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According to Godfather Politics:

Ohio has long been a key swing state in presidential elections.  Since 1964, no one has won the general election without carrying the state of Ohio.  In this year’s hotly contested presidential election, Ohio holds 18 electoral votes.  Only California (55), Illinois (20), Florida (29), New York (29) Texas (38) and Pennsylvania (20) carry more electoral votes than Ohio.

In years past, Ohio, along with 31 other states, have allowed voters to vote early by mail or in person.  In Ohio’s case, they have allowed voting to take place during the three days prior to the general election.

However, with a Republican governor, Ohio has passed a new law restricting the voting to the day of the election, except for absentee mail in ballots.  With the Democratic slogan of ‘vote early and vote more often’, it’s no wonder that the Obama campaign has filed a lawsuit with Ohio’s election officials claiming that the new law unfairly discriminates against voters who want to vote early.  They cite the fact that military and overseas voters are still allowed to cast their votes on the day before the election.

In the past couple of years, Ohio Democrats have done their best to block voter ID laws and have even tried to push through a bill that would eliminate the need of having an address in order to register to vote.  By not having an address and being able to vote for 4 days, imagine the ‘vote early and vote more often’ opportunities available for dishonest voters.  When I heard the Dems pushing for this law, it reminded me of the old ballot stuffing days in Chicago.  Say, isn’t that where Barack Obama is from?

Democrats need as many voting days as possible so that more dead dogs, people and illegal aliens can vote to help counter the military votes.  Even though Oho only has two military bases – the Integrated Support Cleveland base operated by the U.S. Coast Guard and Wright-Patterson A.F.B.), the military vote could be enough to make the difference come November.  Wright-Patterson Air Force Base is the largest military base on U.S. land.

According the last Gallup Poll taken in May, 24% more veterans favored Mitt Romney over Barack Obama.  With Wright-Patterson A.F.B. covering two counties in this important swing state and being the largest military base on U.S. soil, the Democrats are desperate to take any measure possible, legal or illegal, to get Obama re-elected.

From what I read recently, there was so much proven voter fraud in Ohio in 2008 found and that was how Obama won Ohio.  Now they want to sue another state once again.  Has anyone heard of an administration prior to this that sues so many states?

Read more: http://godfatherpolitics.com/6296/obama-campaign-needs-more-time-for-voter-fraud-in-ohio/#ixzz21extAUZY


Comments on: "Obama Campaign Needs More Time for Voter Fraud in Ohio" (10)

  1. willibeaux said:

    Mrs. Pepper’awk! I plan to vote early and often if I can get away with it. 😉

    Fox news had a clip about voter fraud in Eastern KY. Votes are bought. Repubs and Dems alike.

    ‘ooRah! 😉


    • Willibeaux,

      I saw that on Megyn Kelly’s show. Also saw it was on both sides. There are so many poor people in Eastern KY, that is would not take much to bribe them. $50 to some of them is a whole week’s salary.
      And I noticed they had to put on the most hillbilly looking and speaking man. Another way to make Kentucky look completely stupid which they are not.
      We live in Eastern KY too, but north. Not so many poor right here in this county, but there are enough. Some people are still living on dirt floors and no bathroom amenities. There just is no industry in KY except in the big cities and in the areas they showed it’s coal mining but the Evil Doer is shutting down our coal mines.


  2. Just Gene said:

    Spent some time in eastern Kentucky with friends who lived in Pineville. I was in school and two classmates, brothers, invited me over for the Thanksgiving holidays. I thought I was in the movie, “The Grapes of Wrath”. We arrived at ther farm on Wednesday and the first thing their mother said was if you want turkey for Thanksgiving you better get out there and shoot one. It was the first time I had ever hunted and it’s not for pleasure when all the meat they ate came from hunting, it’s hard work. But of course we need the UN thugs to deregulate our Second Amendment. BTY, we shot three, each of us got one, took us five hours.


    • Gene,

      That is one funny story, but believable. Hunting here in KY is sacred because people need to do so to get food. I imagine you were shocked to find out you had to shoot a turkey. LOL! The Hawk shot one out of the air one day. It fell into some brush. He could never find it. Some coyote probably grabbed it before the Hawk got to the place where the turkey was.
      The UN and the Liar in Chief might very well decide to disarm us, but if they think that’s going to be easy they better think again.


  3. I’m with Willi. Got it ready to go.


    • clyde,

      I guess you plan to vote early and often too?

      There was a story on Fox how much votes are paid for here in Eastern KY. Maybe I’ll hold out until someone offers me the $50 to vote for Romney since that’s my vote anyway. Why not make some moola too? ;-D


      • goshawk3 said:

        Sounds like a plan. Ha I wonder how manytimes folks might sell their vote?


        • Hawk,

          It sounds like a lot of money could be made. All you have to do is tell the perpetrator that you will vote their way and collect. How would they know how you voted? So you could tell the next guy you’ll vote the way he wants and get more money. Ha, what a deal.


      • Damn skippy I am. Going to test run it primary day here. Also,good thinking on cashing in. I’ll send you mine,too. Hell,I can use a fifty spot anytime!!


        • clyde,

          Damn straight. We can all use an extra 50 bucks. I’ll wait and see if one of these gourds around here start offering money. I doubt it though. We even have to show and ID to vote. Imagine that!!!

          I just heard a lot of voter fraud is showing up in Virginia now with dogs, cats, and tons of dead people registered. Romney is calling for an investigation.


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