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Melinda Deaton’s Feeding Tube

Since the Liar in Chief stated that the war on terror is over, then why do we still have the TSA?  I believe it is one way to get people to give up their 4th Amendment rights by getting us to accept this monstrous behavior out of the TSA searches. With all of their unlawful searches they have never found one terrorist. What does that tell us?

There was no reason, or none I can think of, to expose this woman to this kind of a search.

From the NBCDFW written by Omar Villifranca

A North Texas man says he is outraged that airport security agents at Dallas Love Field strip-searched his wife and handled her feeding tube.

Melinda Deaton has a four-inch medical tube sticking out of her stomach. The medically implanted tube is needed for treatment after complications with a gastric bypass surgery.

Deaton frequently flies from Dallas to Minneapolis for treatment at the Mayo Clinic. She said Transportation Security Administration agents strip-searched her and touched her feeding tube Wednesday morning when she was on her way to three days of treatment.

Her husband, John Deaton, said the incident was unusual.

“They will see it on their screens, ask her what it is, she’d identify it, they may pat it on the outside of her clothing, accept it and go on,” he said.

But that didn’t happen Wednesday morning.

Even though she was wearing a medical bracelet with a USB drive on it that contained notes from her doctor, TSA agents still searched her.

“They had physically stripped her and saw the tube coming out of her stomach, and they decided that they needed to check it for explosives, so they had to physically handle the tube,” John Deaton said.

Besides handling the tube, agents swabbed it for bomb-making material, Melinda Deaton said. Her husband said it put his wife at risk of infection.

“Any time you put a harsh substance on it, you run the risk of contamination,” he said. “They put stuff on there that we don’t know what it is and identify. She has a weak immune system as part of her medical condition, and it can be very fatal to her.”

TSA spokesman Luis Casanova would not comment on what chemicals were on the swabs but did say that touching the device is not supposed to happen.

Melinda Deaton was given back some of her food for the trip. TSA agents allowed her to go through security and board her plane after her strip search.

The Deatons have filed a formal complaint with the TSA and with the city of Dallas, which runs Love Field.

The TSA said it is investigating the allegations but said it could not specifically comment on the Deatons’ case.

“As I mentioned before, we respect the right to privacy of the passenger in question and will reach out directly to her,” Casanova said. “Once we have further information, I will provide a statement as necessary.”

The TSA issued a statement Thursday that said:

“TSA’s mission is to safely, efficiently and respectfully screen nearly 2 million passengers each day at airports nationwide.  We are sensitive to the concerns of passengers and we invite those individuals to provide feedback to TSA through a variety of channels. In this specific incident, an investigation was initiated and it was determined that the Transportation Security Officer (TSO) followed standard operating procedures conducted in the presence of a Supervisor TSO. We take the professionalism of our workforce and the integrity of our security procedures very seriously and will address any alleged issues directly with the passenger.”

Additionally, the TSA said they work regularly “with a broad coalition of disability and medical condition advocacy groups to help understand their needs and adapt screening procedures accordingly.”

John Deaton said he just wants TSA agents to be a little more sensitive to passengers with medical issues.

“It outrages me to think that they can get away with that because they have a single female with a medical condition that is not going to stand up to authority figures and TSA, and say, ‘Guys, this is really across the line,'” he said.

Their mission is to safely and respectfully search people?  This was safe and respectful of this woman?  This is monstrous in my little opinion.

A hat tip to Donna for sending me this story.  Thank you Donna.



Comments on: "The TSA and Another Assault on Us" (18)

  1. An illegal in a border town assaulted and injured a family member. Felony. He then prevented the family member from contacting emergancy services. Felony 2. He then was picked up by the Department of Homeland Security, from whose custody he tried to escape. Felony 3. He then injured an officer that tried to restrain him. Felony 4. The arresting officers were ordered to let him go without ANY charges because he calimed to meet the criteria of the DREAM Act, although those cirteria were not verified by DHS. The arrswting officers were told that they would be fired if they did not release this person. We need to come in to the country via Mexico instead of retuyrning on regualr flights.


