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Class Dismissed? I don’t think so...

Obama does the exact opposite of dismissing the different classes and one of his favorite targets is the rich. The top 1% is really an easy target, because so many people are jealous of rich people and covet their financial stature. That’s what Obama depends on and plays upon. The population of our nation of people who want to be given freebies in lieu of earning a better way of life has grown greatly with Obama at the helm. There are a lot more votes available on the lower-income bracket, so it just makes sense for Obama to play up to that majority and demonize the wealthy.


Obama wants the wealthy to pay more in taxes than they already now pay. He states it’s fair, because they have more and should pay their fair share. We should start referring to Obama as “Obama Hood.” Let’s take a quick look at how the wealthy have it so much better off at tax time than less fortunate people. Here are the facts for taxes paid for 2009.

A lot of lower-income Americans pay various excise taxes, as well as payroll taxes toward Social Security and Medicare, but does that indicate higher income people are getting off easy when they pay taxes?

In 2009, when including all federal taxes the top 1% paid 22.3% of taxes, while the bottom 20% only paid 0.3% of the taxes. This illustrates the top 1% paid 74 times the amount paid by the bottom 20%. As a quick comparison; the top 1% only paid 7 times a much in taxes in 1979.

Some love to use the reasoning that they pay more, because they simply earn more, but when factoring in income equality the wealthy still pay paid a disproportionate amount in taxes. In 2009 the top 1% only earned 13.4% of the US income that year, but paid 22.3% of all the taxes. The top 20% that earned 50.8% of the US income paid 67.9% of all the taxes.


All other income groups combined paid a much lower share in taxes than they earned. So exactly what does Obama mean when he says the wealthier should be thrust into higher tax rates to pay their fair share?

 The numbers above are facts and anyone can look up this information and see it’s true. In my opinion the top 20% income earners are already paying more than their fair share and making them pay more is a crime. Also, increasing taxes on such a small group is not going to make a scratch in assisting the federal government gets our massive debt that has exploded under Obama’s leadership under control.


The federal government does not have a revenue problem. They have a wasteful and irresponsible spending problem. What exactly is Obama trying to accomplish by continually beating the drum the rich need to pay more in taxes? So it will be supposedly fair and help fix our debt problem? The only thing I can think of is just good old class warfare. Divide and conquer classes; which Obama thrives upon. Demonize the top 20% as greedy Scrooges in trying to brainwash the other 80% into supporting Obama Hood. He’s not going to snowball me…




Comments on: "Class Dismissed by Dave Taylor, Contributing Writer" (22)

  1. Dave,

    Good article. Shows how the rich cannot possibly support this government alone. I heard that taxing the rich higher would only keep the federal government going for 8 days. Just ludicrous!


  2. And this is the same pine cone who does not discourage the likes of George Soros from funding various political organizations, etc on his behalf.


    • Hi Mrs. Al,

      Thank you for commenting. My guess is Satan Soros would get a special exclusion from having to pay higher taxes. He didn’t get his money fairly, so with Obamastalin’s simple minded logic he will say Satan Soros doesn’t qualify to pay fair taxes. Commies…Lord give me strength!


      • goshawk3 said:

        Well, look at Ovomits buddy at GE. They pay no taxs at all.


        • ‘awk,

          Great point. If Obamastalin is so in love with commie, pinko ways to run a society, then why does he hand out so many exemptions for his pals not to have to follow his commie, pinko ways?? How many exemptions has he already handed out for his pals not to have to abide by Obamacide? Do ya’ think it may be do that even a lot of commies even know deep in their heart their system totally sucks wind???


    • Mrs. Al,

      Loved the use of Pine cone. LOL!


  3. Thanks for the compliment Pepp. Yeah; that is the exact same stat I heard as well with the increase Obamastalin wants to thrust on the wealthy. Just goes to show he is not at all serious about getting our down right stupid debt under control. This is just another form of him buying votes on our dime with more lies.

    BTW; I’ve had an awful time trying to post comments on bull’s and your blog lately. It takes me 2-3 times for it to take and then sometimes it wants to post the same thing twice. I think I’m having problems with Firefox, so sorry if my comments end up looking weird. I saw where bull was making the same complaint on his blog yesterday.


    • Dave,

      No problemo. I could report it to WordPress but I have to use your email address and more info to get them to do anything. Let me know. Or you could contact support yourself.


  4. willibeaux said:

    Right on again ‘rave.

    ‘oohRah!! 😉


  5. Dave, he’s back in the saddle, great article and fantastic pics too. I wish he reserved some of that hate and criticism for himself. ( he should be the .0001-percenter) We now have the definiton of fair, whatever Obama says it is. I’m so sick of his class warfare. Even Libs admit it. One of my litle pet peeves is how libs are prone to talk out of the side of their mouth, its very symbolic. I like that term “Obama Hood”. When he drives them out what’s he going to do? We need to get divider and conqueror out.


    • Hey bull,

      Thanks for the compliment and comment. Our good friend Pepp added the great pics for me.

      It’s impossible for Barry to criticize himself, because he’s never made a mistake as far as he is concerned. I’m sick of class warfare also and when did it become a crime to be wealthy? I’m certainly not, but I have no problem with those who are. Lib’s learn how to talk out of both sides of their mouth in liberal colleges. They take Bullshit 101 & 102. Great point about when he drives them out. So many countries who are set up to keep everyone poor are doing so well…da bro gotta go.


      • Dave, and you know what? It doesn’t matter how much of a jerk he makes out of himslef, no one on his side will criticize him. That BS 101 and 102 really did a job on them. As lucky as he’s been at making a killing for doing nothing, he’s stirring up animosity toward wealthy? They could have at least picked a better spokesman.


        • bull,

          “a better spokesman”…LMAO!! Obamastalin makes an ass of himself more than Jimmy Clueless Carter. I think both of them sucked down too much Billy Beer…


          • Dave Thinking about it, if he starts at 250k then its a larger percentage. He makes it sound like he’s talking about that Numero Uno top 1%. Typical Dems, say they don’t want government in their bedroom… they want to keep it in your wallet where it belongs.


          • Great point bull. Where in the hell do they get the stat that those that make $250K are in the 1% class? As much as stuff cost now that is just pretty much a decent middle class income. Obama turns our bedrooms into government…oh yeah…and Clinton turns the oval office into a bedroom!


  6. Dave,
    Excellent post! What’s ironic is that Zero is begging for donations from the very same people that he wants to screw over but somehow can’t figure out why donations are down.


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