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I received a booklet in the mail from the Freedom Center, a David Horowitz organization.  The name of the book is “Barack Obama’s Rules for Revolution, The Alinsky Model” by Mr. David Horowitz who is very familiar with radicals methods.

I am going to print excerpts from the book, not necessarily in the order in which they are written in the book.  The following excerpt makes clear what we are up against. The book explains why radicals follow no ethical or moral code. Any means justifies the goal, the Revolution.

From Page 30 of the booklet,   “Revolutionary War”

” The first chapter of Alinsky’s manual is called “The Purpose” and is designed to lay out the radical goal.  Its epitaph is taken from the Book of Job:   “The life of man upon earth is warfare”.

This is not an invitation to democratic politics, as understood by our American Founders. …

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