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Just when you think the Liar in Chief can’t tell another bold faced, big fat lie, he does just that. And the White House calls Charles Krauthammer a liar of all things.

According to the DC Caller:

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer took a victory lap Sunday evening after White House communications director Dan Pfeiffer’s claim that the White House did not return a Winston Churchill bust to the British Embassy was discredited.

“I suggest Mr. Pfeiffer bring this to a short, painless and honorable conclusion: a simple admission that he got it wrong and that my assertion was correct,” Krauthammer wrote in a Sunday evening blog post. “An apology would be nice, but given this White House’s arm’s-length relationship with truth — and given Ryan Zimmerman’s hot hitting — I reckon the Nationals will win the World Series before I receive Pfeiffer’s mea culpa.”

In his Friday column, Krauthammer used President Barack Obama’s decision to return a Churchill likeness to the British Embassy as an anecdote for ways that Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney could say that he is better for Britain than Obama.

Pfeiffer responded by posting a photo to the White House blog of British Prime Minister David Cameron and Obama examining a bust of Churchill in the White House in July 2010 and saying that Krauthammer’s claim was “ridiculous.”

But the British Embassy confirmed Sunday in a statement that the Churchill look-alike Krauthammer was referring to is in the British ambassador’s residence in Washington, not in the White House.

It turns out there are two Churchill busts, one that had been in the White House since the 1960s and another that Prime Minister Tony Blair loaned President George W. Bush at the outset of the Bush administration. Pfeiffer admitted as much in an update to his blog post. Obama returned the loaned bust to the Brits when he moved into the White House, and the original bust was moved to the White House residence, where it is today.

Pfeiffer said it is customary for loaned art from the previous administration to be removed when a new president takes office.

“The idea put forward by Charles Krauthammer and others that President Obama returned the Churchill bust or refused to display the bust because of antipathy towards the British is completely false and an urban legend that continues to circulate to this day,” Pfeiffer wrote.


Comments on: "Caught in a Big Lie Again" (21)

  1. The Resident and all his residentettes are about continuing to add walnut shells to the game so that finding under which shell the pea resides is more and more difficult. Typical of leftist liberals who want to keep everyone so busy they miss the real danger happening right in front of them.

    Great post, Pepp. Thanx for bringing this to us.


    • Mrs. Al,

      I agree with you. Anything they can keep the public eyes on instead of the real problems of this administration is once again played out.

      The WH has been proven to be lying but will not own up to it.

      It does show once again what liars they are in the White Mosque.

      Thanks, Mrs. Al. Always willing to bring up new lies by the Fraud.


      • willibeaux said:

        Mrs. Pepper’awk! Zero’s nose continues to grow. HEH HEH HEH HEH!

        ‘oohRah!! 😉


        • goshawk3 said:

          Ha ha ha Beaux, I made an animation of Ovomit with his nose growing. But I don’t know if Pepp can post it or not.


        • Willibeaux,

          LOL! His nose if so long now they may have to build an attachment onto AF1 to fit that nose into the plane.


  2. I don’t think he knows a lie from the truth anymore. He is a pathological liar.


  3. Presbo returned the bust. It depends on what your definition of “the” is.

    Lib-progs have a lot of difficulty with definitions.

    Madison said that if there is question of what the Constitution meant, it was to be found in the debates in the confirming ratifying conventions.
    Which are always conveniently ignored when the lib-progs work off of every possible definition every attributed to an interpretation that suits their fancy.


  4. As good a liar as Obama is; he even runs into messes of his own making he can’t lie his way out of, so he lets one of his surfs try to handle it for him. If lies destroy teeth Obama and his cronies have had a hell of a lot of implants done in the last four years. I bet Obama has to wear a name tag just to remember what name to use consistently…


    • Dave,

      LOL! Teeth gone! This is an instance whereby the Liar in Chief did not need to tell a lie. But as we can see he can’t stop himself no matter what the subject is. This one he could have easily owned up to. Like I said once again we see him lying out of his gourd and it does expose him, I think, to what he really is. I hope trust keeps diminishing this Deviant.


  5. Pepp,

    This was one of his biggest, boldest lies. In typical Obama fashion, call someone who is instrumental on the right a big liar while telling a boldfaced lie to do it. When they are exposed, they can’teven apologize.


    • Bull,

      I wonder if anyone could count the lies that come out of the mouth of the Deviant one in the WH. There are so many and this is a real blooper. Then to try to pin this on Krauthammer is sadly ridiculous. And no they can never apologize, but that is also one of the Alinsky tactics for radicals. You never own up to a thing. You just keep on lying.


      • Pepp:

        Countless. Krauthammer rarely gets anything wrong. And he’s even generous in giving the left the benefit when necessary. This only proves how rabid the left is. Obama’s spokespeople have all the tact of a stink bomb.


        • Bull,

          Yes, Charles was being generous to the most ungenerous administration to come down the pike.
          Rabid they are. Obama’s minions are so used to throwing stink bombs by now they dare not come home for the stink on their clothes. Their wives probably make them shower under the outdoor hose before coming into the house.


  6. I saw Hannity talk about this with a lib operative. She called it the bust of a Kenyan overlord.


  7. Pepp:LOL the stink never ends either. LMAO. Now Charles got a letter from them saying “there was no intention to decieve”. He called it an apology – being generous. English translation: ….ah, they said they weren’t lying, but what else do you call it?

    here it is “I take your criticism seriously and you are correct that you are owed an apology,” Pfeiffer wrote Krauthammer. “There was clearly an internal confusion about the two busts and there was no intention to deceive. I clearly overshot the runway in my post.”

    But then Pfeiffer went on to absolutely skewer the Right about the story, as if it were a myth. These people can’t even do an apology without making lame excuses. It is pathetic.


    • Bull,

      Krauthammer is being so civil about this, but then I would expect nothing less of him. And it makes the commies look so bad IMHO.

      Of course they cannot apologize, never apologize for what you did, rules for radicals. Pfeiffer is such a big, fat liar as is all of the Deviant’s minions. I’m surprised they didn’t use the “misspoke” option.

      And pathetic is right.


      • Pepp, yea its standard fare. He still called Charles’ point false and basically and still claims he’s right — even if he lied.


        • Bull,

          The man is unbelievable. He can’t ever take responsibility for anything. He needs to go as I say all the time.

          btw, there is a new poll out today and I don’t believe this one as I don’t believe any of these polls. But this one stated that the ONLY WAY Romney can win is to put Condi Rice or Rubio on the ticket as VP. To me that is bull shiite.


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