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UN Arms Treaty Update

From Dudley Brown of National Gun Rights Org:

Right now my feet are firmly on the ground just outside the United Nation’s complex in New York City.

You can imagine the scene

Wannabe one-world dictators are feverishly putting the final touches on the freedom-killing UN “Small Arms Treaty.”

And much to the chagrin of Hillary Clinton, I’ve managed to get my hands on a draft copy! It’s just as I’ve been warning:

“Small arms and light weapons” are listed as “covered items” right next to battle tanks and warships … and they’ve left the definition so wide, it no doubt will include everyday firearms Americans use for defense and sport.

We only have until THIS FRIDAY July 27th to prepare for battle.

Once the UN passes this global gun grab, President Obama will do everything in his power to force it through the U.S. Senate.

We will have just days to respond.

After you watch my video update, be sure to Pledge Opposition to Hillary’s Global Agenda putting yourself squarely on record AGAINST this radical treaty.


Comments on: "UN Arms Treaty Update" (23)

  1. Gray Ghost (Mississippi) said:

    I have never said anything like what I am about to say before. Having served in the USAF and having been an amateur historian most of my life (my own personal library contains over 400 books on the French & Indian War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, the Civil War, the Spanish-American War, WW1, WW2, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War), I know that ANY war brings on misery, pain, and suffering beyond what most people can comprehend.

    However, there comes a time when a line must be drawn in the sand. And the crossing of that line by the other side is an act of war. The signing of the UN Small Arms Treaty by the present administration (coupled with the bypassing of the US Senate or the forcing of the US Senate to approve the treaty) is that “crossing of the line”.

    If the present administration wants to cross that line, let them do so at their own risk. I will consider that action an act of war and regulate myself accordingly.

    PS: Sorry I haven’t been around more Pepp. Family and work have been taking all my time. However, I have been reading your posts and enjoying them.


    • Grey,

      You may not have ever said this, but a lot of other people are saying it too. If the Dictator sends in blue helmets to take our guns away, he has no idea the war he started. Like you said I believe this is an act of war too. There are many people already in rages over this Fraud. So if he pulls this one, through an EO, because the Senate won’t ratify it, he will have declared war on the American people. I can’t think of anything more sacred to Americans than the 2nd Amendment. The Dictator may not understand what the 2nd Amendment is about or he may understand all too well.

      He can’t become Dictator unless he disarms the people. It won’t work. I see people commenting all over the web that “only out of their dead cold hands” will their guns be taken from them.

      I’m glad you are reading even though you haven’t had time to comment. It’s OK, I know people have other lives than being on the Internet all the time. Unfortunately I find myself on here almost constantly now trying to get out info for those who do read my blog. There are many other people who read but don’t comment.


  2. willibeaux said:

    Mrs.Pepper’awk! I believe there are 58 Senators who have stated they will not ratify this monstrosity. I still believe that treaties can’t supersede specific rights guaranteed by our Constitution; i.e. the Second Amendment.

    I dare any Blue Helmet @zz holes try to confiscate fire arms from the millions of patriotic American gun owners. This would make Custer’s last stand look like a sunday school picnic.

    Double HooRah! 😉 😉

    The ‘awk would have a field day.


    • Willbeaux,

      Yes, that is true that 58 senators already said they won’t ratify this treaty. But, when has the Liar in Chief paid any attention to our Constitution. I can see him making an end run around the Senate and issuing an executive order on this. It so serves his purpose.

      LOL! That’s right! Custer’s last stand will be nothing compared to outraged citizens who believe in the 2nd Amendment.

      Oh, you can’t believe how enraged the Hawk is. He’s ready to roll.

      HooRah! 🙂


    • goshawk3 said:

      Lock an Load Bro!


  3. If 60 senators vote against it makes it bullet-proof. You can bet the farm the bastards are going to the mat on this. Don’t know how they’ll stand up to the pressure in the wake of the Aurora massacre. Too bad they couldn’t make a treaty outlawing liberals. I’d be ALL over that.


    • clyde,

      58 senators already stated they won’t ratify this. But like you said a lot of pressure will come to bear on them after the nut job shooting last week. The Fraud’s minions will take any crisis and use it for their goals.

      Oh, how I’d love to see a treaty against liberals. I’d vote for that any day and put them in Antarctica, where it’s so cold they couldn’t survive.


      • NO NO NO NOT Antartica. More like the frigging Sahara desert. The assholes COULD survive Antartica. No ice or water in the Sahara. And,if we were REALLY lucky,they’d find their way to Somalia. Let the pirates have’em.


        • clyde,

          Ok, LOL! Let it be the Sahara. True no food or water and they could never find their way out of that place.
          I like the Somalia pirates getting them. What fun to see that mess.


  4. Here’s some idiots in Cesspool city wanting gun control.


  5. I also just heard on Lou Dobbs (the only news show so far to speak about the UN Arms treaty) that the first round of negotiations failed because of us. So back to the table go all the Dictators who want no one to have a gun so they can protect themselves from these same said dictators. To make matters more ridiculous Iran serves on this panel. Now how friggin crazy is that?


  6. If and when they try to take our guns, there will be war. We The People are not going to stand for that. We have our 2nd Amendment to protect our 1st Amendment. So obama, go to hell!


    • Donna,

      That’s what I like, my friend Donna letting it all hang out. 🙂
      You said it Donna, he can go straight to hell if he messes with our sacred 2nd Amendment.


  7. Davetherave said:

    Damn good post Pepp! Obamastalin will never let a crisis go to waste. I wonder why he never talks about the crisis of black and Mehico gangs shooting up neighborhoods every single day? With freedom comes great responsibility, but you don’t throw out the baby with the bath water. Find the ones that commit the crimes and punish them to the full extent of the law, but stay the hell away from my constitutional rights. Obastid and Hitlery can kiss my farkin icehole. As for Chuck Scummer; he’s been wasting good oxygen for way too long and it’s time for him to take on his real purpose of pushing up daisy’s.


    • Dave,
      Oh no that is his mantra, “never let a crisis go to waste”. So he’s not going to veer off that one.
      Oh, of course he won’t speak of the Mexican gangs or criminals because he must get the entire Mexican vote. Same as blacks. And felons! There are several murders a night on the South side of Chitcago. Black on black crime. So never brings that one up. Shows his “caring” is nothing other than phoniness.

      Your icehole? Is that something you developed while being holed up in the cage with Merlin? Hmm…how awful that must feel.

      UpChuckie Schumer needs to retire and stop making people all over America puke. Pepto Bismal’s sales have risen over that and they can’t get the stuff to the stores fast enough.


      • I stole the line “farkin icehole” from the awesome movie Johnny Dangerously. I just had a brain cell wake up today that I thought for sure was dead as a door nail and remembered the line. I always feel blessed when one of my soldiers I thought was gone forever returns back to the battlefield. I need all I can get! 🙂


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