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Holder’s DOJ, FBI Ignoring Child Sex Trafficking Cases — Informant

Eric Holder’s Department of Justice and the leadership of the FBI are blocking prosecution of human trafficking cases, including those involving minors being forced into prostitution, according to a Townhall magazine article by FBI informant Brandon Darby.Darby and another FBI “human source,” Dottie Laster, helped investigate human trafficking for several months. Darby writes that he went undercover to gather information on sex traffickers with the help of a sympathetic FBI agent whom he refers to as “Agent X” to protect the agent’s identity.What Darby uncovered was that cases were often ignored by law enforcement because law requires them to cooperate with ICE, but ICE would often raid the target of investigations before the law agencies could gather evidence necessary for prosecution. Rather than waste the money, time and effort, law enforcement often would just ignore trafficking cases.

The FBI also has a pattern of ignoring such cases, even those involving minors, because the FBI cannot get funding to house and protect the victims of trafficking until the U.S. Attorneys Office designates them as witnesses.

According to Darby, DOJ often didn’t want to get involved because designating many of these victims as witnesses involves obtaining various types of visas and other immigration paperwork.

This also requires signing of a law enforcement declaration of having the witnesses’ cooperation, which local officers in turn didn’t want to sign because they didn’t have a guarantee of resources.

And so the bureaucratic buck is passed.

Darby contends that politically appointed leaders in the FBI and Department of Justice are neglecting their duty to investigate and prosecute human trafficking cases, while hiding behind red tape.

But the allegations get worse.

Cases involving minors are supposed to trigger an automatic investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice. But Darby believes someone working within the FBI deliberately changed information to remove one or more victims’ designation as minors so that the FBI and DOJ would not be obligated to investigate.

Further, someone in the FBI leadership seems to have engaged in retribution against one or more agents who were investigating child sex trafficking, according to Darby, thereby endangering investigations, trafficking victims and the public at large. At least one agent in question was transferred and ordered not to investigate trafficking cases, Darby says.

Darby’s allegations should be investigated by Congress immediately. The Department of Justice and this Administration have already been covering up details of the Fast and Furious operation that delivered thousands of weapons to drug cartels and resulted in the murder of a Border Patrol agent and who knows how many other people.

If the Department of Justice is also abetting child sex trafficking, through negligence or otherwise, Attorney General Eric Holder needs to be removed and possibly even face criminal charges.

And given that so many of these human trafficking cases involve illegal immigrants or even U.S. citizens being smuggled over our porous Mexican border, King Obama’s recent unilateral enactment of amnesty, the Department of Homeland Security’s retaliation against Arizona law enforcement and the decision to close Border Patrol stations must be thoroughly investigated.

All of this raises a very disturbing question.

Taken individually, Fast and Furious, the Arizona immigration fight and the granting of amnesty by executive order could each be chalked up to cheap politicking — the Left trying to tighten gun control laws, and Obama trying to boost his popularity with Latinos.

But taken together and in light of Darby’s allegations, those actions by the Obama Administration seem to set up the perfect environment for human trafficking, along with smuggling of drugs and whatever else.

So the question has to be asked: Is it just a perfect storm of bungling, or is it possible this administration is actually, consciously, deliberately working with Central American drug cartels?

And if the answer somehow turned out to be yes, that the administration is working with the cartels, then it must be asked, to what end?



Comments on: "A Monstrous Story: Child Sex Trafficking Ignored" (13)

  1. Looks like they ae already instituting shara law, which is perfectly ok with this since Mo did it.


    • drrik,

      I’m completely disgusted with this story. Why doesn’t Holder do his real job of fighting crime instead of suing the states for every little thing?


  2. Great info Pepp about a very disgusting crime. You bring up some very interesting points and one has to sit back and think is all this crap going on with AZ, free pass citizenship, F&F and now this craziness somehow connected? And who is involved and how are they benefiting? This is so outrageous and disgusting I’m not even going to shoot off my big mouth and guess, but I agree with you completely Congress needs to get off their dead ass and do some major investigating. And no more of this day late and a dollar short wimpy investigating. Hit hard and fast and if ANYONE gets in the way have them arrested for hindering an investigation…yeah that means you too Obama you POS! This is almost unbelievable…


    • Dave

      Good question on how all this benefits anyone? Well it benefits the commies because that is what they do, set things up for a deterioration of our country, no morals hence child sex trade, no prayers in schools, no bibles and you can probably think of a hundred more things trying to bring down a moral, civilized country.


      • Pepp,

        The pinko’s are now hitting us from every direction it appears to expedite our fall socially and economically. It would appear the FBI, DOJ and I’m sure the DHS are all involved in this conspiracy and they are the ones that are suppose to enforce the laws to stop this bull crap. I’m sure I’m not the only one that sees Obamastalin certainly isn’t the only one that needs to be given the boot out of DC. I wouldn’t trust the janitor that sweeps the WH floors…


        • Dave,

          It really gives me pause when I think of how these agencies are ignoring one of the most heinous crimes.
          I too don’t trust anyone up there in Cesspool City.


  3. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! It’s time to sharpen up the ole chain saw. It does a wonderful job when used appropriately. Excellent castration instrument.

    ‘oohRah! 😉


    • Willibeaux,

      I’m with you. Castration is good. I however would like to see the people who are doing this child sex trade to be shot on the spot.

      HooRah! :-)-


  4. ALWAYS follow the money. From Obama on down,these asshats have offered up the “modern day protection racket”. Capone was a piker compared to this bunch.


    • goshawk3 said:


      Verey good point. When looking at it like that it does resemble a “protection racket.” With Ovomit and his administration doing the protecting.


    • clyde,

      LOL! You got that right. Even the prohibition days now seem to pale to what is going on with the Feds in all of their agencies.


  5. This is one of the worst crimes – taking advantage of little children for sex – and noone is doing anything to stop this. I was a victim of child sex abuse when I was just 7 years old – the damage lasts a life time…I thank God every day that I have a very understanding husband who cares and loves me so much. My heart absolutely aches for these little girls. Holder needs to be locked up in prison and left to rot in hell. obama too.


    • Donna,

      We both know how something like this can destroy a child’s life forever. It is a monstrous crime these traffickers are committing and for the life of me I don’t understand why this crime is being ignored. I guess Holder is too busy suing our states. I’d love to see Holder and the Dictator in handcuffs.


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