Wicked Commentary

As reported by Reuters:

by: Alister Bull

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

“President Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday to work with leaders of all political stripes to “arrive at a consensus” on how to reduce gun violence across the United States after the Colorado shootings highlighted the issue in an election year.

Closing out a multiday trip that began in Aurora, Colorado, where he met with families and victims of the movie theater massacre there, Obama told a mostly African-American audience that such tragedies are replayed on a smaller scale in cities throughout the country on a daily basis.…

“I’m going to continue to work with members of both parties and with religious groups and with civic organizations to arrive at a consensus around violence reduction.”


Comments on: "Here Comes the Gun Control" (3)

  1. Pepp,

    Obama’s desire is very clear cut and Ray Charles could see it. Marxist cannot allow the populous to own guns or the populous will not swallow the load of bull crap dictators shovel down their throats. Pull a lions teeth and he’s turned into a pussy cat. He can try to cover up his true intentions with any shroud of lies he wants, but anyone with only one brain cell functioning (which that may include BrianR, but that may be asking too much) knows he must take away our guns to fully complete the destruction of our Republic and his construction of the new shinny dictator state. If someone cannot see this about all I can think of is they are completely ignorant or dumber than a chunk of rock….


    • Dave,

      LOL! Ray Charles can “see it’.

      The Dictator in Chief knows he can’t put us into gulags, FEMA or Internment camps until he takes our guns away. An unarmed citizenry is at risk for anything to happen to them. He doesn’t give a damn about “violence”. Look at what he does. Sending drones to assassinate people every week! He’s the biggest murderer in this country.

      Right, those that don’t see what he’s up to are like minded as he, Marxists and Commies.
      Others who have their blinders on are just plain stupid.


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