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This really is what Campaign 2012 is all about.  Romney’s ad gets high marks for being one of the most honest ads out there today according to Human Events.

Romney is putting Obama on the defense where he belongs.


Comments on: "One of the Best Political Ads" (16)

  1. Excellent post Pepp. As all progressives; they are totally clueless on what it takes to build a business. I’m certainly no expert on politics (though I love to run my mouth about it), but I do know a little about business after running two successful ones for a total of 25 years.

    There are only two ways the government can effect a business: Get in its way and kill it or stay out of its way and give it a chance to thrive…that’s it. It takes two essential parts to create a business: someone with enough guts to start one and customers…that’s it. Neither the business owner will exist without customers and customers will never get products without business owners. The government creates nothing that is healthy for our country or economy, but it sure in the hell can create over burdensome taxes and regulations that greatly hinder the health of a business or may kill it. The government can do nothing to help a business with the exception of just leaving it completely alone.

    The dumb ass comment from Barry sounds to me like he is talking to the unions, but he already has their vote wrapped up so why make the comment?? Maybe it’s another one of his attempts at class welfare?? Well…Obastid has stuck is own illegal foot in his own mouth so many times this year only God knows why he made this stupid comment. I’m not smart enough to figure it out, but we all know all his pinko cronies are running around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to make us believe he never even said it. Got cha’ again Barry with your own words…


    • Dave,

      None of us have to be experts on business to know what the Deviant is doing is bad for business. The business are all over TV telling their stories of hardship because of this monster in the White Mosque.

      Of course he’s working that class division crap all the time. And there are fools who believe him. Most likely those who have never had a job in their lives.


    • goshawk3 said:


      A good comment but I’ll take issue with it on a couple of points.

      you said “progressives; they are totally clueless on what it takes to build a business.” That is not entirely true. These Communists and criminals know what it takes. But they are not in the business of ‘building.’ These Traitors use their knowledge to attack the foundation of business. Their purpose is to create a Totalitarian country in which we, the serfs, will support them in their little dream of a Utopia.

      Why Ovomit made that stupid statement? Ovomit deals only in lies an diversion taught by Saul Alinsky. So he will throw out as much lying propaganda as he can at every opportunity in an effort to persuade the “Stupids” to follow him. Now, look how many Libs on the news repeat that stupid statement as if it were the truth.


  2. Just look at “New GM” for a lesson on how prog/commies build a business. By turning 100 years of bankruptcy law on it’s head, shafting the MAJOR creditors,along with any and all share holders of all stripes. Ford and Chrysler sales,and share prices,up,GM,down. Works REAL well,I’d say.


  3. Nope,not $400,000,000,000. More like $47,000,000,000.Still entirely too much. Should have let GM go tits up under Chapter 11. But,OH NO, the bastard COULD NOT let the damned UAW suffer.


  4. Just Gene said:

    Where is Romney’s response to the accusations of his outsourcing. Pull up this one to get a reality check on Givme Money. We, the taxpayers, are making China rich. http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=Lvl5Gan69Wo


    • Gene,

      That is another thing I’ve been a bit ticked over. Romney does not strike back like he should and show the Dicktator that he, the Liar in Chief, is the biggest outsourcer of all.


  5. Thanx for posting. Great ad except for one little thing (that means a lot to me) … I hope Romney gets the message that phrases like, “I am going to change that” is the problem. It’s not up to government to “create jobs.” It’s not up to government to “regulate to death.”

    Romney, IMHO, should be using language that clearly demonstrates he understands the LIMITATIONS on government that are supposed to be there. Merely pushing a conservative v. leftist/progressive agenda is not good enough for me.


    • Mrs. Al,

      This has been a pet peeve of mine that Romney needs to expand his message to show the difference between him and Obama. I fear sometimes he is too “nice’. I want to see him come out punching and keeping the Dictator on defense.


      • Well, Pepp, I don’t think that is going to happen. It’s not who he is. Now if he were to put Allen West up for VP … then we would have some interesting debates happen.


        • Mrs. Al,

          Yeah, I know. And that is uncomfortable for me. I know Romney can be brutal as he was in the primaries however. Oh, I would love to see Allen West on the ticket. He is my favorite pick.


  6. Great posting, Pepp. I just love this ad. We definitely do need someone who believes in America! One who loves America!!! Oust obuma!!!


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