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On Thursday Barack Obama Issued a racist Executive Order. The Order titled, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans sets forth a new policy for a group of people that is pretty vast is just taken at face value. After all, this could also refer to many whites because Africa is a continent, not a nation. However, the people in view here are those with dark skin, not Caucasians.

Here’s Obama’s policy:

Over the course of America’s history, African American men and women have strengthened our Nation, including by leading reforms, overcoming obstacles, and breaking down barriers. In the less than 60 years since the Brown v. Board of Education decision put America on a path toward equal educational opportunity, America’s educational system has undergone a remarkable transformation, and many African American children who attended the substandard segregated schools of the 1950s have grown up to see their children attend integrated elementary and secondary schools, colleges, and universities.

However, substantial obstacles to equal educational opportunity still remain in America’s educational system. African Americans lack equal access to highly effective teachers and principals, safe schools, and challenging college-preparatory classes, and they disproportionately experience school discipline and referrals to special education. African American student achievement not only lags behind that of their domestic peers by an average of two grade levels, but also behind students in almost every other developed nation. Over a third of African American students do not graduate from high school on time with a regular high school diploma, and only four percent of African American high school graduates interested in college are college-ready across a range of subjects. An even greater number of African American males do not graduate with a regular high school diploma, and African American males also experience disparate rates of incarceration.

Significantly improving the educational outcomes of African Americans will provide substantial benefits for our country by, among other things, increasing college completion rates, productivity, employment rates, and the number of African American teachers. Enhanced educational outcomes lead to more productive careers, improved economic opportunity, and greater social well-being for all Americans. Complementing the role of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) in preparing generations of African American students for successful careers, and the work of my Administration’s separate White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities, this new Initiative’s focus on improving all the sequential levels of education will produce a more effective educational continuum for all African American students.

To reach the ambitious education goals we have set for our Nation, as well as to ensure equality of access and opportunity for all, we must provide the support that will enable African American students to improve their level of educational achievement through rigorous and well-rounded academic and support services that will prepare them for college, a career, and a lifetime of learning.

So we are going to do something different for black children than for whites? Hmmmm, I’m thinking there needs to be a new organization called the NAAWP (National Association for the Advancement of White People). I’m sure that would get the movers and shakers in our nation talking. Why is it that there can be special treatment for a particular ethnic group and it not be considered racist, but if I wanted to form the “National Society of Whities” it would be?

The EO’s mission states:

(1) The Initiative will help to restore the United States to its role as the global leader in education; strengthen the Nation by improving educational outcomes for African Americans of all ages; and help ensure that African Americans receive a complete and competitive education that prepares them for college, a satisfying career, and productive citizenship.

(2) The Initiative will complement and reinforce the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Initiative established by Executive Order 13532 of February 26, 2010, and together, they both will support enhanced educational outcomes for African Americans at every level of the American education system, including early childhood education; elementary, secondary, and postsecondary education; career and technical education; and adult education.

(3) To help expand educational opportunities, improve educational outcomes, and deliver a complete and competitive education for all African Americans.

All of this is not about “restoring the United States to its role as the global leader in education.” It is about preferential treatment based on color of skin and even worse it’s at the federal level. The federal government has to be the worst place to think about setting policy for education. Because of the federal government’s intervention in education America now lags behind Russia and Finland in literacy. We also fall well behind many countries in math and science.

By the way, lots of nice new shiny official titles will be given out and lots of bureaucratic committees and such will be formed. I assume Barack Obama will also claim that this creates jobs for which he’ll pat himself on the back. This is a serious demonstration of racism in the White House and yes I’m calling the President of the United States a racist. I’m sure Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the Congressional Black Caucus will be 1005 behind this special treatment of an ethnic group.

Editor’s note: I am not racist. I used the NAAWP and the National Society of Whities in jest.


Comments on: "Obama Issues Racist Executive Order" (25)

  1. Pepp,
    Good post.

    The following is the last section of the EO just above Zero’s signature:

    Sec. 4. General Provisions. (a) The heads of agencies shall assist and provide information to the Initiative as may be necessary to carry out the functions of the Initiative, consistent with applicable law.
    (b) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect:
    (1) the authority granted by law to an executive department, agency, or the head thereof; or
    (2) the functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary, administrative, or legislative proposals.
    (c) This order shall be implemented consistent with applicable law and subject to the availability of appropriations.
    (d) This order is not intended to, and does not, create any right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable at law or in equity by any party against the United States, its departments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, or agents, or any other person.

    Please note (d)… in other words this EO doesn’t mean squat and is nothing more that a hollow promise to garner votes.


    • HN,

      Of course this one means nothing. He is just pandering to the blacks because he knows through his internal polls many blacks are not going to vote this year. They won’t vote for Romney but I’ve heard many say they will sit this one out.