    • drrik,

      Thanks for that information. As usual it horrifies us. Homeland IN-security should be disbanded also along with the TSA.
      Right, sounds good to me, come through Mexico. How disgusting can these people get?


  2. goshawk3 said:


    Thanks so much for sharing this info. It is an absolute horrible story. I hope that the husband does more than file a complaint. He should sue the pants off everyone connected! Had that happened to me and my wife I probably would go to jail. Because there is no way in hell I would let them do that Pepp!

    And Pepp is right. Ovomit claimed loudly (in an attempt to cover for his Muslim friends) that the “War on Terror” is over. If that is so then what is the TSA looking for? They should be disbanded.


    • Hawk,

      I know for sure you’d go to jail to protect me. I expect that both of us would end up in jail as you know I can run my mouth off too when absolutely necessary.


  3. Thanks so much for passing along this story Donna and thanks for posting it Pepp. This is so outrageous steam is coming out of my ears. Obamastalin must think we are a bunch of damn fools if we are to believe the war on terror is over. It will never be over, because terrorist will always exist. Obamastalin just attempting to put an umbrella over his fellow muzzies. What a jerk.

    And you brought out the perfect statistic Pepp that not one single terrorist has been thwarted by the TSA. The TSA is simply another Shitcago style thug gang controlled by Obamastalin. The feds waste so much of our damn money on alphabet agencies that accomplish absolutely nothing with the exception of infringing on our constitutional rights. There are so many that need to be just shut down it’s ridiculous. It feels more and more each day like we already live in a communist state. Soon we will need papers to travel from state to state on vacation. Lord please help us get that creature out of our White House!


    • Dave,

      There is no real reason for the TSA to exist under the manner in which they operate. It is unnecessary to search the people they do. It is nothing more than about control. Since no real terrorist is caught this way, it should be done away with right now. The government is all about controlling the masses right now. And desensitizing us while our 4th Amendment Rights, Not to be searched without a warrant, are being shredded.


  4. Just Gene said:

    Thanks for the article – I’m sending it to over 100 people on my email list. Sorry I didn’t answer sooner, I spent a lot of time throwing up.l


  5. That is outrageus No one should be sumitted to that type of search I feel so sorry for that woman I agree hope her husband sues


    • Hi Susie,

      Yes it is an outrage. I cannot imagine how that woman felt being treated the way she was.
      I hope her husband sues too. These thugs do not have to do the things they do to people. There have been so many horror stories like this one. The TSA made a cancer survivor take off her diaper so they could search this woman. Totally unacceptable behavior. It appears that instead of concentrating on “real” terror possibilities they make people who are obviously not terrorist go through this kind of humiliation.


  6. Well somethingshould be done. I would just cry if that ever happened to me


    • Susie,

      I agree that something must be done. There are some people working on this, but no real change has happened as yet. The Hawk told me this morning that one large airport is kicking out the TSA and 5 small airports are getting their own security company.
      I agree, I would be appalled being handled like that. Also I don’t think it was in this article but they also threw this woman’s food in the trash. Once they assaulted her finding she was not a terrorist they took her food out of the trash and gave it back to her. The problem is she is so vulnerable to infection with this feeding tube in her.


  7. They took her food out of the trash and gave it to her. I hope she threw back in their faces. Man what animals


    • Susie,

      Yes, that is what the TSA did. It’s my belief that the people hired to be these TSA searchers are nothing more than a bunch of thugs.


  8. Damn shame we haven’t read of a TSA agent picking teeth out of their shit. If that were my wife,a couple of them would be doing just that. While I set in jail laughing at the toothless bastards.


    • clyde,

      You’re like the Hawk. He would not stand for this and I know him well enough that he’d beat the hell out of any TSA agent who would do such a thing to me.

      I’m glad to hear you also would do the same thing. There needs to be more protesting of this TSA. In fact, someone needs to bring a law suit against the TSA as this is not even legal under our 4th Amendment rights.


  9. Amem to that


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