure they only sampled urban voters.


    • clyde,

      You got it. Jobs lost and electric prices sky rocketing. I would not understand anyone in these states voting for him. KY won’t elect him. He was soundly beaten here in 2008.

      I hope W.VA sees how destructive this man has been. Hannity had a special on last night where one town was ruined by coal mining being shut down. They had 4% unemployment and now they have 12%.

      When I see these polls that say he’s winning in Ohio, I have to wonder, being dumbfounded. He only won Ohio through fraud in 2008 and that was proven.


  6. Good post Pepp. I’ll just pretty much echo what clyde wrote, because I think he nailed it. There can be no way the sumbitch is winning in states that depend so much on coal for the economy. Hell; he should even lose the dead vote in those states…


  7. In four more years we could look like Kenya.


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