  2. goshawk3 said:

    Yeah I heard on Fox last night that Ovomit ordered an “Office of education for Blacks.” No racism there, eh wot?

    He says this action “will complement and reinforce the Historically *Black* Colleges and Universities.” Weren’t we supposed to be overcoming segregation?

    And notice how he says “to improve the *outcome*” Perfect Saul Alinsky rules. The methods don’t count. Cheat, alter scores, lower test requirements etc. It’s the “Outcome” that counts!


    • Hawk,

      Right, The so called “Uniter” and his pandering blacks making it look like they will get “social justice” or their “fair share”.

      You’re right on the Alinsky tactics.


  3. Pepp,

    I have been called a racist by many purely because I believe that no race should get preferred treatment. I believe we all really are equal at birth and it is our personal choices that decide our fate. But people such as Jessie James Jackson, Al Capone Sharpton,
    Obamastalin, et al, want to continue to blame us white folks for the continuing demise of the black social culture due to something that occurred in our country over 100 years ago. Damn just give it up, get off your ass and work hard to achieve what you want. No other country in the entire history of our planet grants equal opportunities to all if they’re willing to work for it. Racism is still alive and doing better than ever in our country, but the shoe is on the other foot now!


    • Dave,

      Oh, I’ve been called a racist many times too, although I have never been a racist. I just tell the jerk who calls me that “That does not work with me any longer”. Usually shuts them up.

      Race relations in this country have deteriorated since the Dictator took office. He is a racist himself and wants to keep this myth going that all of us white people hate blacks. He is nothing more than a divider, not a uniter as he called himself before the 2008 election.

      Give me a good black man for president like Allen West or Herman Cain. Not this half breed we’ve got. He is not even a black person per se since his mother was white. if she was his mother. Nobody knows who his parents are now.


      • Pepp,

        I would like to think that there are many black people out there that agree with you and I. Obama has done nothing but create a greater divide than ever between our two races. He has done nothing but further imprison many black people by putting more and more on food stamps or other gov programs in lieu of trying to actually assist them in taking responsibility for their future by working to achieve their goals. People like Obama is the greatest enemy the black race truly has, but try to get a lot of them to believe that…


        • Dave,

          I think there are black people who do believe the way we do. I even heard a guy call into Rush (while we were driving to Lexington one day) who called in and told Rush he lives in a very integrated neighborhood, has lots of black friends and none of them are the least bit happy with the Liar in Chief and won’t vote for him again. I’ve heard this many times also listening to Sean Hannity on his radio show.
          Like you said he’s keeping them on the plantation just like any ole dumbocrat, but he has worse things in store for them. He is the blacks enemy. Their unemployment numbers are so much higher than whites and the young blacks unemployment rate is astounding. I don’t see how any black could vote for him, but there are still those who think he’s done a good job. How they come to that
          conclusion is beyond me.


  4. YET ANOTHER reason why the powers of E.O.’s NEED to be curtailed. Yet another side-stepping of CONgress by dear leader. Be nice if some r’s would grow a set,instead of trying to get to the tanning booth.


    • clyde,

      Right. He uses EOs whenever he wants his way and he knows congress won’t vote on it.
      I’m sick to death of all the EOs he has done which basically limit our rights in one way or another. But once again, this neutered congress never takes him to task for anything. We don’t really have a legislative branch any longer. So why don’t they all go home and stop wasting our tax dollars? They are useless.


    • clyde the one thing that probably ‘T’s me off more than anything is that congress will not do a thing to stop this Traitor. They know damn well that he’s trashing the Constitution at every turn! They have the power to stop him cold! Why won’t they!!! As I’ve said before, we may as well not have a Congress!


  5. cromwellswar said:

    Mmm! Election year and the old chestnut racism rears its head. Racism is kept a “live” issue by liberals. It suits them, they could not further their marxist agenda without their “ism’s”. Rather pathetic bunch are they not?

    I just watched “the first lady” addressing children at the US Embassy prior to the games. She exhorts them to look after their families, then unbelievably tells them to “eat vegetables”. Look it up on BBC, it really is a show of nanny knows best.

    Pepper, here I go. Obummer, the half white black man. Why does he see himself as black? What about his white heritage? He is not a black, he is mixed race. Insecurity? No. Political expediency. I speak from the heart about this, I married an Anglo Indian, we laugh about it. The folk who can’t, well they are pretty sad, insecure individuals. I am lucky to know some good black folk, they are English first, colour? Well they laugh. Thats what I like, integrated and part of, not apart.

    I read Lincoln, damn his hide, and his views on “negroes”. A real eye opener that is. The great emancipator hated the fellows. Fact is 6% of Southern folk owned slaves, it was dying out, they realised freemen worked harder if they had a true place in the economy.

    No, what you have is hatred kept alive by political animals, it suits them. From an outsiders point of view it sucks. In Britain Pakistani Muslims are being pushed further into extremism. Not that they are, the system is doing it. They need a part of the population to take the blame, it was the Irish not so long ago. Pakistanis have lived here since the fifties, only since 9-11 and 7-7 has there been friction.

    God created man. In His own image, all are equal in His eyes. Thats my view too.

    Footnote, a Fijian soldier who has served in Afghanistan, Iraq and Bosnia. Married to an English woman with a child, well he served in the army for 15 years. He is being deported soon to Fiji. His offence? In applying for citizenship he failed to say he had been subject to CO’s punishment for a fight with another soldier. Not a court martial, just a fight.
    This is the way double standards are applied, he can fight for the British, then gets stabbed in the back for an oversight.
    When we see men as men, what they bring to the world, well then we can build that world we all want.


    • goshawk said:

      cromwellswar, A question for you being that you are in England. Over here we hear nothing but bad things about Mitt Romney’s visit. According to the Anti-American news over here, he upset a lot of Brits. Do you know if that is true? Or perhaps you could give us some feedback.

      (By the way, I’m Pepp’s husband)


      • cromwellswar said:

        Hello my friend, you have a fine wife there 😉
        Romney’s visit did not make lame stream news, it got a few column inches in the newspapers. He would not be liked by the establishment here. Like the US, well there is little difference between any political party. The City, ie the banker / corporate cabal controls everyone of them, with a few exceptions, alas we have no Ron or Rand.

        Our government wants Obumm. It is not spoken of course, but the two countries are joined at the hip. Wall St and The City of London, with a lot of Tel Aviv. Thats who calls the shots.
        I see the politicians as placed men. The PR machine paints the picture, the spin doctors the script. Britain frankly is the home of corruption. From the monarchy to the political and banker classes.

        So, in a nutshell, to further the big agenda, they want another term for the heathen. They are having to rush their plans now, the internet is waking more folk. “Austerity”, well thats waking more as well. Especially the educated middle class who work to feed the taxman.
        One mistake they have made, a big one. $13 a gallon for fuel, rampant immigration. The Olympics, they are not going down well. It is widely seen as an elite show, not for ordinary folk. I ask you, special traffic lanes in London for Olympic officials, that hurts ordinary folk. Even the media is covering that one.

        Last August was a foretaste of what will soon happen. The army are on the streets now. Most people, well at the moment the soldiers are welcome. Many of us who were in Ireland know this script. You are now seeing it as well. Posse Comitatus ignored, drones, gun control.

        They want us to behave like good worker ants. I oft remind them of 1640, they laugh. Well I say, “I told you so”.


        • goshawk3 said:

          First, thanks for the compliment of my wife. I’m very proud of her!

          And thanks for all the info please keep it coming when you can. We don’t get any “honest” news anymore.We’ve even been disappointed in Fox news lately so we pretty much have to do our own research on every subject.

          Well, Pepp covered most of what I might have said for now. See ya later!


          • cromwellswar said:

            Thank you it seems we are both blessed with good women. That pleases me greatly.
            Can I suggest you look at “Daily Bell”. Its an online newspaper, libertarian in view and free market. The articles are spot on, it is a good place for truth.
            I gave up on lame stream news, I still watch it, then I watch Russia today to get both viewpoints.
            Sad eh? I watch Russian and Chinese news channels for a vestige of truth, the old enemy. Still, I am convinced God is bringing many old soldiers out of mothballs. We are not allowed to rest, we have fight left in us.
            I still prefer the none violent way, I admire Ghandi a lot. Do you read much Hawk? I do, at the expense of sleep somedays.
            Still I ramble, aye, behind every good man is a good woman. I reckon we both have a lot to be thankful for 😉


          • goshawk3 said:

            Thanks for the tip about the “Daily Bell.” I’ll look into it.

            Yes it is a shame that we have to look at other sources for news. Fortunately, I speak Spanish and German so I’m able to get some truth there. If only to find out how little respect they have for us.

            Yes, I do read a lot. mostly technical stuff (my background is in Electrical Engineering) But do try and read a variety.

            I’m glad to hear that you also have a good woman.


  6. Cromwell,

    You sure got that right. Every election the old tired card of racism rears its’ ugly head. This half breed president has no business raising the race card but he uses every opportunity. He detests his white part from his mother. He stated that in one of his books. He does not like white people. He told such big lies before his election in 2008.

    Oh, I cannot stand that First Sistathug and her nanny state crap. Why can’t she keep her nose out of what people eat. Being libertarian I don’t like these government types telling us what we can eat or not. She has no business whatsoever. But, she is in to control also. She’s just as bad as her husband.

    You are right on about the hatred for political purposes. That is all he does is divide people, white vs black, poor vs rich, Hispanics vs Republicans and on and on. The great Divider is what he is.

    Yes, God created us all in His image. It is too bad there is so much friction between those who are from different countries. We will never solve this problem is my belief. This stuff is what makes politics go around and helps the globalists do their dirty job.

    That is terrible about that soldier. So he can fight for his country, but he can’t have a private fight and gets deported. That makes no sense whatsoever. Our soldiers get screwed over too. It’s despicable.

    btw, I’m glad you commented.


    • cromwellswar said:

      Pepp, I have a theory about him. I think it is written, he is one of the fallen angels, sent before to cause mayhem. That view I mostly keep to myself but here I am amongst good company it seems.
      Whatever, I do not think we in the west will stand for this much longer. It has started in Europe and it is spreading.

      May God help us all.


      • Cromwell,

        That is a good analogy because so many Americans view him as Satan himself. And yes he was deliberately placed into his position by the powers and money bags to cause as much chaos as possible. It is so bad we almost hate to turn on the TV to see what mess he’s made that day. And that’s been going on for almost 4 years. People are sickened, disgusted, and feel hopeless. Meanwhile every thing that comes out his mouth is a lie. Yesterday the GDP was reported as 1.5% growth in the economy, a terrible statistic, but it shows how bad things are here.

        Yet the Liar in Chief goes out stumping saying we are nicely recovering. Bloody hell. We are going into another recession. The sad part is there are people who still believe him and I have no idea why. All he has done is destroy our country every chance he gets.

        No, I don’t think the American people will stand for this a whole lot longer either. I think they are waiting to see what happens in the November election.

        It is really interesting to hear what is going on in your country too. It sounds similar to ours.

        Yes, may God help us all.


        • cromwellswar said:

          You know Pepp. When soldiers first went onto the streets in 1970 in Ireland, well the public welcomed them. It soon turned the opposite way. Now, the marxist bombers strut their stuff, men of substance.
          Now, this fellow Obum. He was groomed from his college days, his grand father was a terrorist, his parents politics well known.

          Were we complacent in allowing this? Ike warned us. Many others have since. Every damned war involving our lads has been about oil or resources, every lie told about this “enemy” is just that, a lie.

          Remember the bully at school? Well we are surrounded by bullies. Time lass that they got a bloody nose methinks.

          Only two men in the west have any manly parts ( thats polite for balls ) the Paul’s represent most peoples thinking. Except I know that Gop is rigged. As is our system here.

          Now, whether we will see the changes we want, I do not know. One thing I want my grand kid to remember, is like you probably, that I stood my ground, never compromised principles. What my dear grandfather would say, “a right cussed old bugga”!


          • Cromwell,

            As far as the Obummer, there were those of us who tried to warn through our blogs just who this guy was. I wrote many an article about his past associations, his own writings in this books, and his Marxist ideology. There were others who did too.

            But, there were so many people who allowed themselves to be fooled. And the Marxist media covered for him every time one of his bad background facts got brought up. They made him into a god. It was utterly disgusting. Even one liberal hack on his show said he got a tingle up his leg every time he saw and heard Obama speak. So much for media fairness. The media over here except for Fox news has always been in the tank for the Bummer.

            In regard to the wars I think of our young people being sacrificed for the globalist and I get sick. That is all they mean to these people under the lies in which they send them to war. It is no wonder how many have killed themselves when they come back home.

            Bullies, yes we are being bullied big time over here and I take it from your reference you are too. I really don’t think the American people can take much more. I think we are waiting it out to see who is elected in November and then the shiite is going to hit the fan. That’s what I think anyway.

            Ron and Rand Paul are the only ones who want to adhere to our Constitution. You are right that the GOP has been hi-jacked by the globalists. Maybe not all of them, but enough. Forget about the dumbocrats or the Communist party which I prefer to call them now.

            The Hawk and I are going to stand our ground here. If they come to take us to an internment camp we will go down shooting. The Hawk stated that no way is he going to be hauled off to a FEMA camp where they most likely will kill us anyway. And yes, I’d like my grand children to some day be proud of us.


  7. Just Gene said:

    Why do we have a natioal holiday for MLK, a man who didn’t have the slightest concept of reality – SOME DAY OUR CHILDRED WILL BE JUDGED, NOT BY THE COLOR OF THEIR SKIN, how foolish.


  8. Undeniably believe that which you stated. Your favorite justification seemed to be on the net the easiest thing to be aware of.
    I say to you, I certainly get annoyed while people consider worries
    that they just don’t know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side effect , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks


    • Hi Clifford,

      Welcome to my blog and I hope you will continue come and comment. Always like the opinions of others. Yep, the nail was hit on the head all right. while he and his minions like to call us racists, in fact they are the real racists. It’s a doggone shame too. Such a divisive man as this for the president.


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